Several Popular K-Pop Diets Most People Like To Try: IU’s, Suzy’s, BTS’ Jimin’s, and More

Jeon So-mi Diet

jeon so mi

People were in loved with Jeon So-mi’s physical appearance, not only her face but also for her great body shape, as well! She received the great physical appearance from a diet! But still, the diet that she used was quite extreme, and potentially gave several bad impacts to the body. she used this diet for her solo debut, as well.

Basically, Jeon So-mi’s diet recipe was to only eat bananas, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and drink a lot of water during the day! Due to the diet, she lost 4 kg in only a week. That’s why she continues to use the diet once in a while, even though it was hard the first time she went on the banana diet.

jeon somi

Previously, she revealed that she used to often finish three bubble drinks, and had a large appetite before she went on the diet. The diet became really popular because people were impressed with the results! From the diet, Jeon So-mi about 10 kg! But since it is extreme, people who want to follow the Jeon So-mi diet plan need to be aware that it has its risks, as well.

Here are videos from several people who successfully lost weight using the Jeon So-mi diet!



RED VELVET Seul-gi’s Diet

red velvet seulgi

Still another of the extreme diets from K-Pop idols, and this time, it’s from Red Velvet’s Seulgi! When she was still a trainee, Seulgi revealed that she used to use an extreme diet that made her sad during the process. In order to debut, her agency was asking her to lose some weight.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s diet plan was a day with only soy milk, whether it was for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Actually, her weight at that time wasn’t really different from her current weight. But still, her agency wanted her to lose some weight. She also revealed that whenever she was getting hungry due to the diet process, she continued only drinking the soy milk. From the diet, she lost about 2 kg.

red velvet seulgi

Even though the diet was really extreme, it still became really popular, and there’s a lot of people who tried to follow the Red Velvet’s Seulgi diet. With a lot of activities and only drinking soy milk for every meal, the diet isn’t good for body health, and can even lead to other health problems.

And here are several results of certain people who successfully lost weight on YouTube from using Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s diet!



AOA Seol-hyun’s Diet

aoa seolhyun

Next, there’s the diet plan from AOA’s Seol-hyun! To have such a healthy and slim body like her current appearance, AOA’s Seol-hyun also resorted to her own diet! Before her debut along with AOA at that time, Seol-hyun already had a good body shape. Even when she was debuting with AOA, she still wanted to lose some weight.

Then, what was AOA’s Seol-hyun diet recipe? During her diet time, it was reported that she reduced her meal portions and had her own regular diet menu; that was sweet potatoes! Another diet menu she used included chicken breast and boiled eggs, but she also used a pretty extreme diet.

aoa seolhyun

Whenever she gained more weight, AOA’s Seol-hyun would apply the liquid diet. What was that? Her liquid diet was a diet when she didn’t eat anything, but only drank liquids. During the extreme diet, it was reported that she used to cry because she got so hungry. The diet was indeed effective, but it also took a lot of bad risks for her body’s health. However, there are certain people who still followed AOA’s Seol-hyun diet and lost their weight rapidly, as well.

Here are YouTube videos from several people who got weight loss results by using AOA’s Seol-hyun’s diet!


However, during one of the episodes in Knowing Brothers in September 2018, Seolhyun revealed that the diet recipe which also referred to her throughout the internet wasn’t her real diet. But still, it became really popular for years! She continued to stay in shape through simple ways, such as substituting what she ate, such as choosing chicken breast instead of drumsticks, and going to work out a lot!

Ailee’s Diet


Last, but not least, there’s a diet recipe from Ailee! Several years ago, Ailee also used to do her own diet to lose some weight. And it was proven, in only a month she lost about 10 kg! But still, she also experienced somestruggle and revealed her body condition at that time, as well.

Basically, Ailee’s diet was kinda extreme. Some of the keys from her diet process were the strict dietary and calories intake. Every single day during her diet, Ailee was only consuming 500 calories a day from proteins such as shrimp, meat, chicken breast, or crabs. And also, she completed her diet with vegetables and a piece of fruit every day.


She used to feel unhappy during her diet process, because she had to hold back her hunger, which also made her unable to present a perfect performance while she was on the stage. Then she decided to not continuing the diet after she successfully lost weight.

The Ailee diet was really famous because even though it only took 500 calories a day, but still got some nutrition from protein, and vitamins, as well. That’s why lots of people were interested in following the diet menu!

And here are several results of certain people who successfully lost weight on YouTube from the Ailee diet!



K-Pop Diets: Extreme or Not?

kpop diet

K-Pop idols’ diets have been becoming really famous among people, since the diets could help people lose weight in a short time. However, most K-Pop idols’ diet plans were kind of extreme, even though there have been some idols who used a healthy diet, as well.

People have seen the significant trasnformation from K-Pop idols who were undergoing their diets. It was proven that they could get a good body shape. But actually, there’s a lot of struggle and hard times during the process. For those idols who were undergoing the healthy diet, they might not feel as many bad effects.

Meanwhile, they were who underwent the extreme diets must’ve felt the bad effect. One of the impacts from extreme diets is hair loss, just like actress Kim Shin-young experienced when she was doing her extreme diet. Or just like Lee Tae-im, was got hearing loss and his body was shaking because of his extreme diet.

That was all of the information about several K-Pop idols’ diets! Even though K-Pop idols were able to achieve their weightloss in such a short time, some of them were experiencing extreme diets to do it. Since all of them had their own type of diet, please keep in mind that every diet has its own risk. Make sure you choose wisely which one of the diet types best matches your personality and body’s needs!

Also, please comment down below about which of these diet methods from K-Pop idols that you’ve tried before!