K-Drama Review: Murder Mystery and Rekindling Romance in ‘My Secret Hotel’


Mixed Between Contradictory Genres – Romantic Comedy and Mystery

My Secret Hotel‘ was released in 2014, airing from August 18 until October 14. From the first poster that was unveiled, the mysterious vibe is evident; its purple tone is amplified by the caption, which states, “At my ex-husband’s wedding, a body fell from the sky!” What this caption means by ‘my ex-husband’ is Nam Sang-hyo’s (Yoo In-na) ex-husband, Goo Hae-young (Jin Yi-han). However, this drama focuses more on the relationship between Nam Sang-hyo (underlining) and Jo Sung-gyeom (superior). There will be many scenes that show the relationship between these two while they are solving murder cases together. They will display the relationship between junior and senior, and sometimes they seem like siblings. They will also show us fresh romance scenes.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about the Korean drama ‘My Secret Hotel.’ So, stay tuned!

My Secret Hotel: Review


The Secret Hotel is considered the most luxurious hotel and most sought-after wedding destination in Korea. Nam Sang-hyo (Yoo In-na) is the manager of wedding planning at the hotel and rules over her domain down to the last detail to provide her clients with the most memorable dream weddings. But her perfectionistic work environment begins to unravel when her new wedding client is Goo Hae-young (Jin Lee-han), a famous architect who also happens to be her ex-husband. Things get even more complicated when a man falls to his death during Haeyoung’s wedding, causing a major problem for managing director, Jo Sung-gyeom (Namgoong Min), and the hotel PR manager, Yeo Eun-joo (Lee Young-eun). The murder case that brings about a crisis at the hotel is related to Sunggyeom’s personal history. Now let’s review this drama!

This drama received high ratings on multiple websites. On Viki, this drama received a rating of 8.7, on Asianwiki it received a 91, and on Mydramalist it got a 7.3. Even so, many people are not really satisfied with this drama. We can say My Secret Hotel is not everyone’s cup of tea. In the first few episodes it’s really exciting, but the drama started becoming repetitive. If you’re okay with that, you might love this drama.

People speculated the drama went downhill when the scriptwriter changed from Kim Ye-ri to Kim Do-hyun. There are still a few mysteries that linger in your brain even after watching all the episodes until the very end, because the drama doesn’t give you the answers. We think it’s because they make the crime scenes as sidetracks and focus more on the romance, even though they claimed it’s a mystery/crime series. But don’t worry, some of the scenes still represent those genres, and some parts are creepy and scary. For instance, drops of red liquid keep falling from above, and when Hae Young walks down the aisle, a body,suddenly falls from the glass rooftop and sends all the guests at his wedding screaming and running.

my secret hotel

One thing that makes people still want to watch this drama is the relationship between Nam Sang-hyo and Goo Hae-young. They show us great chemistry by perfectly playing their roles. They made audiences feel as if they were witnessing a real story. The other actors also did a wonderful job with their roles. This drama makes people laugh because of the comedy scenes and, a few seconds later, it leaves us crying over scenes of parting and loss. There are also a few twists that you don’t expect. Another reason is their style is amazing. Every actor has their own style which make them unique. For example, Nam Sang-hyo has a very nice, corporate look.


My Secret Hotel: The Cast


Let’s meet some of the main cast from My Secret Hotel!

Yoo In-na as Nam Sang-hyo


She is the Secret Hotel’s wedding planning manager. She’s trapped in love triangle between Goo Hae-young, her ex-husband, and Jo Sung-gyum, her boss at the hotel.

Jin Yi-han as Goo Hae-young



He is an architect who used to be Sang Hyo’s husband, although the couple divorced seven years ago. He has a fiancee right now, but he still loves Sang Hyo.

Nam Goong-min as Jo Sung-gyum


He is Sang Hyo’s boss, the Secret Hotel’s managing director. He likes Sang Hyo. Meanwhile, there’s a girl who is in love with him, Yeo Eun-joo. This is another love triangle that happens in this drama.

Ha Yun-joo as Jung Soo-ah


She is the daughter of a cosmetic and beauty company owner and is about to marry Goo Hae-young. She doesn’t know that her wedding planner is his ex-wife. 

Lee Young-eun as Yeo Eun-joo


Eun Joo works as the public relations manager for the hotel. She is ambitious in her work. She loves Sung Gyum but it looks like it’s only one-sided love.

My Secret Hotel: The Soundtracks


One of the factors that encourage people to watch this drama is that it has an unforgettable and catchy soundtrack. Here is the eargasm of the My Secret Hotel soundtrack.

Secret by Yoon Sung-ki Feat. Lee So-ri of Twillerce.


This song talks about the memories shared Sang Hyo and Hae Young. They wish they could erase them, but it always fails.

Lost In Love by Neon Bunny


A song about when they were young and didn’t understand love. But as time goes by it’s becomes clearer that both of them (Sang Hyo and Hae Young) fell in love with each other. They said it’s fate, that they don’t ever want to lose it again.

Trap by Swings and Yoo Sung-eun


In short, this song is about not being able to move on from one’s ex-partner. When the other one comes to their life again, they can’t hide that they still have feelings for their ex.

She thinks she can live alone without anyone by her side, but when he comes around again, her feelings grow bigger and bigger.


Is It Love by Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul