K-Drama Throwback: Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Sung-kyung’s Romance-Melodrama In ‘About Time’


Learn More About the Imaginative and Romantic Yet Tear-Shedding Drama About Time

About Time is a Korean romantic drama series starring Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Sung-kyung. The drama was aired from May 21st to July 10th, 2018. About Time aired on the most popular drama timeslot on the channel tvN.

About Time is an imaginative drama with a tear-shedding plot. The drama’s main theme is about how precious every life is. If a person knows that his/her time is limited then he/she makes good use of their life and their precious but limited time to pursue their ultimate dream.

Lee Sung-kyung showed her extraordinary talent in the drama About Time. Other than acting, she has to sing in one of the scenes of the drama. About Time is a Korean melodrama which is worth to watch and be inspired by the female lead character’s struggle and passion to reach her dream. In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a detailed rundown of everything about the fantasy drama About Time. So, stay tuned!



Choi Michaela (Lee Sung-kyung) is a musical actress who has a unique ability to see other people’s life clock. She is able to see their lifespan and the exact details of their future passing. Her ability sounds crazy and difficult to understand. To make matters worse, she is able to see her own life clock and knows that her time is limited and she doesn’t have a lot of time left. However, she meets Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang-yoon) who has another unique ability which is able to stop her life clock, thus extending her lifeline. Upon knowing his ability, she approaches him and gets close to him. Just like another K-Drama couple story, Choi Michaela and Lee Do Ha fall in love with each other. She wants to stay alive so that she can pursue her ultimate dream of becoming a musical actress.

About Time was broadcast for a total of 16 episodes from May 21st to July 10th, 2018. It was aired on the Monday and Tuesday drama timeslot. About Time was being aired after A Poem A Day and after Let’s Eat 3.

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Lee Sang-yoon played the role of the main character Lee Do-ha

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Lee Do-ha works as the president of the MK Culture organization.

Lee Do-ha’s character is cool and ambitious but lacks interest in anything other than business. He has a huge wealth and is looking forward to managing the family business. Blessed with money, he has difficult times with his own anxiety.

Lee Sung-kyung played the role of the female main character Choi Mikaela

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Choi Mikaela is a young woman who has a dream of becoming a musical actress. She has the ability to look at another person’s life clock.

Choi Mikaela has a lovely and friendly personality. She is always a bright and cheerful person. She has taken full responsibility to support her family by working several part-time jobs.

Im Se-mi played the role of the supporting character Bae Su-bong


Bae Su-bong works as a magazine director. She has developed romantic feelings for Lee Do-ha but he doesn’t return her feelings back.

Bae Su-bong was born into a wealthy family. Although blessed with a pure and melancholic face, she has a strict character and lives her life the way she wants. Bae Su-bong uses her wealth and money to win other people’s attention or to get anything she asks. She manages to become the fiancée of Lee Do-ha and expected to marry him for money and convenience only. She is a confident career woman.

Han Seung-yeon played the role of the supporting character Jeon Sung-hee


She is Choi Mikaela’s best friend.

Jeon Sung-hee’s character is trustable and friendly. She works at a music theater as a musical assistant.

Kim Dong-jun played the role of the supporting character Jo Jae-yoo


Joo Jae-yoo is a famous music director. He is a smart person but lacks a personal touch. He is also a person without any fear and feelings towards other people.

Kim Ro-won played the role of the supporting character Choi Wee-jin


Choi Wee-jin is Choi Mikaela’s younger brother. He has romantic feelings for Jeon Sung-hee.

On-screen Moments


The on-screen romance of the two main characters Lee Do-ha and Choi Mikaela could easily be seen. The couple started their relationship from hate but it soon grew into a loving relationship. Even though they have 9 years of an age gap, they interact well and their body language shows a loving couple.

Lee Do-ha and Choi Mikaela meet in front of a hospital. Realizing their romantic feelings for each other, the two of them express their true feelings. The loving couple moves closer to each other. Lee Do-ha leans even closer to her and gives her a warm first kiss.


Choi Mikaela finds out about the horrible truth about Lee Do-ha’s life clock. His life span decreases when he is with her, while on the contrary, her life span increases when they are together. Lee Do-ha’s time is taken away and is being added to Choi Mikaela’s time.

After realizing the situation, Choi Mikaela looks at him passionately and realizes Lee Do-ha’s sacrifice for her. They become even closer than before. In the scene in the living room, while watching a movie, Lee Do-ha lays down in Choi Mikaela’s lap while she strokes his hair gently. She gazes at his face and watches him fall asleep. The scene is incredibly romantic.



After getting to know each other more and acknowledging each other’s unique abilities, Choi Mikaela and Lee Do-ha fall in love with each other and spend time together. When they are together, the life clock of Choi Mikaela extends while the life clock of Lee Do-ha decreases.


They spend precious time together by just lying next to each other and looking at each other’s eyes fondly. Choi Mikaela expresses her feelings with a light kiss on his forehead. They seem to be deeply in love with each other.