Learn More About K-Pop Fandom Names and Their Beautiful Meaning!

GFriend – Buddy


Next, we’re going to talk about GFriend and their fans who are called Buddy!

On January 25th, 2016, G-Friend held a comeback showcase and celebrated their first anniversary since debut. Through the live broadcast of Naver V App, G-Friend performed several hits: “Me Gustas Tu,” “Glass Bead,” and the latest song “Rough.”

In addition, they also thanked the support of the fans, where they called their fans Buddy. They have officially given a name to the fan club as Buddy.

They said, “If we don’t have you, we won’t be here. You guys have done a great job!”

The cake gift from the fans even made Yerin cry! That’s how much Buddy means to her.


On March 15th, 2017, announced directly by their management, Source Music, GFriend got a lightstick called the Glass Bead Stick. GFriend stated that this lightstick has a very big meaning for them. “Maybe we look like a glass bead. However, we will not break up,” said the group consisting of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji.

The design of this lightstick has a white handle and a zigzag pattern on the side which represents the symbol for Aquarius which is meaningful as they debuted in January. This light stick has a globe-shaped top with a GFriend symbol inside. Psst… In this lightstick, there is water and glitter like a snowglobe, you know! When swung, the glitter will fill this lightstick. Cool, right!

MONSTA X – Monbebe


Next, we have Monsta X and their fans called Monbebe!

In 2015, on the Naver V app, Monsta X revealed their official fandom name. And their name is Monbebe. Minhyuk explained the reason behind the official fan club name of the group Monbebe during an interview. He said, “The hidden meaning of our Monsta X name is “My Star.” Mon means mine in French, so it’s Mon-Sta(r). Mon Bebe, or our baby, was fitting.”


What a cute meaning!

ITZY – Midzy


Next, we’re going to talk about the rookie monster group, ITZY, and their loyal fans called MIDZY!

On July 7th, 2019, ITZY announced the official fandom name after 5 months of their debut. The group from JYP Entertainment named their official fans Midzy.

The word in Korean means mutual trust. ITZY hopes that they and the fans can trust each other, and support each other in their own ways.

Announced via Twitter, a number of fans expressed their opinions. Apparently, the selection of ITZY’s fandom name invited pros and cons on social media. Fans welcomed ITZY’s new fandom name with various reactions. Some consider it strange and not suitable, but not a few feel satisfied with the name.

“I thought it was Minzy, I had to look twice to realize it,” said one of the fans. There are also those who are quite frontal while still supporting by saying, “That name is very bad, but I love you, ITZY,” the fans wrote.

Those who are not satisfied usually have their own expectations about the name of ITZY’s fandom. Two names that are often mentioned include Bitzy and Titzy. What do you think about it?

Stray Kids – STAY


Next, we have the boy band Stray Kids and their fans called STAY!

Through the official social media page on August 1st, 2018, Stray Kids announced STAY as their official fandom or fan club name. The name was announced through a video that included the words, “Where Stray Kids STAY” in English. Like the fans’ motto for Stray Kids, “Stay Don’t Stray,” the fandom name has the impression of staying with Stray Kids and not leaving them.

This fandom name was announced just days before Stray Kids carried out their comeback with the mini-album I am WHO and the music video “My Pace” on August 6th, 2018.

Are you part of STAY?

(G)I-DLE – Neverland


Next, we’re going to talk about (G)I-DLE and their fans called Neverland!

After reaping success thanks to their debut song titled “LATATA,” the girl group (G)I-DLE quickly gained many fans.

Through their social media accounts on October 29th, 2018, they officially announced the name for their fans, Neverland.

The girl group also explained the meaning behind their fans’ name, “Neverland, the imaginary land of Peter Pan. People who live in Neverland never change and stay young forever. Just like an artist lives with their fans, it means that (G)I-DLE will forever live in ‘Neverland’ as (G)I-DLE and fans will never change and always be with their fans.”


Are you staying in Neverland too with (G)I-DLE?