K-Drama Review: Of Love and Revenge in ‘The World of the Married’

world of the married

The Details About Love, Betrayal, and Revenge From The World of the Married

The World of the Married has become one of the highest rated and popular dramas in the middle of 2020! The series has also received lots of compliments and positive reviews from people, and viewers have fallen in love with the story line. Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about the series, so stay tuned!

The World of the Married: Review

world of the married

The World of the Married told a story about the love-life between Ji Sun-woo (played by Kim Hee-ae), Lee Tae-oh (played by Park Hae-joon), and Yeo Da-kyung (played by Han So-hee). Ji Sun-woo’s family used to be perfect, she was Vice of Doctors in Family Love Hospital, she had loveable husband, Lee Tae-oh, and a good son, Lee Jun-young (played by Jeon Jin-seo). Their family looked picture-perfect, and they lived comfortably.

One day, Ji Sun-woo realizes that there was something different about Lee Tae-oh. Her mistrust towards Lee Tae-oh was real, and she found out that her husband was cheating on her with a woman named Yeo Da-kyung. She became even angrier because her friends already knew Lee Tae-oh’s betrayal, but none of them told her about it. Even though Ji Sun-woo found out the truth, she kept it to herself and decided to look for more proof of Lee Tae-oh’s betrayal.

Later, she met Min Hyun-seo (played by Shim Eun-woo), a bartender and one of Ji Sun-woo’s patients. Ji Sun-woo asked her to spy on Lee Tae-oh and she would give the woman sleeping pills as payment. So began Ji Sun-woo’s struggle to reveal her husband’s betrayal and the plot to get her revenge..

Scenes from The World of the Married

Let’s take a look at some of the scenes from The World of the Married here:

world of the married

Ji Sun-woo and Lee Tae-oh used to be a happy couple, before the bitter truth about their marriage was revealed.

world of the married

Ji Sun-woo and her son, Lee Joon-young’s, moments! Even though Ji Sun-woo was pretty strict with her son, she loved him more than anything.

world of the married

Son Je-hyuk and Go Ye-rim look perfect together. However, their relationship was rooted in with betrayal and sadness as they struggle to survive together.

world of the married

Lee Tae-oh, Yeo Da-kyung, and their daughter, Jenny, at their house party. They looked picture-perfect, but their marriage wasn’t really as perfect as it semeed!

Spoiler Alert: Final Episodes of The World of the Married!

In the final episodes, Ji Sun-woo and Lee Joon-young’s relationship was improving, and they were moving past their parent-child problems. They were starting to rebuild their life without Lee Tae-oh. However, Ji Sun-woo still felt the presence of Lee Tae-oh around her life.

Eventually, Lee Tae-oh and Yeo Da-kyung separated. Lee Tae-oh realized that he wanted to get back together with Ji Sun-woo and Lee Joon-young, but they refused it. Ji Sun-woo only offered him some financial help. A shocking even was happened; Lee Tae-oh tried to commit suicide, but Ji Sun-woo helped him.

The series ended with Ji Sun-woo’s life with Lee Joon-young, Lee Tae-oh, who still looking for new job, and Yeo Da-kyung leaving to study art and avoiding men. Son Je-hyuk and Go Ye-rim decided to get divorced and lived their new lives, separately.

Overall, it was quite enough to be called a happy ending! Each of characters have been through several emotions, and they could finally start to heal. The World of the Married was one of the best series of the year, and is highly recommended!

The World of the Married: The Cast

world of the married

Here are some of the main characters in The World of The Married!

Kim Hee-ae as Ji Sun-woo

kim ae hee

Ji Sun-woo, a tough woman who worked as a doctor and also Vice of Director in Family Love Hospital. She was really successful in her career. Ji Sun-woo always thought that her marriage was perfect, since she had a loveable husband and good son. When she found out that her husband was cheating on her, Ji Sun-woo started planning her revenge towards him, as well.

Park Hae-joon as Lee Tae-oh

park hae joon

Lee Tae-oh worked as film director. His career didn’t always prosper, but his marriage to Ji Sun-woo used to be really happy. Unfortunately, Lee Tae-oh had an affair with Yeo Da-kyung, causing Ji Sun-woo to divorce him. He ended up marrying Yeo Da-kyung, but eventually their marriage also became pretty rocky.

Han So-hee as Yeo Da-kyung

han so hee

Yeo Da-kyung was the daughter of chaebol and worked as a Pilates instructor. Secretly, she had a relationship with Lee Tae-oh for several years, even though she knew he was already married. She eventually married Lee Tae-oh and had a daughter with him, but the marriage didn’t last very long.

Shim Eun-woo as Min Hyun-seo

min hyun seo

Min Hyun-seo is a woman who used to work as bartender, and who was being physically abused by her boyfriend Park In-kyu. She went to Ji Sun-woo to consult about her mental health, and they ended up making a deal with each other. Min Hyun-seo pretended to be Yeo Da-kyung’s neighbor to help Ji Sun-woo and secretly look for more information.

Kim Young-min as Son Je-hyuk

kim young min

Son Je-hyuk was one of Lee Tae-oh’s closest friends, even though they didn’t always get along. He worked as accountant and lived with his wife, Go Ye-rim. However, he was an unfaithful man and kept seeing with other woman. Even he used to have a crush on Ji Sun-woo.

Park Sun-young as Go Ye-rim

park sun young

Go Ye-rim was Son Je-hyuk’s wife. She lived with her husband in Ji Sun-woo’s neighborhood. She used to had good relationship with Ji Sun-woo and Lee Tae-oh, but she felt hurt when Son Je-hyuk developed a crush on Ji Sun-woo. Even though her relationship with Ji Sun-woo got worse, but she was still helping Ji Sun-woo.