List of Unique K-Pop Groups’ Lightsticks: NCT, APINK, BTS, BLACKPINK, and More


seventeen lightstick

SEVENTEEN released their official lightstick in 2017, and the group’s official lightstick is called as the Carat Bong! We can easily fall in love with the design, especially all of those beautiful colours which are mixed on the lightstick! The grip is a basic white stick, meanwhile, on the top of the lightstick there’s a pink gem which is covered with a plastic dome. Such a beautiful design, right?

Carat Bongs also famously known as the most beautiful lightsticks among the other K-Pop groups’ lightsticks, as well. After releasing the first version in 2017, SEVENTEEN also released the Ver. 2 in 2019! The Ver. 2 of the Carat Bong looked more beautiful and gorgeous, as well, with a hologram design on the grip!

seventeen lightstick

For the price, it costs around $31.90, and you can find them mostly through the online stores such as Amazon or Ebay. But you can also check them out through K-Pop online stores, such as Kpopmart, Kpoptown, and many more! Go check them out here:


big bang lightstick

BIG BANG amazed their fans with a magnificent lightstick which is called the Bang Bong by VIPs (BIG BANG’s official fandom name)! BIG BANG also became the first K-Pop group who ever released a lightstick, leading the other K-Pop groups to make their own lightsticks, as well. The shape of the Bang Bong really represented BIG BANG, it’s a crown-shaped lightstick with yellow, black, and white colors!

Since it has some other versions, the BIG BANG lightstick has been released since a couple years ago. The latest version was the Version 4, and was released in 2014. The Version 1 and Version 2 of the Bang Bong were quite similar, with a yellow crown on top of the lightstick and a white stick as the grip. But Version 1 looked sharper than the Version 2.

big bang lightstick

For Version 3 and Version 4, the lightstick shape remained the same, but with different details than the old versions. And also, for BIG BANG’s 10th anniversary, they released a lightstick as a celebration! Moreover, it also has a design where there’s printed words, spelling out ‘Big Bang 10.’

The Bang Bong costs around $16.66! If you’re looking for a Bang Bong, you can still find them through online and offline stores. And for online purchasing, let’s check them out here:


aoa lightstick

Next one, there’s AOA and their lightstick, as well! Previously, AOA’s lightstick was a basic lightstick with their own logo. As the time went by, they also released an upgraded version of their old design! The newest version of AOA’s lightstick got the fans really excited!

We cans ee that it is mostly white, from the top of the lightstick to the stick grip. It also has a pair of white wings on top, and the AOA logo on the stick grip, as well. While it glows in the dark, the lightstick also has such a beautiful, radiant lights!

aoa lightstick

The fans also called the AOA’s lightstick a Wing Bong due to its shape. They also thought that the wings design really represented AOA, particularly since AOA stands for Ace of Angels! Seems like those are angel wings on the lightstick, right?

Then for the price, it costs about $32.90, and you could grab yours through online purchasing or offline stores. But for convenient way, go check them out through an online store, here:


mamamoo lightstick

From the first sight, we can easily fall in love with the lightstick from MAMAMOO, right? Just look at the cuteness! The lightstick has been released since January 2016. MAMAMOO’s lightstick is called the Moo-bong, which also means “radish stick”. From its own shape, we can see that it has a radish shape, with white and green as the dominant colors, as well! Moo-bong also remind us of MAMAMOO’s official fandom, MOOMOO.

Not only that, Moo-bong also has its own meaning, which is loyalty. Moo-bong also reminds MAMAMOO’s members and the fans of when MAMAMOO used to bring radishes during their concerts, because they didn’t have a lightstick at that time. The loyalty between MAMAMOO and the fandom has remained the same, right?

mamamoo lightstick

Obviously, the unique part of the Moo Bong is its shape! Among all of those K-Pop groups’ lightsticks, MAMAMOO was provided the fans with a vegetable shape for their lightstick, and it was a radish.

The lightstick costs between $30.52 and $49.90 depending n where you buy it, and it’s available through the online and offline stores. If you’re about looking for online purchasing, go check them out through:


shinee lightstick

SHINee released their official lightstick in 2018 for their 10th anniversary, and the official name of their lightstick is the Shooting Star! The name was chosen by SHINee’s members!

Referring to the group’s name, SHINee, their lightstick has super bright lights, as well. The fans already demonstrated it at SHINee’s concerts, when there’s a beautiful wave made by the lights of SHINee’s lightstick! They also called the lightstick as the Shabat, or also the SHAWOLBAT (SHAWOL is also known as SHINee’s official fandom).

shinee lightstick

We can see that the lightstick has tosca and white as the dominant colours, with a tosca diamond shape on top of the lightstick, and white stick as the grip. It’s also known as the lightstick which has the most bright lights, and the strongest battery among all of those lightsticks, and it was proven by a source who tested all of the K-Pop groups’ lightsticks, as well! Moreover, when the lightstick is all lit up, it would come up with a star shape of the lights!

The lightstick costs between $39.90 and $50.00, it is also availabe through the online and offline stores, as well! For online purchasing, go check them out here:


ikon lightstick

Another cute lightstick, and this one from IKON! Since the first sight, their lightstick was really eye-catching, right? The black and red colors dominate this lightstick, and it’s shaped like a baseball bat! No wonder that IKON’s official lightstick is called as the ‘KONBAT’. It was released in 2019.

IKONICs (IKON’s official fandom name) had multiple reactions towards the lightstick. Even some of them revealed such an hilarious reaction, they thought that the lightstick looked more like a weapon. But still, they were in love with the lightstick, anyway! A second version of the Konbat has also been prepared.

ikon lightstick

For the price, IKON’s lightstick costs around ₩18.00, and for the convenient purchasing, go grab yours through online store here:


btob lightstick

There’s also BTOB’s official lightstick, which was released and gained a lot of attention due to its shape, since the BTOB lightstick was a kind of a saxophone shape! With the blue and white dominant colors, it looks very classic, yet amazing as well. On the top of the lightstick, it was a blue color and showed off the saxophone shape, meanwhile the grip was a basic white stick.

The fans have also called BTOB’s lightstick as the saxophone stick due to its shape. But one of the most unique part of the lightstick is not only the saxophone shape, but it also is meant to encourage their fans, Melody, to enjoy BTOB’s music as well! BTOB’s lightstick is available with Ver.1 and Ver. 2!

btob lightstick

BTOB’s lightstick costs around $35.90, and also you can grab yours through the online and offline stores! For online purchasing, let’s check them out here:


nu'est lightstick

Last, but not least, there’s the lightstick from NU’EST! The official lightstick has been released since March 2018, and previously they also released the preview pictures of the lightstick through their official Twitter account, as well. From its own shape, we can see that it has kind of a heart shape, and it refers to NU’EST’s official fandom name, L.O.Λ.E! It also has white and black as its dominant colors, which makes them look simple and elegant at the same time!

One of the atractions from the NU’EST lightstick is the pink lights from the shape form on the top of the lightstick! When it glows in the dark, it has beautiful pink, blue, and white lights, as well. Some people think that it looks like a torch, with a heart shape on the top of it.

Not only that, NU’EST also has another lightstick version, which still looks gorgeous and amazing in the same way. The other version was for the NU’EST W, the sub-group of NU’EST, and still used the heart shape, but with a ‘W’ logo around the heart shape.

nu'est lightstick

The price of the lightstick is ₩35,000, and you can grab yours through the online and offline stores! For the online stores, go check them out here:

That was all of the information about K-Pop groups’ lightsticks and their respective details! Since all of those lightsticks have their own attractiveness and unique traits, as fans we can see that the idols gave their best and provided such a great fan service through the lightsticks, as well. So, let’s always support the K-Pop groups, and grab your own fandom lightstick!

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