K-Movie Review: A Mash-up of Mystery and Comedy with Great Actors in ‘A Werewolf Boy’


The Heroine‘ Park Bo-young and ‘The Great Actor’ Song Joong-ki in A Werewolf Boy

Most of the Korean movies of various genres are great. The movie itself has a lot of meaning, and different stories might be based on reality or be fictional. South Korea is known for the quality actors and actresses in its film industry.

Now, let’s take a look at the popular Korean movie, A Werewolf Boy!

Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young’s Chemistry: A Masterclass in Faithfulness, Loyalty, and Love

Do you know about the actor Song Joong-ki and the actress Park Bo-young who starred in the popular movie ‘A Werewolf Boy’? The two stars are well-known, and have each received a lot of praise for their acting skills in other performances.


A Werewolf Boy is a science fiction/fantasy film that’s set about fifty years ago. The movie was directed and written by Jo Sung-hee and was released on November 30, 2012, with duration of 125 minutes.

The movie itself has a supernatural-paranormal theme, just like famous romance-fantasy stories such as Twilight, An American Horror Story, Vampire Diaries and many more. But A Werewolf Boy is a little bit different, since the original story was set in South Korea with the directors, actors and also the language using Korean.

In the very first scene, there was an appearance of a middle-aged grandmother who seemed live alone, but who took good care of herself.


A day later, the family member gathered to eat together. From the conversation, it seemed like the family and the grandmother lived in the United States. An incoming call broke their conversation and the caller asked if there was anyone living there named Kim Sun-yi.


The phone call brought the old lady, Kim Sun-yi, back to her hometown in South Korea to revisit the farmhouse where she lived when she was still a teenager. With a moment of flashback, you could see that Kim Sun-yi wasn’t happy, and being back there brought up a lot of memories she didn’t want to think about.

When she returned to Korea, her granddaughter came to pick her up at the airport, and drove to where Kim Sun-yi used to live. That’s how the story of A Werewolf Boy began.


It was around 1965 when Kim Sun-yi and her family moved to a small village after the death of her father. Kim Sun-yi needed to preserve her health, since she had an illness in her lungs. She needed to breathe clean air, far away from the city, and her mother thought the village was the best area to move to. Kim Sun-yi wasn’t able to attend school because of her health problems, and spent her days doing daily home activities and spend her nights writing in her diary.

When Kim Sun-yi first moved to the village, she wasn’t impressed with her new home. The previous owner of the farmhouse used the barn for an experiments on wolves and coyotes.

One night, Kim Sun-yi heard the cries of an animal in a barn, but ended up being attacked by a wolf. The next day, Kim Sun-yi’s family found a young boy hiding in their backyard and Sun-yi’s mother thought that it would be nice to adopt him instead of handing him over to post-war Korea’s orphanage system.


The boy seemed to be mute, so the the family gave him the name Chul Soo. In the beginning, he was locked behind a heavy iron door at the farmhouse, and escaped as soon as the owner released him, roaring and having glowing eyes like a beast.

The day Kim Sun-yi found him, Chul Soo only looked like he was starving and dirty. He looked like a teenager, but didn’t seem completely human either, since he didn’t know how to speak and had the manners of an animal. He didn’t know how to eat with utensils, and he kept sniffing things. At first, Kim Sun-yi’s mother was the only one in charge of taking care of Chul Soo, but then the young Kim Sun-yi wanted to help her mother to take care of the feral boy.


Kim Sun-yi felt like the boy was like a sibling and friend for her, since she always a lonely girl only ver interacted with her younger sister. After Kim Sun-yi’s family found the boy, She taught him how to act like a human.


Kim Sun-yi taught Chul Soo to be patient with following instructions, to have table manners, and keep himself clean. Kim Sun-yi taught him to obey every her instructions, and whenever Sun-yi asked Chul Soo to “wait”, he need to stop a moment and wait for her commands.


Over time, Chul Soo became a whole a different person than who he was when they first they met. Chul Soo behaved like a normal teenager, and played together with the children, ate together, and let them dress him up like a doll.


Chul Soo brought a level of happiness to Kim Sun-yi’s life that almost made her lose hope about her own health condition and they eventually become best friends.

In one scene, Kim Sun-yi sings a song for Chul Soo and plays guitar for him. Chul Soo seemed amazed by Sun-yi’s talent and he watched her play the guitar at the right moment when you tell someone that you’re actually in love with them.


Chul Soo felt another emotion in himself, but he couldn’t express it through words. He tried hard to communicate using the language, but he still couldn’t find the right words. When she was done playing, Chul Soo extended his hand and gave Sun-yi a light pat on the top of her head, to reward her to do a great job.


The sweetness between Chul Soo and Kim Sun-yi was torn apart after Ji-tae, who owned the land and was late father’s business partner, started carrying a torch for Sun-yi. Ji-tae always had his eye for Sun-yi, and he started trying to seduce her even before she moved to the village.

When Ji-tae showed up and saw Kim Sun-yi and Chul Soo, he was very aggressive toward Sun-yi, and decided he was going to marry her. He was known as a troublemaker and besides wanting Sun-yi, he also wanted to take Chul Soo down.

Later on, Ji-tae made a scene in Sun-yi’s house and everything escalated until Chul Soo couldn’t control his anger anymore and turned into a werewolf. Chul Soo attacked Ji-tae and almost killed him, but Sun-yi got between the ‘werewolf’ Chul Soo and Ji-tae, and asked Chul Soo to wait, just like she taught him before.

In a dramatic scene, Sun-yi was trembling and gave the command to Chul Soo and he suddenly stopped attacking Ji-tae. Chul Soo was arrested by the authorities because he turned into a monster and almost killed a human. People were afraid that Chul Soo was a threat to their lives.


The story became more gloomy after Chul Soo was arrested and locked in a prison without even being able to see Sun-yi. When he did have a chance to see Sun-yi in his cell, he didn’t seem sad anymore. Every time Chul Soo saw Sun-yi, it made him happy.

Ji-tae started trying to make sure Chul Soo was killed, saying it was because he Chul Soo was actually a beast and too dangerous to have around the village. He said Chul Soo would kill anyone who tried to reach him.

Sun-yi knew Ji-tae’s plan and she decided she needed to help Chul Soo and save his life. Chul Soo needed to go where he could hide from Ji-tae. Sun-yi ran away with Chul Soo until they were in a forest, and suddenly Sun-yi started having trouble with her lungs again. During their escape, Sun-yi fainted and Chul Soo helped her hide in the forest while the villagers and Sun-yi’s family were looking for her.


Through a lot of emotions and sadness, Chul Soo did his best to protect Sun-yi when she fainted. The next morning, Sun-yi was conscious, and they could hear her family and the villagers callingl her name nearby. Sunyi need to make a quick decision to help Chul Soo run away from the village, but Chul Soo wouldn’t leave.

The relationship between Chul Soo and Kim Sun-yi needed to have a tragic end, since the  girl knew that the beast also had emotions and an adorable human side. Chul Soo was left alone in the forest and Kim Sun-yi needed to live her life knowing that Chul Soo was still loyal to her and would wait for Sun-yi until she wanted to see him again.


At the end of the movie, the flashback ended and the story continued back in the present, when Kim Sun-yi already an old lady. Kim Sun-yi walked to the farmhouse where she found Chul Soo back then, and 47 years later, Sun-yi found Chul Soo still waiting for her in the barn.


When Chul Soo saw Sun-yi again, he said “Don’t go“. It was really powerful, since Chul Soo hadn’t spoken for his entire life and he really put out a lot of effort to show that he cared for Sun-yi. The Chul Soo of the present was still looked the same as when Sun-yi left him. Based on the tale, werewolves are immortal, or so close to it that the difference doesn’t matter.


However, Chul Soo had to say goodbye to Sun-yi after he reunited with the girl he shared his feelings to. At the end, Chul Soo only watches Sun-yi leave from far away, and there aren’t any further scenes with Chul Soo. The souls briefly reconnected with each other, and this time they had to say their final goodbyes.

The Cast


Song Joong-ki as Chul Soo


Park Bo-young as Kim Sun-yi & Eun-joo


Yoo Yeon-seok as Ji-tae


Lee Young-lan as Kim Sun-yi (Older Age)


Jang Young-nam as Sun-yi’s Mother


Kim Hyang-gi as Sun-ja (Sun-yi’s Sister)

The Soundtracks

  1. Park Bo-young – 나의 왕자“My Prince”
  2. John Park – Childlike

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘A Werewolf Boy’

Here are the reason why you should add A Werewolf Boy to your movie list!

  1. A Werewolf Boy is a movie that has a lot of plotlines involving romantic triangles, government conspiracies, and love of family, with supernatural elements.
  2. It showed the character’s complexity, and was very emotional for viewers.
  3. It was hard to guess what would happen next or how it ended.
  4. A Werewolf Boy is a love story between a human and another creature, but stirred the audience’s feelings just by watching the chemistry between the stars.
  5. A Werewolf Boy showed the love of a family while they had to survive difficult circumstances.
  6. The film has a unique story line that could stir up the viewers feelings, because it has a powerful message from each scene.
  7. A Werewolf Boy showed the true feelings of being teenager and having a brave spirit.
  8. It was a bittersweet, moving, and captivating story to watch.



That was all for the information of A Werewolf Boy, and please watch the full movie to see how great Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young’s acting was!