K-Pop Artists Close To Jessica Even After Her Departure From SNSD

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A Bunch of K-Pop Artists in Jessica Jung’s Circle of Friends!

As a huge K-pop artist, Jessica Jung was mostly seen shining and standing on her own two feet. But behind all of those dazzling shine, she also had several K-pop artists who stuck by her then, and are still by her now, staying good friends even after Jessica’s departure from SNSD. Through this article, Channel Korea will tell you about a bunch of K-Pop artists who are famously known for their friendships with Jessica Jung!

Krystal Jung

jessica & krystal

First on the list is Krystal Jung! Well, it’s no wonder that Krystal Jung is one of Jessica’s closest friends, since they’re siblings. After Jessica’s departure from SNSD in 2014, Krystal seemed to be sticking by Jessica’s side! Jessica and Krystal were well known for their strong friendship, since they went to the same agency, SM Entertainment, and they’ve always cheered on each others’ careers.

Right after Jessica’s departure from SNSD, she was busy with launching her own fashion brand, BLANC & ECLARE, and was also pursuing a solo career. As best friends-slash-sisters, Krystal showed her support for Jessica’s career in ways such as promoting Jessica’s fashion brand through her Instagram account, or simply she wearing beautiful outfits from the brand!

Jessica shared her gratitude for everyone who has been loving her fashion brand, including her sister. She got really excited when Krystal Jung started wearing her brand with a personal spin.

krystal jung
krystal jung

If we take a look at Jessica and Krystal’s respective Instagram accounts, they are often seen hanging out together. They’ve gone abroad for vacations, business trips, or simply spent time together in their neighborhood in South Korea.


Since Jessica Jung started her own YouTube channel, JESSICA LAND, we can also see the closeness between them! In some of Jessica’s videos, you can see that Krystal has gone with her when she’s been traveling abroad. Not only that, Krystal sometimes even acted as Jessica’s videographer

jessica and krystal

Watch the full video of Jessica and Krystal hanging out together here:

Amber Liu

jessica jung & amber liu

Next is Amber Liu! People might not be already familiar with the close friendship between Jessica Jung, Amber Liu, and Krystal Jung! Basically, Amber and Krystal were in the same girl group, which was called f(x). The three women used to hang out together, especially when they went to the USA, since they were all born Asian-Americans. Jessica Jung and Amber Liu stayed great friends even after Jessica left SNSD. Moreover, Amber also had her own nickname for Jessica, which was “Boss Jung.”

Their friendship can be seen through several interactions between Jessica and Amber, one of them was caught when people spotted attending Amber’s concert in New York as a gesture of support! Not only that, Jessica and Amber were also spotted hanging out together after their encounter at Amber’s concert. They went out for pizza and spent soe quality time together.

Amber has also posted a picture with Jessica from when she was attending her concert on Amber’s personal Instagram, which got a lot of attention from people! She wrote a sweet caption that showed her gratitude for having Jessica around.

Previously, Amber Liu and Jessica Jung were seen hanging out together along with model Irene Kim. Amber went to New York to attend a BLANC & ECLARE birthday party. It came out that Amber and Irene’s attendance was kind of surprise for Jessica, because both of them wanted to support her for her own business.

As usual, Amber posted those special moments through her Instagram account, with her nickname for Jessica, “Boss Jung!” Not only that, they also got fans got really excited, since they went for a V-Live together!

Watch the V-Live session with Jessica Jung, Amber Liu, and Irene Kim here:

Actress Park Min-young

jessica jung & park min young

Who would have thought that Jessica Jung and actress Park Min-young have been friends for more than 16 years? They started building a strong bond a long time ago, when they hadn’t yet become famous! Jessica and Park Min-young also make time to hang out together in their busy schedules.

Park Min-young has demonstrated her close friendship with Jessica, since she has continued to be connected both before and after Jessica was part of SNSD. She used to say that she was really thankful to have a best friend like Jessica, and she counted on Jessica whenever she needed someone to talk to.

We can see a bunch of old pictures of Jessica Jung and Park Min-young! They were seen hanging out together, attending each other’s events as acts of support, celebrating each other’s birthday, and giving each other gifts, as well! The fans expressed their belief that Jessica and Park Min-young even have a certain physical resemblance. What do you think about that?

jessica jung & park min young
jessica & park min young
jessica & park min young

Even though they are often busy with their own schedules, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t show their support for each other. When Park Min-young was busy filming Her Private Life, Jessica sent her a food truck as an act of support! There were a bunch of snacks, drinks, and also portraits of Jessica and Park Min-young in that food truck. She also posted it through her Instagram account, with a sweet caption which said that she loved Jessica!

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