K-Drama Throwback: Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young As A Royal Couple In tvN’s ‘The Crowned Clown’

the crowned clown

Throwback Romance Session with Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young Through Their Roles in The Crowned Clown!

Do you remember the historical drama, The Crowned Clown? We bet you do, since The Crowned Clown was one of the highest-rated historical dramas in 2019! The drama’s stars were Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young, who successfully amazed the viewers with their chemistry! In this article, we’re going to get into nostalgia over the good chemistry between Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young!

Channel Korea will help you remember the good old days with a throwback session from The Crowned Clown‘s romance between Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young, so stay tuned!

Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young’s Romantic Moments In ‘The Crowned Clown


The Crowned Clown was a historical K-drama that was released in 2019! The drama was aired on tvN and became one of the most highly-rated dramas from that network in 2019! The Crowned Clown had elements of history, romance, and melodrama. It ran for 16 episodes, from January 7th until March 4th in 2019.

The Crowned Clown is a serialized remake of the movie Masquerade, which was released in 2012. Even though it was a remake version, the overall story-line wasn’t 100% the same. There are unique and attractive differences in both Masquerade and The Crowned Clown!

Then begin our throwback session with The Crowned Clown‘s synopsis! Since it was kind of a historical drama, the setting for the story was a certain time during the Joseon Dynasty era. Basically, the drama told a story about Gwangjae King/Yi Heon (actor Yeo Jin-goo). His position as a king was becoming really dangerous for his own life, since a lot of his enemies wanted to kill him. One day, a rumor started spreading that an outsider, Ha Seon (actors Yeo Jin-goo), who worked as a clown, strongly resembled Gwangjae King.

The King caught him and ordered him to pretend to be the king, so his enemies would think that the ‘fake king’ was the actual Gwangjae King. One day, Yoo So-woon (actress Lee Se-young), who was a Queen, fell in love with Gwangjae King, who at that time was really by the ‘fake king’. She fell in love with him without knowing that he wasn’t the real Gwangjae King.

And here is the promotional poster for The Crowned Clown:


Their Relationship in The Drama

In The Crowned Clown, Yeo Jin-goo was playing two characters, King Yi Heon and the clown, Ha Seon. Meanwhile, Lee Se-young was cast as the Queen, Yoo So-woon. Yi Heon was famously known as the King in their palace, he could being really mean to other people and could kill without hesitation, but unfortunately his life was being threatened because he had a lot of enemies who want to kill him. One day, he found a way out of his problems.

There’s a guy named Ha Seon who had a similar face with the King Yi Heon. Ha Seon also worked as a clown. Then Ha Seon was caught, and he was taken to the palace. In a nutshell, King Yi Heon asked Ha Seon to replace himself for a while, to be the ‘fake’ King Yi Heon. Around that time, King Yi Heon was getting out of the palace and undergoing his health treatment because he got addicted to some medicine which made his emotions very unstable.

Then, there’s Yoo So-woon, who is also known as the Queen in the palace. At first, she was known as the cold Queen, until she met Ha Seon who was pretending to be King Yi Heon at that time. She fell in love with his personality, since Ha Seon was being such a wise King. As the time went by, King Yi Heon also fell in love with Yoo So-woon, due to their frequent encounters. However, Yoo So-woon didn’t know that King Yi Heon at that time was actually Ha Seon.


Yoo So-woon was the first one who confessed her feelings to Ha Seon. When Yoo So-woon found out that Ha Seon was the fake King, she was really disappointed and left the palace for a while. But then, she forgave him and she returned to the palace. There’s a lot of complicated things in Ha Seon and Yoo So-woon’s relationship, until they were separated for two years.

Eventually, Ha Seon and Yoo So-woon met again, in a beuatiful meadow together. Whether it was their happy ending or not, the relationship between Ha Seon and Ya So-woon was really strong!

Their Kissing Scenes and Another Romantic Moments

The most awaited romantic scene was the kissing scene, right? People had been waiting patiently to see that scene from Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young! Now, Channel Korea will present you with more romantic scenes from Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young in The Crowned Clown!

There’s also a funny story behind Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young’s kiss scene! Since the setting for the drama was mostly a library that was full of stacks of books, the kissing scene was quite difficult for both of them. Either Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young might be closing their eyes too fast, but couldn’t be able to kiss their spouse!