K-Drama Review of ‘The Penthouse: War in Life’: Competition, Revenge, and Villains

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The Penthouse: A Sensational K-Drama with an Inexplicable Plot Twist!

Have you watched The Penthouse: War in Life? It was a drama from the SBS network which successfully became the 9th rank in the Top 50 Korean Television Series! The Penthouse was starred by a lot of professional artists with extravagant acting performances! Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about the sensational drama The Penthouse, so stay tuned!

The Penthouse: Drama Review


The Penthouse is a narrated story about various wealthy families who live in Hera Palace, a high-class apartment complex, and their children who go to Cheong-ah Arts School. They also have Hera Club which is filled with exclusive people who live there. 

There is Shim Soo-ryeon who is known as the queen of Hera Palace, Cheon Seo-jin the soprano, and Oh Yoon-hee who is from a humble family who had a dark past with Cheon Seo-jin. Initially, their life is filled with ambitions for being rich and encouraging their children to be the best.

One day, there is a girl named Min Seol-a who mysteriously dies in Hera Palace. People in Hera Club try to hide her death. Meanwhile, the killer remains unrevealed. Turns out, Min Seol-ah is Shim Soo-ryeon’s real daughter. Later on, she and Oh Yoon-hee are intertwined and start looking for revenge for Min Seol-a’s death towards the elite people in Hera Palace.


Title: The Penthouse: War in Life

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Directed by: Joo Dong-min, Park Bo-ram, Park Soo-jin

Starred by: Lee Ji-ah, Eugene, Kim Soo-yeon, Um Ki-joon

The Penthouse Final Episodes: Will There Be Another Revenge?


SPOILER ALERT: Slowly but surely, the people in Hera Club start to suspect each other as the real killer of Min Seol-a. On the other hand, the children in Hera Palace also compete against each other in Cheong-ah school, especially after the presence of Bae Ro-na and her extravagant vocal skills.


The relationship between Soo-ryeon and Yoon-hee gets stronger, especially after Logan Lee (Min Seol-ah’s adoptive brother) helps them find the killer. It is beyond surprising when Soo-ryeon finds out that Yoon-hee killed her daughter while she was drunk.


After all of Soo-ryeon’s revenge, Cheon Seo-jin and Joo Dan-tae cooperate to killed Soo-ryeon. Joo Dan-tae is the killer, but he manages to make Yoon-hee the suspect. Knowing that she doesn’t have a chance, Yoon-hee is forced to admit that she killed Soo-ryeon. Overall, The Penthouse is indeed worth watching, especially if you’re looking for a drama with a thrilling sensation. You will love this one!

Get to Know The Penthouse Cast Here!


Get to know The Penthouse main cast here:


Lee Ji-ah played the role of Shim Soo-ryeon, the wife of Joo Dan-tae and mother of twin children. She is very kind and born into a wealthy family. Her calm personality changed after finding out her real daughter was killed in Hera Palace.


Kim So-yeon played the role of Cheon Seo-jin, an ambitious and arrogant person and the school president of Cheong-a. She used to compete with Yoon-hee in the past, and their bad terms also lead her daughter to compete with Yoon-hee’s daughter.


Eugene played the role of Oh Yoon-hee, a hard-working single parent. She lived her life for her daughter and is willing to do anything for her to enter Cheong-ah school.


Um Ki-joon played the role of Joo Dan-tae, the chairman of J King Holdings and husband of Shim Soo-ryeon. He’s a cruel person who’s obsessed with money, and he even has an affair with Cheon Seo-jin.

Classical Song Performances from The Penthouse That Will Make Your Heart Flutter!


The Penthouse also portrayed the struggles between students of Cheong-a school to pursue their dream as a soprano. Each character performs classical songs that will make your heart flutter! Are you curious about that? Check out some of the amazing classic song performances from The Penthouse characters here:

Bae Ro-na, the daughter of Yoon-hee, showed off her wonderful voice while she tried to convince Cheon Seo-jin to become one of the students at Cheong-a school!

Next one, Min Seol-a also astounded people with her stunning vocals during an audition for Cheong-a school!

Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Watch The Penthouse


Here are the reasons why you should be watching The Penthouse:

Unexpected Plot Twist


The Penthouse brought such unexpected scenes and suspenseful moments that surprised the viewers! The real killer of Min Seol-a, how the crime was hidden, and even the sudden death of Shim Soo-ryeon were indeed thrilling!

The Evil Characters


Since the plot revolves around competition and revenge, there are a lot of villains in The Penthouse! Their cunning and malicious actions can easily build your anger, so prepare yourself!

Fascinating Opera Song


The Penthouse scenes portrayed how the students in Cheong-a Arts School performed an opera song! Even though the tension was there during their competition, the opera song performed by them was indeed incredible!

About The Penthouse Season 2 and Season 3


The Penthouse: War in Life successfully raised fame and drew attention from people. Even the last episode that aired on January 5, 2021, left the viewers with strong tension due to the unexpected storyline. Initially, the drama was going to be divided into two seasons, but it ended up with 3 seasons.

The SBS network announced the news after The Penthouse’s rating kept getting higher through each episode. The first season has 21 episodes, season 2 has 13 episodes, and it was revealed that season 3 has 12 episodes. Are you ready to watch the next season of The Penthouse?


That’s the whole review of The Penthouse! From the attractive plot, extraordinary acting performances, and the highest rating, no wonder The Penthouse became one of the most successful dramas! What do you think about The Penthouse? Write your opinion down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!