K-Drama Review ‘Splash Splash Love’: A Cute Love Story of a Girl Who Time Travel to Joseon Period


A Story about Time Travel in a K-Drama

It would appear that the theme of time traveling is among the most popular ones in South Korean dramas. The past is usually set during the time of the Joseon or Goryeo dynasty, representing the historical theme of a past life in South Korea. Sometimes, this theme is used in the context of a special ability of a detective, for example, in a mystery drama. Among the vastly successful time travel dramas are Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Saimdang: Light’s Diary, Live Up To Your Name, Queen In Hyun’s Mom, Rooftop Prince, Dr. Jin, and so on.

This time, a mini-drama subtly entered the list of top travel time dramas. It is Splash Splash Love (original title: 퐁당퐁당 LOVE), which aired on MBC in 2015. Well, it has only two episodes! But, the storyline itself is quite interesting. The comedian Kim Seul-gi and BEAST member Yoon Doo-joon are the leads in this amazing drama. Let’s find out more about it!

Jang Dan-bi’s Journey to the Joseon Period

Splash Splash Love (Pongdang Pongdang LOVE) was initially aired on Naver TV Cast and then broadcasted by MBC on December 13th and December 20th, 2015, only two episodes and 60 minutes each in Korean. The drama’s ratings were actually not too high, with only around 3 percent nationwide according to TNmS and AGB Nielsen. But thanks to it, Kim Seul-gi, Kim Ji-hyun the screenwriter, and the drama itself were nominated at the 11th Seoul International Drama Awards and the 44th International Emmy Awards.


The story is about a senior high school student Jang Dan-bi. Due to her irrational fear of mathematics, she wants to escape from the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) by running into a playground. Unconsciously, she goes to a puddle and suddenly gets transported into the Joseon period. There, she meets King Lee-do. Because of her modern knowledge, she becomes the greatest scientist in Kingdom and uses it to help King Lee-do solve the starving and drought problem of his people.


King Lee-do and Jang Dan-bi later fall in love with each other, but as usual, the romance will not be running very smooth. Due to some problems and their difference in timelines, Dan-bi decides to go back to her original life. She secretly hopes to meet him once again, and you should watch the drama to find out about the entire story and the ending!


The Cast


Main Cast

  1. Kim Seul-gi as Jang Dan-bi/Jang Yeong-sil
  2. Yoon Doo-joon (member of the boy band BEAST) as King Lee-do

Supporting Cast

  1. Jin Ki-joo as Dan-bi’s friend So-heon (Queen Soheon of the Cheongsong Shim clan)
  2. Ahn Hyo-seop as Park Yeon/Che Ah-jin
  3. Go Kyu-pil as Dan-bi’s math teacher/Head Eunuch
  4. Lee Kwang-se
  5. Kim Soo-hyun
  6. Uhm Hye-jung
  7. Lee Jae-joon
  8. Kang Hyun
  9. Yoon Seok-ho as Seok (Park Yeon’s younger brother)


  1. Kim Kap-soo as Prime Minister Hwang Hui
  2. Jung Kyu-soo as Shim On
  3. Im Ye-jin as Dan-bi’s mother/Dowager Queen Hudeok of the Yeoheung Min clan
  4. Lee Dae-yeon as Choe Man-ri
  5. Seo Eun-sol as young Jang Dan-bi

The Soundtrack

Title Artists Length
“Fondant to You” Kim Hyung-joong 3:15
“Don’t Go” Jung Ji-chan (One More Chance) 3:45
“Fondant to You” (Violin Intro Ver.) Remi 3:29
“Fondant to You” (Violin Intro Ver.) Kim Hyung-joong 3:31

5 Reasons You Should Watch This Drama


Although this mini-drama only has two episodes, it can make the viewers fall in love with the storyline and the chemistry between the main cast. Most of the viewers have even already been asking about a second season. Below are the reasons why you should watch this drama!

  1. Once again, the comedian Kim Seul-gi brings fresh and funny vibes, just like in every other role she has taken. Previously, she successfully acted as a funny ghost in the big hit drama Oh My Ghostess along with Jo Jung-suk and Park Bo-young. She also appeared in the comedy-drama Flower Boys Next Door as a webtoon editor.
  2. This drama really tells us that education is very important for people to increase someone’s status in social life, and it was thus even centuries ago. Jang Dan-bi is a student with low self-esteem who throws her SAT paper and ends up being transported to the Joseon dynasty where she finds an important reason to study.
  3. For the people who like to watch a drama with high moral value, this drama tells us that some people need a high motivation for themselves to solve the problem until it’s clear. School looks like a waste for Jang Dan-bi, but when she learns mathematics deeply in the Joseon dynasty, she is able to help people in the dry and starving season. She fights for the people to find the solution which makes her realize how important maths is.
  4. If you are one of the fans of BEAST, you must be delighted to see Doo-joon here. His character is also interesting. As the Joseon king Lee-do, he is an honorable and respectful king but he never has a friend. Of course, Jang Dan-bi is going to soon be his first female friend. Beside his personal life’s complexity, he should be a young king who ruled in a hard situation where his people were suffering from starvation and drought.
  5. It only has two episodes, so you shouldn’t wait too long to see how the story ends. It also saves more of your time to watch the other good dramas!