K-Pop Idols Who Are Best Friends Although They’re In Different Groups

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The Friendships Between K-Pop Idols From Different Groups!

K-Pop idols’ circles of friends can be very diverse, and can include other celebrities as well non-celebrity friends. The friendships that get the most attention and become the hottest topics, however, are the ones between K-Pop idols who come from different groups! Even though their groups are different, some of the friendships between them are very close.

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Through this article, Channel Korea will tell you about K-Pop idols’ friendships from different groups, so stay tuned!

Yong Junhyung & HyunA


Yong Junhyung and Hyuna have known each other since Junhyung was still in B2ST and Hyuna was still in Wonder Girls. They came from the same agency, Cube Entertainment. Their friendship was really close, and they offered each other a lot of support. Back when they were both trainees, Junhyung loved to bother Hyuna in her practice room!

Junhyung and Hyuna have also been involved in some of the same projects, such as attending the show Happy Together as the guests. During the show, Hyuna revealed that she wore lingerie as her pajamas, which made Junhyung burst into laughter! They also appeared together during one of the episodes of HyunA’s X19 show!


Hyuna has said that Junhyung is someone who always gave her good energy. They also love to have deep talks together about their lives and careers. Their single duet, Change, also got a lot of attention, even causing many people to wonder whether or not they were dating. However, they’re just friends, after all.

Sandara Park & Super Junior’s Donghae


Next is the friendship between Super Junior’s Donghae and Sandara Park! They’re famous for their long friendship and had known each other for more than ten years before they debuted as K-Pop idols. The time also revealed that it was when Donghae was still a trainee in SM Entertainment and Sandara was started her career in the Philippines. They used to report to be dating even though it wasn’t true at all.

Since their relationship was really closed, a lot of people wished that they could be a real couple. They also being called ‘DaraHae’ which meant Donghae and Sandara! Even though they were busy with their own activities, Donghae and Sandara remained to keep in touch.


When Super Junior held the Super Show 6 concert, Sandara was attending the show! She posted a selca of herself with Donghae to her Instagram. During Super Junior’s performance, Donghae also revealed that he was invited Sandara to the concert.

Donghae showed her support while Sandara was still active in 2NE1 towards 2NE1’s album Crush through a picture of himself while holding the album! At that time, Super Junior-M was promoting the album Swing meanwhile 2NE1 promoting the album Crush. Then, both of them were met in the same music program and had a tiny reunion!


Super Junior’s Heechul & Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


Still from Super Junior members, it was Super Junior’s Heechul and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon! Both of them came up from the same agency which was SM Entertainment, it also made them often seen each other or involved in the same project as well! Heechul and Taeyeon have already known each other since then and now, both of them also relied on each other whenever they needed someone to talk to.

Heechul also revealed that Taeyeon was someone who carried lots of burden on her shoulder, but she showed it and kept it to herself. Even though she also experienced such a hard time, Taeyeon could still cheer up on Heechul whenever he felt down.


Taeyeon was explained that she could get along very well with Heechul, and had a deep relationship with him. Moreover, she could often meet him which also made her grateful even more. Netizens also thought that the friendship between Heechul and Taeyeon also looked like a real siblings relationship as well!

Both of them also shared a bunch of precious moments together! When they were appeared as a guest in the same event, Heechul also posted a video of himself along with Taeyeon through Instagram!

Since Heechul and Taeyeon had the same family name which was ‘Kim’, the fans called them as ‘Kim Siblings’! Heechul said that he was considering Taeyeon as his little sister, he also revealed that Taeyeon was one of the most beautiful artist from SM Entertainment even when she didn’t wear makeup!

SHINee’s Key & SISTAR’s Soyou


SHINee’s Key and SISTAR’s Soyou also famously known for their friendship! Even they was called as ‘amazing duo’ or even ‘fashionista friends’ as their nickname. Both Key and Soyou also born as 91-liners which made their interaction felt more connected as well!

Key and Soyou used to involved in a music project together! Through SBS PowerFM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, SHINee’s Key also talked about a solo music project, which Soyou was featured on his title track which was Forever Yours. Then Key also explained about his friendship along with Soyou at that time.


Key and Soyou were becoming really close after their encounter while they were drinking together. It also revealed that Soyou was choosing him as the closest male friend, and Key felt really comfortable around her. Moreover, Key was thought that Soyou also a great drink buddy for him!

Soyou used to reveal that she had more male friends than females, which one of them was SHINee’s Key. Both of them used to live in the same neighborhood, that’s why both of them were often met each other, simply for hanging out or went to the restaurant together.

Key also shown his support towards Soyou when SISTAR was officially disbanded. He wrote some encouraging words on his Instagram along with a picture of them together. He has expressed his admiration of Soyou’s hard work all of these time, and he would support her endlessly!