K-Drama Review: ‘Witch’s Court’ a Story About Injustices Suffered by Women

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The Differences Between K-Dramas and Dramas from Other Countries!

The most popular Asian dramas are from South Korea, usually called K-dramas. Some drama terms in various countries include C-Drama (China), Dorama (Japan), T-Drama (Taiwan), and Thai Drama (Thailand), and why are K-dramas more popular than the others? Because K-dramas usually have 16 episodes while Dorama have just 10-12 episodes and other Asian dramas can reach tens more.

For the duration, they’re 60 minutes or at most 90 minutes, whereas other dramas usually only briefly start from 45-60 minutes for one episode. Korean dramas can be said to have more actors, they are young or old, flower boy or masculine, have a cute face or be a bad boy, and many more. Whereas, for Japanese dramas, usually the type of actors are a masculine guy who portrays manga characters and girls who have cute impressions.

Additionally, K-drama plots are not only historical but also modern as compared to Chinese dramas which are usually with royal themes.

Drama That Revolves Around Sexual Abuse/Misconduct

Witch's Court

Witch’s Court is a South Korea television series starring Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyun-min. It aired on KBS2 from October 9 to November 28, 2017, on Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST with genre Legal Drama – Romance. In this drama, there are two different prosecutors are put together to handle sex crime cases, that is a prosecutor who always justifies ways to win every case and a newbie prosecutor. They jointly handle the case with resentment.

In this drama, the crime is very rampant but, the most difficult things is justice and enforcing it to fight the crime. Justice should not be something that needs to be fought, but justice should be the right of every person. In law dramas, justice is usually misused to gain personal interest, where it’s no longer about right or wrong that makes someone accept punishment but the weakness person will always lose.


Witch's Court

As said earlier, Witch’s Court tells about how two different prosecutors with personalities deal with various cases in ways that are often very different from another one. The two prosecutors were Ma Yi-deum and Yeo Jin-wook.

Ma Yi-deum has been a prosecutor for 7 years with the character that is unique and sometimes looks like heartless or soulless. Ma Yi-deum is not a woman who is weak or easily-surrender, she can do anything for her victory in the trial even though it must hurt other people. She has typically ambitious, firm, almost not has empathy for others, including victims of the cases. For her, winning or be a winner a case is everything for her and she also often underestimates people under her. Ma Yi-deum has a new challenge, she must deal with cases of violence and sexual crimes.

Whereas for prosecutor Yeo Jin-wook had only been a prosecutor for a few months before he was a psychiatrist but there was one case of injustice in the trial that he had witnessed because the case involved his patients. Because of his seeing the injustice, Yeo Jin-wook finally decided to become a prosecutor to uphold justice which sometimes didn’t favor the weak.

Witch's Court

As times goes by, the two prosecutors worked together to carry out their duties. The cases involving them turned out to have something to do with their past stories. This drama is very interesting and has a good ending!

Witch's Court

In the ending, finally there was a way to catch Cho Gap-goo and ensnare him in prison, that is proof by his wife’s medical records. The prosecutors carry out their duties to help uphold rights and justice.

The story of Ma Yi-deum and Yeo Jin-wook with their respective mothers greatly made the audiences feel extremely powerful. And in essence, all about their past stories answered at the end. The love stories in this drama make the audiences a little bit forget about law and trial. The love story is very different and challenging, the chemistry obtained from the two prosecutors was very good and suitable.


The Cast

Jung Ryeo-won (as Ma Yi-deum)

Witch's Court

She is a Korean-American actress born in Seoul, South Korea on January 21, 1981. In the drama, she played as Ma Yi-deum who is a public prosecutor. She got a role as a prosecutor who was selfish, arrogant, and cruel. Behind her selfish and cruel character, in fact, she so soft and also often fad. She is also a coward and little whiny, Jung Ryeo-win had success played as Ma Yi-deum very well. Previously, she was played on TvN drama series “Bubble Gum” in, 2015 then MBC “Medical Top Team” in 2013 and even won as The Best Actress award in a short series through SBS 2012, drama “The Lord of Dramas”

Yoon Hyun-min (as Yeo Jin-wook) 

Witch's Court

Yoon Hyun-min was born on April 15, 1985. Previously, he also played in drama series Tunnel with Choi Jin-hyuk. In Which Court, he got the role of Yeo Jin-wook who was a psychiatrist then became a prosecutor. In the drama, Yeo Jin-wook is different from Ma Yi-deum. Yeo Jin-wook’s character has a meticulous personality, isn’t easily rushed, and also does not justify various ways to win the case.

Jeon Kwang-leol (as Cho Gab-soo)

Witch's Court

He is a senior actor, and one of the actors who has starred in Korean dramas since the 90s. The senior actor who was born on February 11, 1960, played as Cho Gab-soo. His character in this drama is as a businessman who is cunning and evil towards his wife, and at the end, Cho Gab-soo is imprisoned.

Kim Yeo-jin (as Min Ji-sook)

Witch's Court

This actress who was born on June 24, 1972, got the role supporting that is as Min Ji-sook. Min Ji-sook is a loyal prosecutor, and not faltering when intimidated. She is a prosecutor who is calm in dealing with the case, different from Ma Yi-deum. Even so, she was respected by many people, including Cho Gab-soo.

She has sincere goals and wants to help uphold justice without wanting to expect rewards such as increasing her position.

The Soundtrack

Witch's Court

In a drama or film, it won’t be complete without a soundtrack or songs, because the soundtrack can make the audiences feel as they are in the story or live up to it. These are some of the drama’s soundtracks that have deep meanings and songs that can’t be forgotten!

  1. Kim Bo-kyung – Tell Me

This song tells about someone who lost their way and wanted the person who they love to come back because they felt devastated. Here is also a snippet where Ma Yi-deum was abandoned by her mother, and every night she always cries and feels frustrated.

2. So Chan-whee – Born to Be Free

The soundtrack is sung by So Chan-whee is like explaining how Ma Yi-deum is. As told in this drama, she has a personality that fearless about anything and has many ways to be a winner.

3. Bada – That You Loved Me

Not only legal cases, but this drama also has a love story. In this song, they fall in love with each other but they don’t want to admit it and maybe does not release it. The soundtrack “That You Loved Me” was very touched, so when you watch the drama you wanna to cry.


5 Reasons You Should Watch Witch’s Court!

1. Challenging adrenaline, why?

Different from in general drama which tells about romance and historical drama. Witch Court tells about how we can survive above injustice, where the law reverses everything. Moreover, the scenes make us want to be angry and upset, thus triggering our adrenaline rush.

2. A strong female main character

The character played by Jung Ryeo-won, Ma Yi-deum is an ambitious prosecutor. She always tries to win in court. Her character seems annoying, but it does not make us hate her, instead, Ma Yi-deum makes us fell in love especially with a death smile.

3. An interesting case story!

In contrast to other legal dramas, Which’s Court specifically raised sensitives cases that are about sexual harassment. Every case described and the solution is very interesting to watch. We will be curious about each episode, so there is no word or boredom.

4. The chemistry of all the players

Both in front or behind the screen, Witch’s Court players were able to show good chemistry. Their acting is complementary so when we watching it, we don’t see their acting inequality. While behind the scenes, they were so close to giving a joke for each other and feel like a real family.

5. A love story of prosecutors, up to a good rating!

Witch's Court

Ma Yi-deum and Yeo Jin-wook work in the same division and deal with the same case. Not only that, but their houses are also near. Ma Yi-deum who was firm and blunt and Yeo Jin who was soft-hearted were able to show good synergy. How they got close until they had the same feelings and the way they realized their feelings are very precious in every episode!

For every one of you who watch drama by considering the ratings, Witch’s Court has pretty good ratings! The first episode had a rating of 6.6% and 9.5%. The next episode showed that the audience’s interest was getting higher. Witch’s Court also got ranked first in the slot several times!

So, are you more curious after reading the review? Let’s watch this drama fast!!