From BLACKPINK To IZ*ONE, Let’s See Groups’ Performances In ‘Music Core’


Let’s Find Out About South Korea’s Weekly Music Program Featuring a Comeback and Debut Performances of K-Pop Idols: Show! Music Core

South Korean musical performances are known to be very diverse. Usually, K-Pop idols will appear on various South Korean music shows when they release a new album for a debut or a comeback to promote their new song. During the promotion of the album, they will appear on various music shows on several television stations.

The singers’ performances are also supported by different stage settings for each singer, thus making this weekly music event feel special. In addition, Korean music shows also give awards to the group that ranked number one on their weekly music charts. One of those shows is the weekly music program ‘Show! Music Core.’

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about K-Pop idols’ debut and comeback performances on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core,’ from BLACKPINK to IZ*ONE appearances. So, stay tuned!



In April 2019, BLACKPINK released the album “Kill This Love.” During the comeback stage on ‘Show! Music Core,’ BLACKPINK performed two of their best songs, “Don’t Know What to Do” and “Kill This Love.” At the time of their appearance, the members of BLACKPINK had a beautiful, feminine style wearing minidresses when they performed “Don’t Know What to Do.” Whereas, when they performed “Kill This Love,” they took turns appearing fierce, but sexy.

With the song “Kill This Love,” which was released on April 5, 2019, BLACKPINK made a series of new records. The song rose to #1 on the iTunes Song Chart in 37 regions, including the US. In particular, BLACKPINK became the first Korean girl groups to succeed in occupying the #1 position on the charts in the US.

With the “Kill This Love” appearance on the Show! Music Core stage, they attracted attention by wearing the typical clothes of female soldiers, harmoniously combining black and wine red. Thanks to these clothes, the charm of the girl-crush group increased to the next level. Costumes with belts also contribute to enlighten BLACKPINK charm. Are you curious about BLACKPINK’s appearance when performing the song ‘Kill This Love’ the Show! Music Core? Let’s take a look below!

Kill This Love 


Amino Apps

Jennie is an example of a very multitalented K-Pop star. Being able to sing, rap, and dance very well were considerations for YG Entertainment to make Jennie have a solo debut. In 2018, she finally released her solo debut song, titled “SOLO,” and did promotions on various South Korean weekly music programs. Jennie promoted her debut song on the weekly music program ‘Show! Music Core.’

Since starting her solo debut, Jennie appearance has impressed netizens. The concept presented in the stage appearance was in keeping with her character, being both fashionable and sexy. Are you curious about Jennie’s appearance on the show with her solo song? Let’s check out her appearance, here!



In February 2019, ITZY, a rookie girl group held a promotion for ‘DALLA DALLA’  on a number of South Korean weekly music programs, one of them was ‘Show! Music Core.’ Not only doing promotions for their debut, ITZY also did promotions for their comeback song, “ICY” on the program in August 2019.

ITZY is famous for their girl-crush concept, which features a slightly sexy, yet elegant charm. On the stage on ‘Show! Music Core,’ ITZY showcased their girl-crush charm through their stage fashions. The group also displayed their first-rate dancing, which is very energetic and powerful. Are you curious about ITZY’s appearance on the program? Let’s check out their appearance, here!


Red Velvet

After their previous success with “Zimzalabim,” Red Velvet released a new song titled “Umpah Umpah” in August 2019. The song was included in their album, ‘The Reve Festival: Day 2.’ In accordance with the theme of the summer, “Umpah Umpah” offers a lively feel. This song quickly became a fan favorite, especially among ReVeluv (Red Velvet fans).

Just like other idol groups, Red Velvet also promoted their songs on a number of weekly music programs, one of which was ‘Show! Music Core.’ In the ‘Umpah Umpah’ comeback era, the outfits worn by members of Red Velvet fit in well with their summer concept. All members wore outfits that looked refreshing and cheerful. Are you curious about Red Velvet’s performance of “Umpah-Umpah” on ‘Show! Music Core’? Let’s take a look, below.




TWICE successfully greeted their fans with the song “Feel Special” in September 2019. On this comeback, the members of TWICE looked very glamorous with costumes and twinkling concepts. The TWICE members made their comeback stage on “Show! Music Core.” In their stage performance, the members performed with outfits that made them look fierce and elegant. Are you curious about TWICE’s performance of “Feel Special” on ‘Show! Music Core’? Let’s check out their appearance, here!

Feel Special



The girl group EVERGLOW greeted their fans with the song “Dun Dun” in February 2020. In this comeback, the members exude a unique charisma with a girl-crush concept that distinguishes each member. The EVERGLOW members made their comeback stage on the MBC music program. In their stage performance, EVERGLOW performed in outfits that made them look fierce and elegant. Are you curious about EVERGLOW’s “Dun Dun” appearance on ‘Show! Music Core’? Let’s check their appearance, here!

Dun Dun


Mamamoo – K-POP

Mamamoo is one group that always presents unique concepts, one of which was for the song ‘HIP,’ which was released in November 2019. In this comeback, Mamamoo carried a different concept of displaying another personality. With this concept, the members took on a totally different charm from before, with the slogan, “What if Mamamoo is not Mamamoo?”

They promoted the song ‘HIP’ on ‘Show! Music Core’. For their appearance on the show, the members looked super badass in the outfits they were wearing. Not only that, the members also performed cool and energetic choreography when promoting on the stage. Are you curious about Mamamoo’s performance of ‘HIP’? You can watch it down below!



On Lovelyz‘s comeback, which was released in August 2019 under the title ‘Come To You,’ they did stage promotions on a number of South Korean weekly music programs. One of them ‘Show! Music Core.’ For this comeback, the Lovelyz members gave their best performances and wore girly outfits. The members also danced very energetically when on stage. Are you curious about Lovelyz’s “Close To You” song appearance on ‘Show! Music Core’? Let’s check out their appearance!

Close To You