K-Drama Review: ‘Tomorrow with You’ Story of a CEO of a Big Company Who Can Time Travel and Face His Fate

Tomorrow With You

What Would You Do If You Were Able to Time Travel?

Time traveling is a concept of walking forward or backward to a different point in time, much like we move in space. Time traveling in the present century is considered as something that is fiction or simply something pertaining to science fiction. Most people want to be able to time travel, and they think this is very interesting. People will do many things if they have the ability to time travel, such as learning about the future, exploring something that is still a mystery, preventing future unfortunate events, etc. However, destiny isn’t something that can be changed and prevented, but it can only be slowed down.

Is the True Antagonist of This Drama Time Travel?

Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You is a South Korean drama that was released on February 3th, 2017, and it aired on the cable channel tvN. This drama, which is a melo-romance-fantasy genre, tells the story of a guy who is a successful CEO named Yoo So-joon, who has a secret. His secret is that after surviving a subway accident, he obtains the ability to time travel. He uses his ability for his own benefits of winning the lottery and establishing the company’s property. The company always succeeds because So-joon already knows ahead of time whether the target would succeed or not, and he has the principle not to be involved in the Lives of others, who have the ability to time travel. One day, when he travels to 2019, exactly in March, he sees himself getting involved in an accident and dying.

Tomorrow With You

So-joon panics and begins to think about how he can escape from certain death. It is at this moment that the ahjussi named Doo-sik, who is also a time traveler, appears and gives advice to So-joon. He suggests that So-joon marries the woman he has an accident with. So-joon eventually follows Doo-sik’s advice and tries to get involved in the life of the woman named Song Ma-rin, or Marin. So-joon decides to marry that woman to change his destiny, even though they don’t know each other yet. So-joon thinks that changing his destiny is very easy by marrying Marin, but the reality isn’t as easy as his expectations. Initially, it is very easy for them to just live together and tolerate each other, but then there are many factors that must be considered as well as the problems that arise after marriage are something that needs to be handled.

tomorrow with you

Besides the romantic story of their relationship, it turns out mysterious things appear. In addition, there are problems involving one of So-joon’s subordinates, Kim Yong-jin, who is the husband of Marin’s friend. Lee Gun-sook embezzles the company assets and kills the father of So-joon’s friend Shin Se-young, and even endangers Marin’s life.

Meanwhile, at first, So-joon doesn’t love Marin, but over time, he starts developing feelings for her. But even so, as a wife, Marin is very stressed because her husband still covers his life story, especially everything regarding his ability to time travel.

Marin eventually finds out about her husband’s abilities. She decides to face So-joon, who is too focused on his future. So-joon is completely focused on improving his destiny that he makes his wife feel depressed, even though Marin is also a victim in the accident. At the end of this story, there is a happy ending, even though there are some people who are rather confused as So-joon can pass through the next few years from 2019 to 2020 even though he should have died in 2019. But apparently, Doo-sik gave up his life.

Still Photos of Some Scenes from Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You

This is the scene where Marin meets So-joon in the hospital after she finds out that So-joon is a survivor. Marin’s arrival worries him, and its the moment when So-joon begins to be aware of Marin’s kindness and also the beginning of his affection for her.

Tomorrow With You

This is the scene where So-joon and Marin get married. This scene is important because this is the beginning of their shared life. Starting with something beautiful, because their love story is very beautiful. Even though So-joon’s motive for marrying Marin is still not entirely sincere, but from his expression, So-joon has no regrets at all.

Tomorrow With You

This is the scene of the first day of their honeymoon when Marin prepares breakfast for So-joon. Then So-joon eats and hides his expression because Marin’s food isn’t tasty.

The Cast

  1. Lee Ji-hoon as Yoo So-joon
Tomorrow With You

Yoo So-joon is the CEO of a real estate company who has the ability to explore time through the train he rides. Yo-joon is rather selfish, childish, insensitive but also kind, warm, loving, and a reliable husband. He is not a perfect figure, who sometimes does ‘stupid’ or annoying things. But, because his character is displayed in such a way, all of his actions can be understood. Or you could say Yoo So-joon, has the character of a charming CEO, with a unique style of humor but still serious in dealing with a problem.

2. Shin Min-ah as Song Ma-rin

Tomorrow With You

Song Ma-rin is a former child artist who was very famous for her luck and serendipity. However, due to lack of talent, her career has stopped there. Her parents later divorce and she is only raised by her mother. She has an adult character and a strong principle of self. With all that, she is able to complete Yoo So-joon’s weakness.

  • Kim Ye-won as Lee Gun-sok
  • Chae Dong-hyun as Hwang Bi-seo
  • Kang Ki-doong as Kang Ki-doong
  • Park Ju-hee as Shin Se-young
  • Baek Hyun-jin as Kim Young-jin
  • Oh Gwang-rokas Shin Sung-gyoo
  • Jo Han-chul as Doo-sik or Marin’s Father
  • Lee Jung-eun as Cha Boo-sim

The Soundtrack

  1. Kim Feel – With You

This track of the soundtrack revolves around Marin and So-joon’s sweet moments together after getting married. At first, So-joon doesn’t love Marin and has ulterior motives for the marriage, but as time goes by they both develop deep feelings for each other.

2. Seo In Guk – Flower

This song is made by actor Seo In-guk himself. In the song titled “Flower,” he talks about the love story between Marin and So-joon. In this scene, it appears that Marin is a cheerful person and sincerely loves So-joon, however, So-joon is still confused and lacks sincerity in his love for Marin. Besides, it is a showcase of someone who is considered very meaningful in his life.

10 Reasons You Should Give Tomorrow With You A Try

Tomorrow With You

This drama is highly recommended to be added to the list of movies and dramas that you have to watch. Why should you watch this? Let’s check out the reasons bellow!

  • An interesting plot, which is about a time traveler and his wife. Many movies and dramas tell stories about time travel, as well as this drama, which is filled with magic power. Especially, by combining the genre of romantic comedy and also a mystery.
  • The chemistry between the two main characters. The chemistry of these two players can be first seen in episode 2 and then throughout the drama. This may be because both of them are of the same age, so it is very easy to build cohesiveness in acting, and Marin’s character looks the same as Shin Min-ah’s.
  • Directed by Yoo Je-won. The director of the drama Tomorrow With You is the one who also directed the drama Oh My Ghost, one of tvN’s best dramas in 2015.
  • Cinematography that can hypnotize the audience. The photography, the angles and also the selection of color tones in this drama are really calm, beautiful, and make our eyes feel hypnotized while watching it.
  • The OST is written by actor Seo In-guk. This song was completed by Seo In-guk last year before the drama was released. Seon In-guk helped the director Yoo Je-won’s latest drama that once worked with him in King of High School Life Conduct drama.
  • Learning about the future. This drama teaches us that in the future, there will be a lot of unexpected things, rather than resting it is better done now. And in essence, in a temporary life, one should not procrastinate about something that should be done.
  • Teaches about family life that is full of positivity and affection. This is proven in one episode, that is when Song Ma-rin joins the contest of mothers on the internet, and there she gets a book in order to learn to maintain the family’s harmony.
  • Successful in getting a positive response from the audience. The first episode of Tomorrow With You was able to get a rating of 3.9 percent. This high rating is apparently also in line with various positive comments written by netizens.
  • The acting as natural. When playing in a drunken scene, Shin Min-ah plays it not too difficult and it looks very real and natural. Her acting also looks real and natural with a red face when she suddenly wants to be friendly with everyone. Shin Min-ah says, when she is drunk, she indeed seems kinda like that.
  • The storyline isn’t easy to guess. The storyline that isn’t easy to guess is due to the use of mixed grooves. In the first few episodes, many people don’t understand the story. However, this is when it becomes interesting, so people will always be curious about what will happen in it next.

Some Photos of Interesting Scenes

Tomorrow With You
Tomorrow With You
Tomorrow With You