K-Drama Review: ‘Tempted’ – Between Friendship and a Dangerous Love Game

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Tempted: A K-Drama As Tempting As the Title!

Have you watched the K-drama titled Tempted? It is also known as The Great Seducer which was released in 2018! The drama became famous enough at that time since it starred Red Velvet’s Joy, Moon Ga-young, Woo Do-hwan, and other rising actors. In this article, Channel Korea will give you the full review of Tempted, so stay tuned!

Tempted: Drama Review & Synopsis

tempted kdrama

Tempted has the genres of romance and melodrama with slight thriller elements that narrate the story of three childhood best friends named Choi Soo-ji, Kwon Shi-hyun, and Lee Se-joo. The three of them come from wealthy families and are known as troublemakers in their school and are fond of revenge.

When they enter college, Soo-ji wants revenge on her ex-boyfriend Lee Ki-young who once humiliated her. She plans to use Eun Tae-hee as revenge since she was Lee Ki-young’s first love. Eun Tae-hee is known as a cheerful person who doesn’t believe in love.

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The revenge plan was Shi-hyun would act as though he has a crush on Tae-hee and eventually dump her. However, the plan wasn’t as easy as they thought since Shi-hyun and Tae-hee fall for each other. The situation gets worse when Tae-hee finds out about the plan between the trio, how Ki-young wanted vengeance, and their involved feelings.

Spoiler Alert! The Finale Episode of Tempted

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After reading the short synopsis, you might be curious about more of the plot of the drama. This writing contains a spoiler since we will talk about the ending of Tempted! Kwon Shi-hyun and Eun Tae-hee’s relationship went through ups and downs, especially with the fact that Kwon Shi-hyun once approached Eun Tae-hee for a bad purpose.

In the finale episode, it was narrated that Shi-hyun and Tae-hee were separated for 5 years. Just like destiny, they reunite again with their old feelings that remained the same. The happy ending of their relationship also made the viewers beyond excited!

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On the other hand, Soo-ji eventually gave up her feelings for Shi-hyun. She went to Japan to meet Se-joo who was already there since he opened a bar for his business. Later on, Soo-ji and Se-joo meet at his bar and hug each other tightly. Such a decent ending!

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Let’s Meet the Cast of Tempted!

tempted drama cast

Woo Do-hwan as Kwon Shi-hyun

woo do hwan on 'tempted'

He is the male main character of Tempted and the heir of JK Group and is also known as the seducer. Initially, he planned to seduce Eun Tae-hee, but he developed feelings for her.

Red Velvet’s Joy as Eun Tae-hee

red velvet's joy on 'tempted'

She is known as a kind and hardworking person. Since her parents became unhappy due to their marriage life, she wasn’t involved in love until she met Kwon Shi-hyun in college.

Moon Ga-young as Choi Soo-ji

moon ga young on 'tempted'

She is the daughter of the hospital director. With her arrogant attitude, she initiated the dangerous love game between Shi-hyun and Tae-hee. Deep down, she has feelings for Shi-hyun.

Kim Min-jae as Lee Se-joo

kim min jae on 'tempted'

He is known as a playboy from a rich family, but he is madly in love with Soo-ji. It is unrequited love since he knows about Soo-ji’s feelings.

Lee Jae-kyun as Lee Ki-young

lee jae kyun on 'tempted'

He is Soo-ji’s ex-boyfriend and the son of a lawyer, but he ended up as the enemy of the trio seducers.

Tempted‘s Soundtrack That You Have to Listen To!

tempted kdrama

“OMG!” by Red Velvet’s Joy

Not only taking part as the main cast, but Joy sang a song for Tempted‘s OST. Through “OMG!,” Joy depicts the formation of first love just like how Eun Tae-hee and Kwon Shi-hyun fall for each other!

“I Should’ve First” by SEVENTEEN’s Dokyum

This is one of the ballad songs from the drama that will make your heart flutter! From the translation of the lyrics, “I Should’ve First” portrays the regret of someone who has confessed their feelings to someone else, but it didn’t end up as well as they hoped.

“With You” by Yang Da-il

“With You” reminds us of the relationship between Kwon Shi-hyun and Eun Tae-hee. Despite the love game and hidden secret, Shi-hyun is always there to let Tae-hee lean on him!

3 Reasons Why Tempted Is Highly Recommended

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To convince you even more, here are 3 reasons why you need to add the MBC drama Tempted to your drama list:

The Intriguing Story

tempted kdrama

The plot makes you feel various emotions at the same time! Moreover, the love story between a kind girl and a bad guy is always such a hit, right?

The Chemistry between Red Velvet’s Joy and Woo Do-hwan

tempted kdrama

The main couple Kwon Shi-hyun and Eun Tae-hee were portrayed by Joy and Do-hwan very well. They become immersed in the characters which allows their acting to gain stronger chemistry!

Drama Adaption from a Famous French Novel

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Do you know that Tempted was adapted from Les Liaisons dangereuses? It is known as one of the most popular novels by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. No wonder Tempted has such a compelling plot, right?

That is everything for our Tempted K-drama review! The storyline of the seducing love game with the acts of reprisals makes Tempted worth watching for your drama list. The acting performances from the cast also create an immersive viewing experience! So, are you guys interested in watching Tempted? Drop your comments down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!