K-Drama Review: Three Brothers Separated at a Young Age Reunite as Adults in ‘Triangle’

Triangle: The Cast


Lee Bum Soo as Jang Dong Soo

Lee Bum Soo

He plays the role of the eldest brother who grew up to become a detective. He remembers his brothers from when they were kids but has not been able to locate them which causes him a lot of pain. The unjust death of their father leads him on a mission to take down the gang leader Go Bok Tae.

Jaejoong as Heo Young Dal/Jang Dong Chul


He is the middle brother and has no memory of his family. He grew up on the streets and became a thug. He also loves to gamble and gets himself into a lot of trouble. But eventually, he sets a plan in motion to gain power and get revenge on those who wronged him.

Im Siwan as Yoon Yang Ha/Jang Dong Woo 


The youngest brother who also doesn’t remember his family since he was a baby when he was adopted into a wealthy family. He is the heir to a casino empire and is caught off guard when he is thrust into his family’s questionable tactics to maintain their power.

Baek Jin Hee as Oh Jung Hee 


A poor woman who works as a casino dealer to support her family. She gets involved with Young Dal and Yang Ha which lands her right in the middle of a dangerous love triangle.

Oh Yeon Soo as Hwang Shin Hye and Kim Byung Ok as Go Bok Tae


Oh Yeon Seo plays as Hwang Shin Hye, a profiler who is close to Dong Soo, as well as the powerful gang boss, Go Bok Tae (Kim Byung Ok) who is partly responsible for the death of the brothers’ father.

Triangle: The Soundtrack


Here are some recommendations from the official soundtrack of Triangle (2014).

Day by Day By Ailee

“Day by Day” is a simple ballad and the main song of the Triangle OST. The song was produced by Bum-E and Nang-E, the duo behind songs such as Huh Gak’s “I Told You I Wanted to Die” and “Monodrama.” The song will be used to describe the intensity of the love drama the main characters are going through. Ailee uses her powerful voice to sing about the loneliness and pain that can come from a difficult love.

“Day by day, I love you

But I am endlessly in pain

Late at night, I can’t sleep because of thoughts of you

I can’t fall asleep even more today as I’m missing you.”

Though I Hate It by Kim Jaejoong

His agency revealed on June 2nd, 2014, “The ballad song sung by Kim Jaejoong featured on today’s episode is the main theme song of Triangle, and it will be released on June 9th at noon.” The suddenly revealed song met with explosive interest, and it is currently the most searched topic on many search engines. Kim Jaejoong has personally participated in writing the lyrics, thus making the OST even more anticipated.

With the idol himself playing the role of Heo Young Dal, the song helps elevate the love story between him and Baek Jin Hee (Oh Jung Hee) even further. The track starts off with a calming melody but has a strong and emotional ending.

“I fill up this emptiness that I have without a reason
I’ll drink in the meaningless sadness
Since when was I like this?
I am drunk alone with the song I’m singing all the time
Crying and laughing.”

Kiss and Cry by Park Ji Yeon

MBC’s Triangle revealed their sixth OST, “Kiss & Cry,” to be a duet with Jiyeon and Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, both of whom have been making appearances in the drama. The song will feature F-ve Dolls’ Seunghee as well.

The song will be of a Latin Pop sound accompanied by a beautiful melody and is composed by one of the nation’s top hitmakers, Cho Young Soo, who is well known to Queen’s for hits such as “Cry Cry,” “Day by Day,” “First Love,” etc.

“This is my last kiss
Don’t forget me
When you say goodbye
You only remember the last image.”