List of Unique K-Pop Groups’ Lightsticks: NCT, APINK, BTS, BLACKPINK, and More


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Let’s Get To Know More About K-Pop Group’s Lightsticks Here!

Lightsticks have become a must-have item among K-Pop idols’ fans, especially for those people who are die-hard-fans of certain idol groups, whether it’s a girl-group or boy-group. Each K-Pop group has their own characteristics about their lightstick, and obviously, the shape of its lightstick represent their groups and their fans. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain the details about K-Pop groups’ lightsticks, so stay tuned!

Basically, lightsticks are one way to support K-Pop groups. Not only for the Korean fans, but the international fans also use lightsticks in the same way. Especially during a concert, there will be a beautiful wave which is made by a bunch of lights from certain lightsticks. So, here are some of K-Pop groups’ lightsticks and the details about them!


nct lightstick

Let’s start with a lightstick from NCT! They had such a cute lightstick, right? Green and yellow colors dominated the lightstick. It is a neon green colour, and it also has a kind of cube form, as well. One of NCT member, Renjun, used to say that NCTzens (NCT’s official fandom) who bought the lightstick would have to grab the top of the lightstick because he thought that it was fragile.

NCT’s lightstick is called a meumwonbong (Korean fans) or neobong (international fans).  The design was shown for the first time during the NCT 2018 Fan Party. NCTZens were really excited when SM Entertainment started selling the lightstick for the first time in May 23, 2018!

nct lightstick

One of the unique parts of the NCT lightstick is a hidden part within it! The shape of the lightstick is a cube, so it kinda looks like a little box. You can put any small things inside it, such as candies, chocolates, or anything else. But commonly, NCTzens were using that hidden part to put bits of paper with their bias’s name inside. Then, if you look t the lightstick carefully, you can seen the NCT logo is written around the lightstick with green words!

You can buy NCT’s lightstick through online and the offline stores, as well! It costs around $50.00. Go grab your NCT lightstick here:


apink lightstick

Next, there’s APINK’s lightstick! It is one of the cutest lightsticks among all the K-Pop groups, since the shape looks like a white and pink panda! If you take a look at the back of the lightstick, you can seen the word of ‘Apink’ written on it. Even though there isn’t much another patterns on the lightstick, but obviously the form of APINK’s lightstick was really eye-catching, right?

The lightstick is referred to as a Pink Panda, which is also their official fandom name, as well. The Pink Panda was first released on July 4, 2016! The fans were really excited for the lightstick, since they had been looking forward to it. And also, during APINK’s concerts, they could finally have another way to support their idols by bringing their Pink Panda lightstick.

apink lightstick

One of the unique parts of the Pink Panda is its shape, obviously! The cute white and pink Panda head is on top of the lightstick, meanwhile the bottom is a basic white stick, as well. The form of the Pink Panda’s nose, eyes, and ears glow in the dark and show the beautiful pink lights!

The Pink Panda lightstick costs about ₩28,000, and you can the lightstick through online and offline stores. And here’s where you can go to find your own Pink Panda’s lightstick, as well:


bts lightstick

There’s also the famous lightstick from BTS! From its form, it was kind of a monochrome lightstick with the white, black, and gray colours around it. The top of the lightstick looks like a ball or ‘bomb’, meanwhile the handle is a plain black stick, as well. BTS also has another version of their lightstick! It has a ‘unity’ concept and a minimalist design.

The lightstick is called as the ARMY Bomb; what a cute name, right? There are different versions of the ARMY Bomb, such as ARMY Bomb, ARMY Bomb Ver. 2, ARMY Bomb Ver. 3, and also ARMY Bomb Ver 4. The unique parts of the ARMY Bomb are a wireless control, light fixtures, and many more! If you take a look at the ARMY Bomb carefully, there’s also a lamp between the ‘bomb,’ and it also show the BTS’ logo!

army bomb

ARMY Bombs were released for the first time on March 10, 2015 and it was the first version of the lightstick. Even though there’s also other versions of the ARMY Bomb, they remained the same in their basic shape; a ball or ‘bomb’ on the top of the lightstick, and also a stick as the grip.

About the price, they cost between $70.00 and $115.000. The ARMY Bomb is available through the online and offline stores, as well. And if you’re about to get yours, go check them out here:


blackpink lightstick

Who doesn’t know the beautiful ‘hammer’ from BLACKPINK? Yes, it was their official lightstick! From its cute form, we can see the dominant pink and black colours, just like the girl-group’s name; BLACKPINK. It also has a hammer shape, with two heart shapes on top of the lightstick, and a black stick as the grip!

BLACKPINK’s lightstick has been called as the BI-ping-bong, and the design for the lightstick was made by the BLACKPINK members. It was first introduced by YG Entertainment’s CEO at that time, Yang Hyun-suk, who posted a picture through his Instagram account with a spoiler for the lightstick. And finally, it was officially released on May 28, 2018!

blackpink lightstick

The unique part from the lightstick is the heart shape, and, obviously, the hammer shape for the overall design! In the dark, the two heart shapes could shine their pink lights, as well.

BI-ping-bong costs about $18.60, and is available through the online and offline stores! For the online purchase, go check them out here


bap lightstick

Have you seen the cute lightstick from B.A.P? From its own shape, we could seen that it was kind of a ‘Matoki’ doll, which is predominantly green and black. On the top of the lightstick, there’s the green head of a Matoki doll with black eyes and black mouth. Meanwhile, the basic black stick acts as the lightstick’s grip.

The Babys (B.A.P’s official fandom name) got really excited for the Matoki lightsticks, since the Matoki doll also became the icon for B.A.P! Some of the fans also thought that the Matoki doll kinda looked like an alien bunnies, as well.

The Matoki lightstick costs around $36.99, and you can get yours through the online and offline stores, as well.


2ne1 lightstick

Who misses 2NE1 and their gorgeous lightstick? Here’s a little reunion for BLACKJACKs! 2NE1 released their official lightstick in 2012. It is well known for its cute design, and also for having the best design for lightsticks among K-pop girl-groups, as well. Even though the size of the lightstick was quite a bit bigger than the usual lightstick, the fans still loved it.

People were amazed with its design! It was a spade-shaped lightstick, with a pair of wings branching off of the spade shape. There’s also the 2NE1 logo on the spade shape, as well! For the grip, it was a black stick. They also have other version of 2NE1, mostly with the same shape, but different colours!

2ne1 lightstick

Since 2NE1 has been disbanded, the lightstick might have been discontinued, as well. But if its possible, you might find them through the some online store which still sell them!