K-Drama Review: A Narcissistic Heir Gives Up His Wealth After Meeting the Girl of His Dreams in ‘Revolutionary Love’


Details About ‘Revolutionary Love’!

Surely, we are already familiar with the Korean television channel, TvN! As is usual for the network, TvN always shows ‘out-of-the-box’ dramas. If we see watch TvN’s dramas, they don’t look same as all of the dramas that air on the channel, but there’s one thing that can distinguish in each drama that’s a ‘touch’ that makes almost all of drama have a plus that can attract the audiences and generate good ratings and popularity. This was also done by TvN in ‘Revolutionary Love’, with a cast of actors and actresses who certainly aren’t common.

What was this drama about? Do the actors succeed in making the drama an ‘out-of-the-box’ series, as TvN always does? In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about the ‘Revolutionary Love’ drama review. Stay tuned!

Revolutionary Love: Review

‘Revolutionary Love’ is a drama that aired in 2017 with a cast of reliable actors, one of them is the most handsome Super Junior member, Choi Siwon. The drama has 16 episodes and touches various genres, such as family, friendship, romance, comedy, life, and office. The drama that written by Joo Hyun and directed by Song Hyun-wook ended with the less-than-satisfactory rating of 3.68% because of some problems that occured.

The series tells about Byun Hyuk, who’s the second son of a third-generation conglomerate and whose father is the chairman of Gangsu Group Company, Byun Kang-soo. Byun Hyuk always throws tantrums and does things recklessly, so his father always scolds him. Even though he was often scolded by his father, but his father’s anger was always leveled at Kwon Je-hoon, who was the son of Byun Kang-soo’s private driver and also the manager from Gangsu Group Company, who was given the responsibility of taking care of all the problems caused by Byun Hyuk.

On one day Byun Hyuk met a girl who worked as a part-timer at his father’s hotel, the girl’s name is Baek Joon. Byun Hyuk and Baek Joon meet accidentally when Byun Hyuk was chasing after his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Baek Joon is Kwon Je-hoon’s neighbor and also his college friend. Because of their encounter, it actually brought a change in their lives especially in their purpose of life.

Before the drama aired, two official posters for the series were released. The main poster shows the three main characters, with unique expressions according to their personalities, and in a box it describes their social status. Meanwhile, for the second poster, the three main cast sit together on a rooftop while looking back with different expression.


Revolutionary Love’s Scenes :

The drama is a friendship-love-comedy genre, and there are many scenes that become iconic and make us laugh because of the comedy in the drama. Here are the scenes!

2. Byun Hyuk cried because of his girlfriend


The photo above is a scene from episode 1. At that time, Byun Hyuk gets a call from his friend, Kwon Je-hoon. He asks Hyuk’s whereabouts because he was late for a party his father was hosting. Moreover, all the guests were asking where he was. It turned out that Hyuk was on a first-class flight and was very frustrated. Je-hoon was surprised to hear his friend sobbing because his girlfriend (Chae-ri) didn’t come to Bali to catch up with him.

2. Baek Joon’s fight with Hyuk’s ex-girlfirend, Chae-ri


Still in episode 1, this time the scene is when Baek Joon is accused of stealing and getting rid of Chae-ri’s earring at Hyuk father’s hotel. Because she doesn’t feel guilty and was treated arbitrarily by Chae-ri, she doesn’t want to apologize. Instead, she asks Chae-ri to apologize for accusing her. It turned out that the earring had actually fallen on the carpet near the sofa.

3. Byun Hyuk kicked out by his father 


The photo above is when Baek Joon crosses paths with Hyuk in front of his house, with a situation that wasn’t worth to seeing by Baek Joon. Hyuk was kicked out of his home by his father as a punishment for what he did, and he was expelled without so much as a piece of cloth or a penny of money.

4. Byun Hyuk cleaning the window


The scene above is where Hyuk’s mom got panicked and was feeling worried about Hyuk’s work, and his mom asked his father to stop their son. When his mother opened the curtain with the aim of convincing his father that Hyuk was in danger, it turns out that his father was happy and proud of him. Then, Hyuk’s dad encouraged him from the inside, and they took a selfie together.

Spoiler Alert!:The ending of Revolutionary Love

Episode 16 is the ending of Byun Hyuk, Baek Joon, and Kwon Je-hoon’s story. In this episode, Baek Joon is trying to get a document regarding bribery, and the three of them (Hyuk, Baek Joon, and Je-hoon) planned to reveal the truth and make his father aware that what he has done so far is to gain profit in the wrong ways.

They were arrested and handcuffed by police who are their new neighbors. At first, Baek Joon was worried about it, then Hyuk assured her by smiling at her as if to say “everything will be fine, don’t worry”. In the prison, Hyuk admitted that he regretted having to do the plan, and also regretted that he had not made his father aware and prevented his father’s actions. Je-hoon also regrets that he didn’t sincerely help Hyuk before and accept him as his friend from the first. This is due to resentment and wanting revenge towards Hyuk’s family, who sent his father to the jail to protect Hyuk.

Hyuk’s father had to be interogated by police and the prosecutor because of the bribery case that he made. His father and the oldest brother really get upset at Hyuk because he had dishonored their family, and especially his oldest brother, who felt that Hyuk also wanted to take over the company that will be passed on to his oldest brother. Baek Joon and Je-hoon give him support, and were proud of Hyuk for taking the big risks.

After that, Je-hoon and Baek Joon go to Je-hoon’s new home, and it makes Hyuk feel jealous and think that Je-hoon still loves her. Je-hoon finally dared to tell about his feelings for Baek Joon, which he kept for eight years, and he doesn’t want to Baek Joon’s answer. He admitted that when he refuesd her, he actually feel so nervous and didn’t know what to do to express his feelings.

Baek Joon chose to leave the city and move to another place for a year. She did this to take a rest for a while after she had been working for a long time. On the other hand, the company’s situation is getting better, Hyuk hired his friends as employees at Bungsu Group Company. Je-hoon, who previously resigned, chose to work again in his old company with a sincere desire and without revenge. Meanwhile Hyuk suddenly ran into Baek Joon, and they met on the airplane.

Overall, this drama has a good plot and mild conflicts, where the conflicts often occur in our real life, that are about bribery, nepotism, etc. This drama doesn’t fully contain romanticism, although the three main characters are involved in a love triangle. But, it’s more directed towards friendship, family life, and having the courage to go through life with self-revolution.

Even though at the ending there are still some characters whose story doesn’t get all tied up, such as not finding out about Hyuk’s older brother’s fate, and the series got pretty low rating, the drama is still very good to recommend to you!