K-Drama Review: Murder Mystery and Rekindling Romance in ‘My Secret Hotel’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch My Secret Hotel


Let’s see why you should watch this drama! But be warned, there are a few spoilers here!

  1. A Mix of Opposite Genres

The mix between the romantic comedy and mystery genres. The drama shows the sweetness and a thrill at the same time. In My Secret Hotel, not only are there murder cases that happen, there’s more than that. The chemistry between senior and junior displayed how both of them tried to work together to solve the problem that appears at the hotel.

2. Three Seconds to Romance

Three seconds was all it took to define love at first sight! From the flashback scene, we can see that it happened for both of them. The drama shows their first meeting at a pub was simple, but the impact was tremendous and ended up in marriage. Sadly, it didn’t last long, not even 100 days. Wait, don’t be sad, they’ll show you how to make up after a divorce and how they love each other again.

3.Second Chances

Hae Young tricks Sang Hyo by leaving her in their late-night campout. He knows that she’s scared to be alone. And it works, Sang Hyo screams his name, and when she sees Hae Young, she immediately hugs him. Even though at first she rejected Hae Young, her heart can’t resist the importance of Hae Young’s existence.

4.Sung Gyum’s way to make Sang Hyo’s heart flutter

Sung Gyum proves his sincerity to Sang Hyo by mustering up the courage to sing in public. He shows his talent and declares his love to Sang Hyo. Even though Hae Young is in his way to reach his love, he will not give up.

5. There’s No Villain in This Drama

You might think that General Manager Lee is the villain here. In general, villains exist to make the leads miserable or make the protagonists realize life isn’t charmed. But he didn’t make Hae Young’s life look like that.

There was all the information about the drama My Secret Hotel. Don’t forget to watch this drama to learn more about the exciting, tangled love between Sung Gyum, Sang Hyo, and Hae Young!