K-Drama Review: Of Love and Revenge in ‘The World of the Married’

The World of the Married: The Soundtracks

world of the married

When you’re watching a drama, you listen to the soundtracks, as well. Here are our soundtrack recommendations from The World of the Married!

Just Leave Me by Ha Dong-kyun 

This song might be one of the saddest songs, since the lyrics have a painful meaning. It tells about someone who’s trying to forget their old love, and that if they run into each other, it’s better not to look at them. The song relates to Ji Sun-woo and Lee Tae-oh’s love story. No wonder that the song’s title is Just Leave Me, right?

Like a fool, I misunderstood you again

I hate myself for being this way

Lonely Sailing by Kim Yoon-ah

Lonely Sailing is a melancholy ballad with soft rhythm and the soft voice of Kim Yoon-ah! Viewers must be familiar with the song, since it was used as the drama’s theme song, as well. From translation of the lyrics, this song tells about someone who experiences a pitiful broken heart. It reminds viewers of Ji Sun-woo’s feelings when she found out that Lee Tae-oh was cheating on her.

The cold wind pierces me

My broken heart hurts even more

The Days We Loved by Baek Ji-young

The Days We Loved could remind us of Ji Sun-woo, Lee Tae-oh, Son Je-hyuk, Go Ye-rim, or even Yeo Da-kyung. All of them experienced a pitiful love story, but the memories of their happiness stayed with them, even though they were trying to erasd it.

Now the days of our love, days that came to me without a word

All the memories that I can’t even erase

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The World of the Married

world of the married

1. Relatable Story-Line

The World of the Married has a relatable story-line, focusing on marriage conflict and betrayal, which also happen in real life. People can easily imagine two people who are married, but whose life becoming shattered because of love betrayal. Moreover, the various characters’ emotions are also very relatable!

2. The Strong ‘Woman Crush’ Vibe From Ji Sun-woo

Ji Sun-woo’s appearance also gained a lot of attention, since she was a woman with a good career and who was full of charisma. Even though her marriage shattered, she remained strong. Ji Sun-woo was giving off strong ‘woman crush’ vibes with her attitude and the way she acted so elegantly!

3. A Bunch of Emotions Within an Episodes

For those of you who already watched the series, you must have had all sorts of emotions during each one of the episodes! The World of the Married makes you feel anger, sadness, and all sorts of emotions in every episode.

4. Highest Rated Drama

Since the first episodes, The World of the Married has received a lot of positive comments, and was also very highly rated. Even for overall rating, the series received an 8.3/10, which was a great achievement!

5. Highly Recommended for K-Drama Cravings!

The series is highly recommended for you, especially for established K-Dramas lovers! From the story-line, plot twists, the characters, emotions, and other great things about the series, this drama will take you to another place!

That was all for ourreview and final thoughts on The World of the Married! Since the series was really extraordinary, make sure to add it to your must-watch list!

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