Check Out These K-Pop Idols With Swag And Hip-Hop Fashion Styles You Should Try!

Cool Hip Hop Styles That Are Simple And Easy To Follow

Besides their skill at singing, dancing, and rapping, K-pop idols also have to put forth a certain type of image. Their management agencies assign fashion coordinators for each group that matches the group’s character. Fashion trendsetters like G-Dragon set styles for others to follow.

However, other idols have also emerged as new trendsetters. These idols love to wear hip-hop styles that match their character, looking both comfortable and stylish.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Korean idol’s fashion styles that fans can follow. So stay tuned and looked for the styles that best suit your taste!

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

If you think about fashion among Korean celebrities, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon stands out among them. G-Dragon is always a fan of hip-hop style. Regarding his musicality, he’s said that he got inspiration from Pharrel Williams. Fashion-wise, G-Dragon’s fashion style is affected by his music preference. Instead of following fashion trends, he used his fashion sense to create his own. Apparently, fashion sense runs in his family. His sister operates a fashion boutique. G-Dragon’s interest in fashion was fueled by his activities when helping his sister in running the store.

G-Dragon said that he gained inspiration both in music and fashion from hip-hop mogul, Pharrel Williams. The idol has been seen in the front row at shows for famous fashion brands alongside other hip-hop musicians like Jay-Z and Wu Tang-clan.

G-Dragon prefers a simple hip-hop style. When releasing his solo album in 2013, he wore baseball jersey and baseball hat. The color of his hat matched the color or pattern of his outfits. Sometimes he wore the hat backward or slightly angled to the side. He rarely wore hat frontward. Other important items In his looks are oversized sneaker and necklaces.


CL is a former member of YG Entertainmen’s 2NE1. 2NE1 was deeply influenced by a combination of K-Pop and hip-hop music. Since the termination of 2NE1, CL currently performs as solo hip-hop singer. She is famous for both her rapping skill and fashion sense. When attending award ceremonies, she prefers a glamourous fashion style but, normally, she chooses more casual looks. Sneakers, head bands, and oversized outfit are her go-to fashion items.

CL got her inspiration by hanging out with global celebrities like Jeremy Scott, Katy Perry, and hip-hop musicians like Snoop Dogg,\ and She is also a close friend of another fashion and trend setter from YG Entertainment, G-Dragon.

Fans can copy CL’s hip-hop fashion style by wearing oversized jumpers, blazers, tees and combining the outfits with platform sneakers. Extravagant gold necklaces, earrings, and rings are also important.


BTS’s RM was already a popular hip-hop singer when he was still in middle school. During his second year, he was part of a local hip-hop group and had his own stage name. In his tender teenage years, RM changed his hairstyle into a hip-hop cornrows style. He perfected the look with a close-fitting white t=shirt. It was a very simple and basic hip-hop style.

It seems that RM prefers a simple hip-hop style. For one of his airport fashion looks, he preferred loose pants, an oversized hoodie sweatshirt, and timberland boots. He looked comfortable and casual in the oversized outfit.

Hip-hop is all about attitude. Oversized sweatshirts, huge gold necklaces, bling-bling, and white-framed sunglasses are definitely hip-hop standard. The above Afro-cut hairstyle with his initial shaved in at the side gave RM a much needed hip-hop vibe during one of his stage performances.