K-Drama Review: ‘Personal Taste’ is a Heartwarming Story with an Adorable Couple and Great Comedy

Check Out the Loving Korean Classic Romantic Comedy – Personal Taste

Korean romantic comedy has spread and is known as a remedy to all the people who watch it. Since it is full of loving, sweet, and laughing scenes. And this is no exception for Personal Taste, a 2010 K-drama featuring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin as the main characters. This K-drama offers unique story background and captivating acting from the leading roles. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed insight into the romantic comedy K-drama, Personal Taste. Keep reading!

Personal Taste: Review


Spoiler alert! This romantic drama begins with Park Kae In, who is a furniture designer and the daughter of a famous architect who designs traditional houses Sanggojae. She meets Jeon Ji Ho on her way to an exhibition to sell her furniture. She hits him and breaks his miniature design (mockup) which he also wanted to present at the exhibition.

Long story short, Jeon Ji Ho is going to compete with Chang Ryeol, who is Park Kae In’s boyfriend, to get the tender project Art Museum for his architectural design. Jeon Ji Ho has a dream of becoming a successful architect to get back his home after being taken from him some years ago by the father of Chang Ryeol.

As his reference, he has to research one the best architectural designs, which is Sanggojae, which is made by the father of Park Kae In, where she is living now. He insists on living in Sanggojae with Park In Kae that he even pretends to be gay to have a room in her house. The innocent Park Kae In eventually approves since she is not to be worried about his presence because of his sexual preference. In return, she also gets money from renting her room which can be used to pay the debt.

On the other hand, Chang Ryeol betrays Park Kae In, and he wants to get married to her best friend, Kim In Hee, who is even living in her house as her roommate for her own intention. This backstreet relationship breaks her heart, but she is still hoping to find someone who is reliable and kind-hearted.

Since Jeon Ji Ho and Park Kae In live together in Sanggojae, the two of them share happiness and sadness with each other. They are starting to develop feelings for each other, especially Jeon Ji Ho. He keeps helping her in finding solutions to her problems, even helps her become a real woman, beautiful, tidy and teaches her how to do the chores well. Will Jin Ho reveal his real identity? How will their parents react?


Jeon Ji Ho accompanies and teaches Park Kae In to become a fine woman and helps her get revenge of her ex-boyfriend, Chang Ryeol. Park Kae In, who assumes Jin Ho is gay, she does not doubt to let Jin Ho help her in the bathroom, using sheet mask together even letting him buy her sanitary pads. Funny and surely silly scene!


Just as they got to know each other well, and have already fallen for one another, Park Kae In’s father comes back from abroad and questions their relationship in his home. Ji Ho’s mother also adds fire to their romance, she disapproves of their relationship. Trying to make the best decision for everybody, Ji Ho decides to separate from Park Kae In while keeping watch over her life.

The storyline is not only about their conflict, but also includes some other people’s relationships that spice the drama. Jeon Ji Ho is recognized by his surrounding as gay, he gets some love from Director Choi who posted the design competition and is also gay; No Sang Joon, his reliable staff, who is assumed as his gay-lover by Park Kae In but he isn’t, and Na Hye Mi, a crazy girl who is considered as his fiancee since they were seven years old.


After Chang Ryul and Kim In Hae’s marriage failed, Chang Ryul realized that Park Kae In is his true soulmate, so he begins to approach her again. That complicated relation leads this drama into a humorous and amusing story.

In the end, Park Kae In and Jeon Ji Ho get together with their parents’ permission and all misunderstandings end well. They live together in Sanggojae happily.

At some point, there is an episode where one of the queens of Korean drama appears on this show as a cameo, the beautiful Yoon Eun Hye! Let’s find her and watch Personal Taste for an entertaining day!

Personal Taste: The Cast


Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In 


Park Kae In is a clumsy, innocent girl and easy to trust everyone around her. She is living alone in her beautiful house, Sanggojae, working as a furniture designer. She has a sad past experience with her father who triggered her mother’s death. She is a bubbly but melancholic person since she had to face multiple problems in her life.

Lee Min Ho as Jeon Ji Ho


Jeon Ji Ho is a charismatic, stubborn and competitive person. Jeon Ji Ho is also a spotless and tidy person. He dreams of being a successful architect and would do anything to get the best design for winning the competition. On the other hand, he has a pure heart and a caring personality. He is put in charge of taking care of Park Kae In in her difficult situation as a roommate and ends up becoming her boyfriend.

Wang Ji-Hye as Kim In Hee 


Kim In Hee is considered to be the best friend of Park Kae In but she betrays her by stealing her boyfriend. She has been living with Park Kae In for 10 years and suddenly moves from her house to get married to Chang Ryeol. She has a habit of wanting everything that Park Kae In has and hates seeing Park Kae In happy.

Kim Ji-Suk as Han Chang-Ryeol


Chang Ryeol is an architect who has an unstable personality; takes things for granted. He is also the son of a conglomerate in South Korea. He is the ex-boyfriend of Park Kae In and Jeon Ji Ho’s rival in the design competition. He is still in love with Park Kae In and plans to win her heart back after his marriage with Kim In Hae is unsuccessful.


Personal Taste: The Soundtrack


These are some of the favorite songs from the soundtrack of Personal Taste that decorate the drama intensively:

  1. Can’t Believe It by Younha

This soundtrack is surely suitable to become the cover of this drama, it has delightful beat and pleasant melody. This song represents the fresh and carefree situation, mostly played when Park Kae In and Jeon Ji Ho are in a happy scene.

2. Creating Love by 4Minute

This song’s lyrics are about creating love or making love. It has a nice beat melody suitable for a getting ready playlist. This song usually comes in during Park Kae In and Jeo Jin Ho’s scenes.

3. Dropping Rain by Kim Tae Woo

This song relays a sad mood about tears falling. You are going to find it easy to cry while listening to this song and watching the scenes it accompanies.

4. My Heart is Moved by SeeYa

Sung by SeeYa, with her magical voice, this song has become a favorite in some climax scenes.

5. Like a Fool by 2AM

“Like a Fool” is a song sung by 2AM, about regret. This song accompanies some of the bitter and sorrowful scenes.