K-Drama Review: A Narcissistic Heir Gives Up His Wealth After Meeting the Girl of His Dreams in ‘Revolutionary Love’

Revolutionary Love: The Cast


Choi Siwon as Byun Hyuk


Revolutionary Love is Siwon’s first drama after finishing his military service. In this drama, Siwon acted as Byun Hyuk, a son of a tycoon who often spends money, and is innocent and carelessness. The character that most shows Hyuk is that he’s a person who always whines about every problem, and is spoiled and irresponsible. Actually, Byun Hyuk has a soft heart and cares about the people around him, but because of his innocent face, it’s easy for people to use him and this is always causes him disasters.

Hyuk has an advantage, which is that he’s really good to writing and memorizing poetry, even though his education can be said to be unfavorable. Hyuk turned into a responsible person when he was kicked out by his father and he met Baek Joon, who helped him to make himself change.

Siwon’s acting deserves to get big applause, because he succeeded in maintaining his consistency as Byun Hyuk. He plays Byun Hyuk convincingly, especially when being irresponsible — he just smiles as if he didn’t do anything. Actually, in this drama, Siwon was hit by a problem related to his dog who bit someone to death.

Kang Sora as Baek Joon


Kang Sora isn’t a new actress, she often stars in dramas and movies. Kang Sora played the role of Baek Joon, the part-timer girl who was amazing because she had expertise in various fields. She’s really smart, even though she’s only a university graduate. Baek Joon would rather to be a part-timer than be an employee because she assumed that the employee would also be fired at the end, like her father.

Baek Joon’s character is really balanced when paired with Byun Hyuk, because Baek Joon helps him learn from a life, and changes Hyuk’s mindset to realize that if he wants to do something, he must think about the consequences and the solution.

Gong Myung as Kwon Je Hoon


Gong Myung’s figure in this drama can be said to suit with his slightly wistful face. Gong Myung successfully portrays Kwon Je Hoon, who is a friend of Hyuk since childhood and is the manager from Gangsung Group, his father works as a peronal driver and assistant. Je Hoon doesn’t consider Hyuk as his best friend because problems from the past always appear in his mind. Gong Myung played the character of a cold and realistic man.

Because Je Hoon doesn’t say too much, when Baek June said that she loved him, Je Hoon instead responded with a word that made her feel hurt, because he was really confused about what he had to do, and in the end, he had to bury his feelings for eight years.

Behind seeming like a cold guy, he actually has a kind and soft heart, taking care of the people who are closest with him. He just doesn’t know how to express it.

Lee Jae Yoon as Byun Woo Sung


Woo Sung’s character isn’t as much one the main cast, such as the three characters above, but Woo Sung has an important role in the problem that occured. He’s Hyuk’s eldest brother, who always gets rid of Hyuk to try to ensure he doesn’t become the heir. Woo Sung also spread Hyuk’s video while on the plane, and slandered him about accepting bribes from contractors.

He’s greedy and weak because he always feels afraid that his brother will replace him, even though his brother helped him when he made a mistake by bumping into someone.

Revolutionary Love: The Soundtracks

Besides the storyline that keeps you invested in the series, this drama is also supported by amazing soundtracks that maintain an atmosphere in accordance with the melody and music that is really easy to hear. These soundtracks are recommended for your playlist! So, here are the soundtracks!

1. Go Ready Go by Dawon

This song is the main soundrack from Revolutionary Love. The song became a backsound in Hyuk and Baek Joon’s daily life. If we look at the the lyrics, this song defines how to keep one’s spirit. The melody and music sounded very energetic and gave a cheerful impression, coupled with Dawon’s melodious voice.

2. Love U by Younha

The song by Younha has a meaning that is in accordance with the love story of Baek Joon, Byun Hyuk, and Je-hoon, especially since Younha’s voice can’t be doubted. “Love U” is able to convey the messages in the drama to audiences.

3. Strange Love by Cheon Dan Bi

Revolutionary Love‘s theme is about the spirit in living life, and the soundtrack that’s played is full of cheerful melodies, such as “Strange Love” by Cheon Dan Bi. This song often fills in hilarious and ridiculous scenes of the main characters.

4. Sing My Song by Koo Keun Byul

The last one is the songs is sung by Koo Keun Byul. The lyrics are fully sung in English, with a slightly poetic choice of words. “Sing My Song” has a mellow and soft melody that can make us feel the romance of Byun Hyuk and Baek Joon. The singer also sings it with feeling, making the audience melt.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Revolutionary Love


1. The talented actors!

People sometimes watch a movie or drama because the first thing to pay attention to is who the cast is. In this case, Revolutionary Love has many great actor in the cast. In addiction, one of the main cast is from the legendary boy-group Super Junior. Kang Sora and Siwon are also actors that often star in dramas with the highest ratings.

2. The issues of the story are really relatable. 

If we see from the synopsis or hear the background from the maain character, surely we immediately think that the story is already too mainstream, like the other dramas with rich families. But it not only tells about tycoons or powerful people, it also carries the conflicts that often occur in real life, especially in a company that often involves corruotion, collusion, and nepotism.

3. Full of Comedy and Very Entertaining.

This draama doesn’t raise excessive romantic things, instead it’s filled with comedy because of Byun Hyuk. Byun Hyuk and Baek Joon’s love story isn’t as romantic as other couples, but it’s filled with cute things, and full of jokes. This drama is very entertaining and doesn’t make the audience feel bored.

4. Good chemistry between the actors.

This drama not only starring Siwon and Kang Sora, but the handsome actor Gong Myung also joined on this funny drama. All the cast have a strong chemistry, and chemistry between Hyuk’s mom and dad is also perfect!

5. Has a good moral message!

Through this drama, the writter wants to give a meaningful moral message, especially for people who are fairly mature. This drama is based on daily problems, so many lessons are gained after watching Revolutionary Love. Like Byun Hyuk, who initially only lived his life without knowing what his purpose was, then he learned to be a responsible person who has a vission and mission in life.

That’s all the reasons why you should watch Revolutionary Love and also the review. Do you still hesitate to watch it? Have you already watched it? it yes, then what do you think about it? give us your thoughts in the comment section!