Everything about The K-Pop Heart Fingers Trend That You Need to Know!

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The Famous K-Pop Finger Hearts

Have you noticed someone cross their thumb and index finger in terms of making a love sign? Well, it is a trend named K-pop finger heart! It is a common sign to show our feelings to someone, and most K-pop artists are using it. Channel Korea will reveal everything about the incredible Korean finger heart trend, so stay tuned!

What Is a K-Pop Finger Heart?


K-pop finger heart or Korean finger heart is a trend that has been used by Korean people since a few years ago, to be exact around the 2010s. Not only that but the trend has influenced many people and led people from other countries to follow the trend as well!

The finger heart itself is made by crossing the thumb and the index finger to make the form of a mini heart. The trend became very phenomenal because it is very simple yet adorable, and it has been used to show off our love in such an adorable way towards people.

Moreover, after K-pop artists and celebrities joined the trend, the impact is very huge. The fact that a K-pop idol was the one who started it also became more meaningful!

Who Started It First?


It was very hard to decide the one who started the finger heart trend, but there are some names associated with it. They are YG Entertainment‘s artist G-Dragon, INFINITE’s Nam Woo-hyun, and actress Kim Hye-soo. People believe that G-Dragon was the proclaimer since there was a childhood picture of him with a finger heart, and at that time, the trend wasn’t famous yet.

On the other hand, some people also believe that actress Kim Hye-soo popularized it around 2010. For Nam Woo-hyun, people believe that though he didn’t originally make it, he popularized the trend in 2011 or 2012.

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After the trend started, many K-pop idols have followed the trend as well. It became such a common sign by them while greeting the fans or simply showing off their love and gratitude to everyone around! And, here is a finger heart compilation that you have to see!

Female K-Pop Idols


BLACKPINK’s members use the finger hearts very often! Whether it is Jisoo, Rose, Jennie, or Lisa, they use the trend to thank the fans as well. In many Instagram posts, all the members show off their adorable finger hearts!


DIA’s Yebin has become the new trendsetter of the finger hearts trend. She made a new form of finger hearts, and it looks super cute!


Even WJSN’s Cheng Xiao always gives her finger hearts to the fans with her bright smile! She really knows how to make our hearts race, right?


Male K-Pop Idols


Many K-pop fans must be very familiar with a couple of different finger heart styles by the group Wanna One! At that time, they were promoting the mini-album 0+1=1, and the members were gathering together while showing off the finger hearts!


EXO-Ls should have melted while looking at Sehun‘s visual and his adorable finger hearts. It is such a perfect combination to make our hearts race!

raindrop via twitter.com/morningpassages

Even the visual of TXT, Huening Kai, joined the finger heart trend! Not only that but he also provides eye blinks that look as adorable as ever!


Korean Actors


Actor Hyun Bin was crazy over finger hearts from Son Ye-jin through the drama Crash Landing on You! In the drama, Hyun Bin was quite confused about what the finger hearts mean, but he eventually understood that it was a way to show your feelings!


Ji Chang-wook successfully made the fans’ hearts race very quickly after he posted a selfie with a finger heart! Through his Weibo account, Ji Chang-wook looks so fine in his comfy outfit, and look at those puppy eyes! Isn’t he lovely?

weibo.com/jichangwook via weheartit.com

The mixture of a tiny smile, a couple of finger hearts, and adorable dimples from Kim Seon-ho can instantly boost your whole mood!


Korean Actresses


The beautiful actress Song Hye-kyo looks extremely cute while following the finger heart trend! With her shy smile, she made tiny finger hearts to the fans!


The lovely Park Min-young appears with finger hearts quite often while greeting the fans, finishing a photoshoot session, or simply while taking a selfie!


While having a shoot for the Mediheal brand, Kim Ji-won looked very bright and charming! Not only that but she also used a couple of finger hearts to complete the look!


That’s everything about the Korean finger heart trend! We are so glad to know that kind of trend exists, especially with most Korean celebrities using it as well! What is your favorite finger heart appearance? Tell us through the comments, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!