K-Drama Review: The Story of a Ruthless Mafia with Thrilling Action in ‘Vincenzo’

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Vincenzo – The Italian Mafia and a Member’s Journey Back to South Korea

Are you a fan of the crime, thriller, or action genres of K-dramas? In early 2021, K-drama lovers were getting very excited and hyperventilating with the release of Vincenzo that was truly satisfying with an unexpected story! The fact that it also has Italian vibes made the drama gain more attention from people. So, what is Vincenzo all about? You can find the answer through the K-drama review provided by Channel Korea here!

K-Drama Review & Synopsis: Vincenzo

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Vincenzo is a K-drama with crime, dark comedy, and slight romance that aired on tvN and internationally on Netflix. It stars Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-bin, Ok Tae-cyeon, Kim Yeon-ji, and Kwak Dong-yeon. The drama instantly became a hit due to its storyline and the amazing acting performances from the actors!

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Vincenzo is all about a mafia consigliere named Vincenzo Cassano who has dark charisma and is very competent. After he leaves Italy, he flies to South Korea to tear down the Geumga Plaza since he wants to reclaim the hidden gold down there after the owner passes away. The plan doesn’t go well since a real estate company under Babel Group illegally snatches ownership of Geumga Plaza.

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It also leads Vincenzo to become involved with the residents of Geumga Plaza and the attorney Hong Cha-young. Initially, the residents are suspicious about him but shortly accept him after Vincenzo fights for their rights along with Hong Cha-young. The journey of Vincenzo Cassano’s story starts from here and is wrapped up in 20 episodes that you have to watch!

Spoiler Alert: What’s the End Game of Vincenzo?

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This section contains a spoiler, so get ready! After Vincenzo becomes involved with the Geumga Plaza residents, a lot of things happen instantly. The truth surfaces that Babel Group is such an atrocious company that is owned by a psychopathic person named Jang Han-seok. Moreover, they also cause the death of Hong Cha-young’s father while he was trying to reveal the truth.

There are two teams here who fight against each other: Jipuragi Law Firm (Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young) and Babel Group (Jang Han-seok and Choi Myung-hee). Jipuragi Law Firm and Babel Group go to endless trials, but only justice can appear as the winner. In the last episode, Vincenzo portrays the heartbreaking and brutal scene that you guys couldn’t have imagined!

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The death of Choi Myung-hee and Jang Han-seo marked the end game of Vincenzo, although it was painful for Jang Han-seo after all of the sacrifices that he has done. Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young won and even got the hidden gold safely. We highly recommend Vincenzo, and you won’t be disappointed while watching!

Meet the Main Cast of Vincenzo Here!

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song joong ki in 'vincenzo'

Song Joong-ki played the role of Vincenzo Cassano / Park Joo-hyung, an Italian lawyer and the mafia’s consigliere of Korean descent. He was adopted by an Italian family when he was younger. He leaves Italy and goes to South Korea to reclaim a bunch of gold that he got after helping a Chinese tycoon.

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Jeon Yeo-bin took the role of Hong Cha-young, an ambitious attorney who works under Wusang Law Firm. After her father’s death, she manages his father’s law firm named Jipuragi and cooperates with Vincenzo against Babel Group.

ok taecyeon in 'vincenzo'

Jang Jun-woo whose real name is Jang Han-seok was played by Ok Tae-cyeon. He disguises himself as an intern employee in Wusang Law Firm. Meanwhile, his real identity is the owner of Babel Group, and he has a cruel personality.

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Choi Myung-hee is a senior partner of Wusang Law Firm and helps Babel Group with a lot of corrupt actions. The character is played by Kim Yeon-ji.

Jang Han-seo

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Jang Han-seo is the stepbrother of Jang Jun-woo, but they hide the relationship. He becomes the fake owner of Babel Group. He is eventually on Vincenzo’s side against his brother’s malicious plan.

Best OST Recommendations from Vincenzo

vincenzo kdrama ost


This song is performed by Solar of MAMAMOO! With the slow, upbeat rhythm, this song became very popular since it also aired as Vincenzo‘s opening theme song! It depicts the story of Vincenzo as the mafia member who loves adrenaline and how he sees himself as someone who needs to be avoided.

“I’m Always by Your Side”

John Park with his deep voice successfully made the viewers feel for this song! It somehow reminds us of Hong Cha-young and Vincenzo’s romance that blooms just like a beautiful flower. Whenever they need one another, they are always by each other’s side.

“Is This Love”

“Is This Love” by Aalia can describe the shippers towards Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young’s feelings every time they saw the possibility of romance between them! Since the two characters became busy with their task, they barely realize that they are developing feelings and need each other’s companionship. Well, is this love?

Is Vincenzo Worth the Hype? Find Out Here!

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There are various reasons why Vincenzo received huge attention and why people are interested in it. Here are some reasons why Vincenzo is worth watching:

Full of Attractive Characters

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Vincenzo depicts varying roles through the ruthless mafia member Vincenzo, the ambitious and full of enthusiasm Hong Cha-young, and the innocent-turned-psychopath Jang Han-seok. Through this drama, you can never trust anyone but yourself!

Hilarious Intermezzo

vincenzo korean drama

Although Vincenzo seems very dark and thrilling, the existence of the Geumga Plaza residents made it have a great sense of humor! They portray such hilarious scenes that somehow calm down the tension between the conflicts!

Out of the Blue Storyline

ok taecyeon in 'vincenzo'

Some people might have a lot of insight and predictions while watching the drama, but Vincenzo is like a puzzle that you need to put together. It has the unanticipated bloody scene, cruel revenge, and more!

That is everything about Vincenzo‘s review! The drama has successfully stolen attention both in South Korea and overseas. We must agree that Vincenzo is phenomenal and full of emotions! Well, do you also think that Vincenzo is worth watching? Let us know your opinion through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!