K-Drama Review: ‘Save Me’ (2017), the Psychological Story about Cult Religion You Can’t Miss

kdrama save me

Psychological Thriller Drama That Could Disturb You!

This drama about twisted religion is really different from the usual Korean drama topics. Save Me offers unique and thrilling emotions along with the drama. Moreover, it also presents a psychological experience.

Through the drama Save Me, it shows some reality that happened in Korea around various religious sects. The actress Seo Ye-ji, who is popular for her character in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, is the lead role and appears incredible in this drama. Taecyeon who appeared in the drama Let’s Fight Ghost almost has the same vibe in Save Me.

Let’s get to the review of the drama Save Me on Channel-Korea below! Keep reading!

Save Me: Review

kdrama save me

The drama starts with Im Sang-mi (played by Seo Ye-ji) and her family moving to rural Muji-gun in hopes for a better life since her father became unemployed. The poor family has no relatives but someone they know lives there, and the church offers the family a good bargain with a warm welcome to help them.

Later, it is revealed that the pastor or spiritual father of the church named Baek Jung-ki has a different intention for this family, especially their daughter Im Sang-mi. The church eventually is a pseudo-religious cult and makes this family their target as cult victims.

kdrama save me

Her old friend from school, Han Sang-wan (played by Taecyeon), heard Sang-mi asking for help to escape. Sang-wan with his three friends come to save her. These four young guys trying to help Im Sang-mi is priceless. They are youth with no jobs and are trying to do anything with their ordinary things like their smartphones to fight for justice in powerful institutions and society.

Save Me: The Cast

kdrama save me

The cast of the drama showcased many familiar faces and amazing actors and actresses. Here’s the cast of the drama Save Me.

1. Han Sang-hwan acted by Taecyeon

kdrama save me

He is the son of the governor, yet he grows as a person who is down-to-earth, kind, and brave. He is attracted to Sang-mi, and when she is in trouble, he is brave enough to find a way to save her. Their relationship didn’t become the main focus of this drama, but yes, it gets into a complicated relationship.

2. Im Sang-mi acted by Seo Ye-ji

kdrama save me

Im Sang-min is a woman who first realizes something is wrong with this church and the pastor. She experienced sexual harassment, but she couldn’t say it to her family. Yet, due to a series of events, Sang-min becomes trapped in the cult church and tries to escape.

She is strong, smart, and brave after the following stressful events that she deals with. Seo Ye-ji definitely showed wonderful acting with her character in this drama!

3. Suk Dong-chul acted by Woo Do-hwan

kdrama save me

Suk Dong-chul is part of Sang-hwan’s close friends. His background is also quite the same. He experiences life with hard struggles. Although he is a bit harsh, he has a big heart to help Sang-mi.

4. Jung Hoon (acted by Lee David) and Man Hee (acted by HaHoe-jung)

kdrama save me

They are solid and loyal friends to Sang Hwan. They are ready to directly do anything to help Sang Hwan escape Sang-mi.

5. Pastor Baek Jung-ki (acted by Jo Sung-ha)

kdrama save me

The spiritual father of the cult-religion church, he has a different intention to Sang-mi, the young, silly virgin girl who is a fit for the church’s scarification. As the leader of this cult church, Baek Jung-ki is a charismatic character that people easily believe in and are intimidated by.

The most intriguing scene is when he puts his hand on Sang-mi’s leg to portray his rapist characteristic.

6. Wan Tae (acted by Jo Jae-yun)

kdrama save me

He is the right-hand man of the cult pastor. He is also almost the same character as the pastor and is beyond devoted to the church.

Save Me: The Soundtrack

kdrama save me

1. “I Am” by Inkii

The song is quite soft and slow, embodying a ballad and desperate song. Could you enjoy this? The lyrics say, “Even I look and look, there’s no answer. I just live day by day.”

This song really portrays Sang-mi’s life experience while she is trapped in the cult church.

2. “Hallucination” by The Vane

This song is sad but again showcases this drama and is suitable to the dark situation of this drama.

3. “Sandy Wind” by Jung Cha-sik

This kind of song you may feel is creepy and scary while listening to it. This song also portrays a sad rock melody. Do you think you want to try to listen to this?

4. “Out of the World” by Inkii

This song really shows how Sang-mi alone walked into a dark alley and experienced a ritual that she doesn’t believe in and is weird to do. She tries to be strong and believes she can escape this. Such a mellow yet strong melody!

5. “Endless Tears” by Hwayobi

Hwayobi has a soft and unique voice, and this song can make you feel the loneliness and frustration of the situation.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Save Me

kdrama save me

1. The eye opening information about the cult tradition and religion that may exist and how you should be careful to not be manipulated.

2. The cinematography looks excellent while moving scene by scene and is not confusing.

3. The drama offers various emotional ranges that will make you wonder.

4. If you love dark, sad, yet powerful endings, this drama can satisfy you. It also shows that women can deal with difficult and frustrating situations and remain strong.

5. The cast of this drama really did their job well. They show us people with mental illnesses, manipulation, and gas-lighting.

That’s all about the review of the Korean drama Save Me (2017). What do you think the most intriguing scene of this drama is? Put your comments below and share them on Twitter!