K-Drama Review: Time Travel Drama About Love and Second Chances in ‘Operation Proposal’


Let’s Find Out More About Operation Proposal, a Truly Heartbreaking Drama!

Operation Proposal is a Korean TV series that was aired by TV Chosun from February to March, 2012. The drama is a remake of a Japanese drama with the same title, aired on Fuji TV. The drama drew huge attention and was beloved by viewers, hence the Korean remake. A Chinese version of the drama was released in 2017, which starred EXO’s Chinese member, Jang Lee-sing.

Operation Proposal showed the regret of a man who never realized that he was loved by a woman, his best friend. He, himself, never had the courage to confess his feeling to the woman until it was too late. Watching his best friend wed another man, he was heartbroken and crushed. In this drama, he was given a second chance, to turn back time and say things that should be said.

If we had the power to turn back time and get a second chance, of course we would be tempted to go back and change the things we regretted doing, or not doing. But, this drama demonstrates that getting a second chance doesn’t always result in a better outcome.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about the drama Operation Proposal and the cast. So, stay tuned!

Operation proposal: Review


Kang Baek-ho and Ham Yi-seul were best friends since their childhood. Ham Yi-seul had loved him for many years, but Kang Baek-ho never understood her feelings. Finally, at Yi-seul’s wedding ceremony with another man, Baek-ho regretted ignoring her love and attention. Suddenly, a mysterious conductor appeared and offered him a second chance, to go back in time and confess to her. If he drinks a potion, he could turn back time and fix everything.


Kang Baek-ho got into a serious car accident when he was looking for Ham Yi-seul. He suffered partial amnesia as a result, and forgot about Ham Yi-seul. However, he had prepared a confession video before the accident. He also prepared notes for Yi-seul to find. At the time, it was Yi-seul’s wedding day. Seeing Baek-ho’s confession video, she hesitated and thought about cancelling the marriage. Her soon-to-be husband let her make the decision and choose the person she was truly in love with. She left her fiance at the wedding ceremony and looked for her true love, Baek-ho. Finally, she found Baek-ho in their old classroom. He had been waiting for her all that time. They left their past behind them and started a new love journey.


Operation Proposal: Love: The Casts


The stars of Operation Proposal are Yoo Seung-ho and Park Eun-bin. Yoo Seung-ho played as male leading role, Kang Baek-ho. Baek-ho had a difficult childhood because his father died and his mother was working hard to support the family. He saw his best friend in a wedding dressm about to marry another man. He was a fool and regretted his mistake.


Park Eun-bi performed the female leading role, Ham Yi-seul, Baek-ho’s childhood friend who cares for and comforts him. She is a smart, simple and likable. she had been in love with her best friend for the last 20 years. In the end, she gave up and chose another man.

Operation Proposal: The Soundtracks

No. Title Artist Length
1. Greeting J Rabbit 4:20
2. Oh! My Goddess T.A.COPY. 4:20
3. Be My Heart Lee Ji-hoon 4:12
4. That’s Why I Didn’t Know Lee Dong-ha 4:52
5. If You Love Me J Rabbit 3:27
6. A Little Love Story Park Eun-bin 3:52
7. Since That Day Park Jin-joo 3:52
8. I Swear Kim Shin-ah 3:59
9. Lighten Up D.I.A 2:26


The Operation Proposal music video titled Greetings was performed by J Rabbit. The video showed the main characters’ interaction. It was set during the couple’s high school days. Viewers could see that both Kang Baek-ho and Ham Yi-seul’ characters are rather similar. They are both innocent and pure teenagers, especially Ham Yi-seul. They liked each other, but tried to hide their true feelings.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Operation Proposal


Operation Proposal is a heartbreaking melodrama worth watching. Below are 5 reasons to watch Operation Proposal:

  1. A highly sentimental drama

Operation Proposal supplied tear-jerking and emotional scenes for people who like to sympathize.

  1. Wonderful acting from Yoo Seung-ho and Park Eun-bin.

Yoo Seung-ho debuted as child actor, who later starred in teenage roles. This was his first time being cast as leading man in a drama. His melancholic face is well-suited for the role of foolish Kang Baek-ho. Park Eun-bi performed the role of a simple and pure woman very well.

  1. Comparison with similar drama

Operation Proposal was a remake a Japanese drama with the same title. Later, in 2017, a Chinese remake was also made. Fans of the melodrama could enjoy each version from the different countries.

  1. Love lesson

Being a foolish man, Kang Baek-ho regretted his cowardice toward Ham Yi-seul. He should have followed his heart and expressed more affection toward Yi-seul. Yi-seul is a genuine and pure woman, but she is also to blame for not giving stronger affection to Baek-ho.

  1. Easy listening original sound tracks

The original sound tracks from Operation Proposal are easy listening and worth keeping in your music playlists, especially the leading single, Greetings.

That was all the information about the drama Operation Proposal. It is a heartbreaking drama and totally worth watching. Don’t forget to give you thoughts in the comment section, below!