List Of K-Pop Idols Implicated In Corona Virus News: From Solo Artist Chung-ha to EVERGLOW



One of the members of boy band Supernova, Yoon Hak was diagnosed with the Coronavirus on April 3rd, according to SPOTV News. But then, 4 days later, on April 7th, News1 reported that on March 26th Yoon Hak met up with a woman (referred to as A). She works at an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, she began to feel some symptoms of Covid-19 around March 29th and was then diagnosed on April 12th.

As for Yoon Hak, he returned from Japan on March 24th and for the first symptom, he started to feel it on March 27th. He went to the hospital on March 31st, then got positive results on April 1st. He received medical treatment for mild symptoms. Yoon Hak also got criticized for not spending two weeks in self-quarantine.

After Being Treated for Covid-19, SUPERNOVA’s Yoon Hak Is Finally Discharged From The Hospital

Supernova’s Japanese agency SV Entertainment announced on their official website that Yoon Hak has been discharged from the hospital, after finishing his treatment for Covid-19.

The agency wrote, “Since April 1st, Yoon Hak has been hospitalized at a hospital in Seoul after testing positive for COVID-19, and he has now been discharged on May 15th, after over a month of treatment.” They continued with, “We believe this was all possible because of your unwavering warm words and support. We will work hard so that Yoon Hak can resume his activities and we will continue to monitor his health.”

Not only the agency, but Yoon Hak also wrote about how he feels through a message on the official website. Here’s what he wrote: “I wish to sincerely apologize for causing discomfort and concern to all of our fans and representatives. I gained strength through all of the encouragement I received during my hospitalization and was able to undergo the long-term treatment with a strong heart as a result.”

It is a great update on his condition which is healthy, and we hope for all the best for Yoon Hak’s health in the future!


EVERGLOW and coronavirus

Around the month of March, EVERGLOW returned from their Everlasting Tour in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and Jersey City. But then on April 3rd, a staff member of Yuehua Entertainment tested positive of the Covid-19 virus. Here is the official statement from the agency:

“Hello, this is Yuehua Entertainment.

One of our staff members was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 2nd. The group EVERGLOW was also tested, and all members tested negative today (April 3rd). Staff members who may have potentially had contact were also tested, and some have tested negative, while others are still waiting for their results. Detailed information will be announced by the institution once confirmed.

Although EVERGLOW has tested negative, all of their scheduled activities have been canceled for their safety. Following the government and related institution’s prevention guidelines and process, they have entered two weeks of quarantine.

Yuehua Entertainment will continue to recognize the severity of the situation and actively cooperate while taking all possible measures. We express apologies for causing concern, and we will take further effort to protect everyone’s safety and health from COVID-19.”

Then another update on the 4th of April was made, that another staff member has tested positive of the Coronavirus. This is another official statement from Yuehua Entertainment:

“This is Yuehua Entertainment.

We are here to share the news that another staff member in our agency has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

The second staff member was someone who worked most closely with the first staff member who was diagnosed, and they ate a meal together on March 27th. The second staff member received their test results on April 3rd. The staff member is currently receiving treatment at a hospital, and we will continue to monitor the situation.

We wish to once again express our apologies for causing concern to fans and representatives, and we will continue to follow the guidelines given by the government and related institutions and do as much as we can.”

THE BOYZ’s Ju Yeon

THE BOYZ Ju-yeon

THE BOYZ’s Ju Yeon had received a Covid-19 test as a part of the precautionary measures, that was held by one of the Korean music broadcast shows The Show. Since Ju Yeon was one of the MCs along with Kim Min Kyu and EVERGLOW’s Shihyun.

Cre.Ker Entertainment announced the results of the test of Ju Yeon on April 4th, on THE BOYZ’s official social media account. They stated, “We wish to inform fans that The Boyz’s Juyeon visited a designated testing center on April 3rd and was tested for COVID-19 as a precautionary measure, and his results have come back today negative.”

They continued with, “We hope that The B [The Boyz’s official fan club name] will continue to take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as washing your hands and wearing masks.” Here is the update from THE BOYZ’s official Twitter:

Kim Min Kyu

Kim Min-kyu and coronavirus

Just like Ju Yeon, Jellyfish Entertainment’s trainee and ex-member of X1 Kim Min Kyu also received a Covid-19 test. Fortunately, the result was negative. His agency then issued their statement, “Kim Min Kyu underwent a test for COVID-19 recently. We received the results this morning, and he tested negative. Though he tested negative, he is currently in self-quarantine to be safe.”

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