From Nature To Red Velvet; Here’s Top 8 Girlband With Dark Concept


Meet These K-Pop Girl Group With Their Unique Dark Concept!

In the K-Pop world, each group has to stick or changing its concept during each comeback. One of the main reasons is to entertain their fans so they won’t get bored. Also, the important thing is attracting new fans to the fandom. We can see some group that has a stick to their teen crush and self love concept like ITZY, or always changing concept in each comeback like Red Velvet.

But for the past two years, girl groups did not only stick to cute or either girl crush concept; some of them even try a nebulous concept with the hidden meaning behind their comeback. Like our tittle, today, Channel-Korea will talk about eight girl groups with a vague idea.

Curious which girl group are they? Well then, without any further due, let’s started our topic for today!

NATURE’s Girls


NATURE was a girl group under CH Entertainment that debuted on August 3, 2018. Then on June 17, 2020, NATURE comeback with a third single ‘Nature World: Code M, with the title track called ‘Girls.’

But the day before it released, the production team have to re-edit ‘Girls’ MV again since it was banned from the television programs. The reason is that there are a few provocative scenes in the music video. Responding to the issue CH Entertainment comment, “It was true that the music video ‘Girls’ belongs to NATURE, were not feasible on the television.” They continued, “We already sent ‘Girl’s’ music video again that has been edited, and the newer version is now checked.”

Through the teaser of ‘Girls’ released before, we could see some horror and thrilling scenes that shows the new side of NATURE. Here is the teaser video:

And for the ‘Girls’ MV, NATURE released both the edited and uncensored version. Here are both of the MV for you guys!

Edited Vesion

Uncensored Version

This song was telling from a girl’s perspective, where she says to the person they love to stop playing around with their innocent heart. The more he/she messing around, the girl became more childish than before.

There are many reactions for the ‘Girls’ MV, especially the uncensored one; here is a response from one of the YouTuber’s.



A re-debut girl group that was formed by Happy Face Entertainment in 2017, consisting of seven members. Dreamcatcher was known for its dark and rock music type of genre. We could say that they are consistent with the night. Concept. Then on January 13, 2017, the group released their title song MV called ‘Chase Me.’

Before we explained the whole music video scene, here are the official MV for you guys:

Chase Me was not an ordinary mv, there is a hidden story behind it. We will show you some of the critical scenes, also with the explanation in it.

It was all started when a paranormal investigator man checks into room 808. As he struggles to open the room door, the light begins to flicker. We then see JIU standing in the hallway while holding a doll with a red dress.

dreamcatcher jiu

The man sees her but when he pulls out a camera and directs it towards JIU, she’s nowhere to be seen in the camera view.


While the man is resting, SUA hypnotized him (and the way she swung the pendant was like how she rings the bell in their previous mv ‘Fly High’). He then wakes up, knowing that SUA was there, but right after the man turns his back, shes disappear.

dreamcatcher sua

The hypnosis started to affect him, the man began to see that his reflection is delayed. He also gets a nightmare whenever he sleeps.


Each of the members takes turns to torment the investigator, like how Siyeon holds the door in place.

dreamcatcher siyeon

Gahyeon throws all the book on the ground, while Yoo Hyeon changing all the room number to ‘808’ that will confuse him later.

dreamcatcher gahyeon
dreamcatcher yoohyeon

During the bridge of the song, we see the man inspecting the camera surveillance that he already installed before. The man began to see himself, crawling away from someone. It wasn’t shown on the camera, but instead, we get a flashback where JIU walking straight towards him.

dreamcatcher jiu

For the complete theory you can watch the full video below:

f(x)’s Red Light


A girl group from SM Entertainment always comes back with a unique style of music. One of their comeback in 2014, which is ‘Red Light,’ gains a lot of attention, either local or international people. The reason behind it was because of how dark the concept it, compared to their previous releases.

There is also a theory behind the lyrics and music video of ‘Red Light,’ don’t worry because we will give you the information about it.

fx luna

“Breath for a moment. This isn’t a war” – In every pre-chorus of the song, we get this ‘Breath for a moment like where Krystal sings her line, then we get a glimpse of Amber and the others who are just sitting somewhere quietly. It always happens just before every chorus of ‘Red Light,’ where a calm situation comes before the storm.

And as soon the chorus comes, beat drops and the volumes exploding both sound and visual aspect. When one sings, then another member voices echos through the lyrics, a person humming, EDM turns up, it was all jumbled up like that. F (x) truly makes the music turns into complete chaos but also something horrifyingly beautiful to listen to. Just like one of their lyrics sentences, this was the ‘madness’ they are talking about.

Media, Religion, Caterpillar


“Think about it, what was it that made us stop” – While watching ‘Red Light’ MV, there’s a form of mass media consumption. At the 1:29 minute, there is a scene where an evil media man was programming the masses. But this time, f(x) used to deliver their message. They urge people to ‘look for the special emergency exit,’ which is your quiet place to think and make your personal decision. The group also uses mass media to tell us to run away from harmful mass media.

“Open your eyes wide
You’re about to crash, stop the speeding
Be the witness of changes
When everyone being quite
In front of the rough caterpillar that is being pushed.”

The word ‘caterpillar’ on the lyrics represents someone slow and stubborn to conform to this society’s high standards. With the insane pace of the music, this slow caterpillar was being pushed to go faster, just like f(x). They also mention in the lyrics that the caterpillar always followed by an explosive chorus; that’s mean that you can’t be fast all the time because you will be crashed and burn.

But if you slow down, you’ll always be stuck as a caterpillar. So that means f(x) want you guys to be both. When there is a red light or dangerous signs, better be careful and switch to the other way.


“Boy your excuse of trying your best
are just filled with doubts on me
True love might be a prolonged wave.”

F(x) also has a message to the boys who still try to win their hearts, just like what they did in the previous song. While Luna and Amber take part in the lyrics above, both show a cruel persona. They didn’t want him to push so fast because love is something that takes time to bloom. If it was rushed, it’s going to collapse.

fx luna

As we get into the bridge part, the music slows down, and we see Luna and the others looking at the clear skies. Unlike the earlier scenes, where there are no red lights, loud instrumental that buzzing our ears or the girl’s arrogant and enigmatic poker faces. It was just a peaceful scene where f(x) singing in a soft tone. The members look very pure and clean, and we also see the beautiful moments where their handclasp together while admiring the calming view.

Conclusion of the Theory?

fx krystal jungaminoapps.comF(x)’s Red Light was showing us how our beliefs are being shaped and influenced how we all react to certain things without thinking of it before because we were programmed. It also critiques how we live so dangerously in our attempts to please the higher standards of living.

So if we make it into a list, it will be:

  1. Live fast if you want to.
  2. But be aware of the signs of danger or red light.
  3. Stop when the red lights appear, or you’ll only hurt yourself.
  4. If they tell you otherwise but you know better, run away!
  5. Don’t forget to cherish what’s genuinely precious for you.

Before we move to the next list, let us watch f(x)’s the music video for ‘Red Light’ bellow!


There is a theory that the lyrics of ‘Red Light’ are dedicated to the Sewol tragedy that also happened in 2014. If you look closely at the full words, it shows a critique towards the captain and some of the crew ship that irresponsible towards the accident.