K-Drama Review: Married Man Transforms Into A Teenager to Save His Family in the K-drama ’18 Again’

18 again kdrama

Lee Do-hyun Becomes A Father in the K-drama 18 Again

18 Again is a Korean drama aired from September to November 2020. This drama showed a struggling father who is given a second chance to solve his family problems and mend broken relationships with his wife and children. Due to an unexpected and magical event, the father morphs into his younger body but he still has the manners of an adult.

Lee Do-hyun’s performance as a father with a youthful body and adult mentality is very entertaining. His character and funny actions are the highlights of this drama. Forgetting about his young body, he scolds his classmates and gives life lessons from the point of view of an adult. This drama is filled with funny and entertaining scenes.

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18 Again Short Synopsis

18 again kdrama

18 Again is a K-drama based on the 2009 movie 17 Again. It was broadcast on jTBC from September to November 2020 starring actress Kim Ha-neul, actor Yoon Sang-hyun, and Lee Do-hyun.

The movie tells the story of a husband, Hong Dae-young (played by Yoon Sang-hyun) who deals with financial problems and divorce in his family. At first, he has a happy married life with a beautiful wife, Jung Da-jung (played by Kim ha-neul), and two twins. However, his career got stuck because of his educational background and his bad habit of drinking and smoking. Instead of getting a promotion, his boss relocates him to another office, much farther from his family.

He got married at a very early age because his high school girlfriend got pregnant. At that time, he was very popular, handsome, and talented in basketball. He made a difficult choice and chose to marry his girlfriend instead of finishing school and pursue a career in basketball. On the night of his dismissal from work, he got drunk and suffered an accident. He was awakened in his youthful body, becoming 18 again. In his youthful body, he discovers the other side of his family’s life.

18 Again Review

18 again kdrama

Koreans love dramas and movies about changing roles and/or traveling to the past. K-drama fans love this plot because of the funny scenes when the lead role re-lives the life of the younger self or experiences life in the opposite role. Yoon Sang-hyun is best known for his roles in romantic-comedy dramas such as My Fair Lady and Secret Garden, arguably his best characters in dramas.

The K-drama 18 Again focuses on love, friendship, and family themes. In this drama, fans can look into two opposite lives, the hardship that every hardworking husband experiences at work, and the bright and happy life of his younger self. Fans can reflect on the life of one person in two different timelines and how mistakes or wrong decisions can affect someone’s life in the future.

18 Again Cast

18 again kdrama

18 Again is filled with talented actors and actresses. Check out the cast of 18 Again in this section!

Kim Ha-neul as Jung Da-jung

18 again kdrama

Jung Da-jung and Hong Dae-young were a popular high school couple. They were both handsome and beautiful and they had a bright future ahead. Due to their careless decision, they got married at an early age and had to forget about their education. Initially, Jung Da-jung had a wonderful marriage with a caring and responsible husband.

Financial problems forced her to start looking for a job. She applies for a job to be a news announcer but her status as a married woman becomes a problem. Feeling desperate, she filed for divorce from her husband. She then meets 18-year-old Hong Dae-young again and becomes close with him. Later, she finds out about his true identity.

Yoon Sang-hyun as Hong Dae-young

18 again kdrama

As a high school student, Hong Dae-young had a bright future. He had both the looks and the talent to succeed in the sport. However, he lacked the mental strength to support his career. He decided to marry his girlfriend and abandoned his education. Due to his educational background, unhealthy lifestyle, and weak mentality, his career stalled and he struggles to support his family.

Due to a magical event, he suddenly morphs into his youthful body but he still has the mentality of a middle-aged man. He is given a chance to re-live his bright and happy high school life. Later, he discovers the unknown sides of all the members of his family. Unaware of the sides when he was too busy drinking and ignoring his family.

Lee Do-hyun as ’18 again’ Hong Dae-young

18 again kdrama

After getting a second chance with a much younger body, he starts to enjoy his life. Hong Dae-young pretended to be the son of his best friend in order to attend his previous high school. However, by attending the same school as his son and daughter, he discovers things that he missed as a father. As ’18 again’ Hong Dae-young, he approaches his wife who also shows interest in him. Later, when he transforms back, he is determined to make things up to his family.

18 Again Important Scenes

The highlight of this drama is when Hong Dae-young morphs into an 18-year-old student but with a 37-year-old father-husband manner. Lee Do-hyun did a good job in acting as a young Hong Dae-yong. The scenes when he rants to his daughter and her friends are very hilarious.


Hong Dae-young’s daughter was caught smoking in school and her teacher called her mother, Jung Da-jung. Jung Da-jung came to school and found out about her daughter’s friend who very much resembled her ex-husband.

Jung Da-jung is suspicious about why her daughter’s classmate resembles her ex-husband. So she decided to confront the boy and his fake father. The boy and the fake father manage to fool her with a very funny story.

Young Hong Dae-young makes fun of an elder who refuses to give a seat to a pregnant woman. In this scene, he uses his brain rather than solve the problem. Jung Da-jung, who happened to be on the same bus, is slowly getting interested in the young Hong Dae-young.

Jung Dae-jung, her daughter, and her mother watch drama in their home. In the drama, the male leading role confesses to the female leading role through his action. After watching the confession scene, Jung Da-jung and her daughter realize how young Hong Dae-young takes care of them when they are together. They become confused about whether he has feelings for them.

18 Again Ending

18 again kdrama

In the final scenes, Jung Da-jung finds out about the actual identity of the 18-year-old Hong Dae-young. Although he was given another chance to restart his career and his life, Hong Dae-young chose his family in the end. After discovering things that he missed about his family and the hardships that they experienced because of his negligence and bad habits, he resolutely decided to make it up to them and become a good father and husband.

5 Reasons To Watch the K-drama 18 Again

18 again kdrama

After seeing the synopsis, cast, and sneak peek of 18 Again, are you curious about the drama? Well, we will provide you with a list of reasons why you should definitely watch 18 Again. Check out the list below!

1. Lee Do-hyun’s acting as a young father

hong dae young 18 again

A young Hong Dae-young is the highlight of 18 Again. The scenes when he rants at his daughter and her classmates are hilarious. However, since he is an adult, he doesn’t realize the trend among the teenagers. For instance, he mistakes a compliment for an insult. Young Hong Dae-young also tries hard to take care of his family while struggling to conceal his true identity.

2. Problems with teenage pregnancy and early marriage

hong dae young jung da jung 18 again

This drama reveals the problems of teenage pregnancy and early marriage. Teenagers have a volatile mentality and they usually get carried away by emotions. They frequently make mistakes that can affect their future. For them, it is best when parents are around to guide and support them at their lowest point.

3. Kim Ha-neul as Jung Da-jung

jung da jung kim ha neul 18 again

Kim Ha-neul does her best when she performs in the romantic comedy genre. In this drama, she can transform from a young mother to an awkward woman when a young Hong Dae-young is around. Her scenes when she confronts the young version of her husband are very funny.

4. The struggles of each member of a family

18 again kdrama

Viewers can reflect on the struggles each member of the family faces. As young parents, both Hong Dae-young and Jung Da-just must forget about their careers and take care of their family. Every teenager also faces problems while growing up and finding their identity. Every viewer can reflect on each character and understand their positions.

5. Funny Scenes and Entertaining Plot

18 again funny scene

Experiencing life as the other person is a very popular plot for Kdrama. This plot is guaranteed to bring funny scenes as the person transforms into another person albeit with the same mentality.

18 Again is very funny and entertaining, especially because the producer made an excellent job in casting the actors. From this drama, viewers can reflect on the problem that each character faces and take note of their own roles in a family.

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