K-Drama Review: ‘My Sassy Girl’, a Historical Version of ‘Sassy Girl Chun Hyang’?

My Sassy Girl story

‘Chun-hyang’ Love Story from the Joseon Era

Sassy Girl Chun-hyang is back with another story from the Joseon era. With the title My Sassy Girl, SBS remade the drama with a modern version into the drama sequel with a whole new story taken from the Joseon era. The drama My Sassy Girl is a brand new story from Joseon era which will make public fall in love with the drama especially the lead couple. My Sassy Girl had 16 episodes in total and start airing in South Korea through SBS from May 29 until July 18, 2017 Let’s check out My Sassy Girl drama further.


A Cold City Scholar who Gets Involved with A Troublemaker Princess

My Sassy Girl 2 drama

“My Sassy Girl” is a historical version of “Sassy Girl Chun Hyang”. Different from the original drama, the drama contains a lot of historical situation such as politic, war, internal palace conflict, and people disbelief to the palace. However, the story more focus on character relationship between scholar Gyeon Woo (Joo Won) and rebel Princess Hye-myung (Oh Yeon-seo).

My Sassy Girl first met

Gyeon Woo and Princess Hye-myung firstly met on a bridge when Princess were caught went outside the palace and drunk. Gyeon Woo brought Princess Hye-myung to an inn to clean his cloth and let her slept at the same time, he also kept a green giok ring which Princess is the owner of the ring. However Princess Hye-myung wrong accused Gyeon Woo as pervert man and claimed he has been doing things to Princess Hye-myung.

My Sassy Girl scene 1

Gyeon Woo and Princess Hye-myung relationship went unwell as they keep badmouth each other because Gyeon Woo lost Princess Hye-myung ring. Both of them already went through a lot of thing together as they get to know each other more as they show their different side.

Gyun-hee (Jung Da-bin) was Gyeon Woo sister. She made a mistake by giving the giok ring to Da-yeon and claimed that it was Gyeon Woo gift to Da-yeon. Gyeon Woo got the ring back from Da-yeon with a lot of circumstance. However during this time, Da-yeon claimed Princess Hye-myung as an enemy to attract Gyeon Woo attention.

My Sassy Girl 2 - heal the bleeding

Because Princess Hye-myung like caused a lot trouble outside the palace, she once being kidnapped by several people who already paid by Jung Ki-joon subordinate. Gyeon Woo and Kang Joon-youn came to safe Princess Hye-myung and Gyeon Woo was bleeding while doing the action. Gyeon Woo and Princess Hye-myung love affection start to blossom since then.

My Sassy Girl 2 - cat and dog relationship

There are a lot of unimagine story plot until the end of the drama. Cat-and-dog relationship between Gyeon Woo and Princess Hye-myung are interesting to be watched from the drama.

The story mostly oriented from Princess Hae-myung perspective to find the real truth in her life.


The Casts

My Sassy Girl 2 cast

Joo Won as Gyeon Woo

Gyeon Woo is well known as a cold city scholar who is popular among girl. He back to Joseon after finish his study in Qing Province, China. He is smart and uphold justice as his right. Gyeon Woo is a son of a minister Gyun Pil-hyung.

Oh Yeon-seo as Princess Hye-myung

Princess Hye-myung is the only princess in Joseon who is known for her troublemaker attitude. Princess Hye-myung lost her mother due wrong internal palace judgement. She is boyish, smart and think differently from anyone who grow up in the palace. With that attitude, she want to bring the light to the mystery behind her mother case.

Lee Jung-shin as Kang Joon-youn

Kang Joon-youn is a Joseon lieutenant soldier who close to Princess Hye-myung. He always try to protect Princess Hye-myung and help King Wheejong with secret quest to protect the palace. It seems Kang Joon-youn fall in love with Princess Hye-myung.

Kim Yoon-hye as Jung Da-yeon

Jung Da-yeon is daughter of minister Jung Ki-joon who fall in love with Gyeon Woo. She is feminine with a lady attitude. Even Gyeon Woo younger sister want her and Gyeon Woo to date each other.

And many other supporting character.


The Soundtracks

My Sassy Girl - Soundtrack

The One – Because it’s you

SE O (Jelly Cookie) – Permeate

Gummy – Because I Love You

Ben – Like Destiny


7 Reasons You Should Give ‘My Sassy Girl’ A Try

My Sassy Girl 2 review

Brand New Storyline

Unlike drama version of “Sassy Girl Chun-hyang”, “My Sassy Girl” has a fresh storyline which has different love story. While the original movie focuses on the relationship between an “ordinary” man and his “eccentric” girlfriend, the drama is about between the rebel princess and a scholar. The character would be involved in the real situation on Joseon era like power, politic and many more.

Suitable Cast with the Character

The main lead of drama “My Sassy Girl”, Joo Won and Oh Yeon-seo is the sassiest couple on 2017. The drama is Joo Won last project before going to the military and Oh Yeon-seo special project. Other than main cast, the villain on the drama like minister Jung Ki-joon played by Jung Woong-in also a perfect character.

Unpredictable Character Relationship Improvement

Character development through each episode is unpredictable, especially Princess Hye-myung attitude had been improve and became less aggressive through time. Princess Hye-myung character became softer and calmer as she care about her people around.

Modern Situation in Joseon Era

Although the setting taken place in Joseon Era, however a lot of modern things could be seen in the drama. Such as Gyeon Woon pet,

Fresh Slapstick Comedy

Unlike any other historical drama, “My Sassy Girl” has a lot of comedy scene between the serious scene. For sample, when Princess Hye-myung was searching her ring and almost went inside a bandit house, she casually walk to entering the house while Gyeon Woo currently explaining the situation.

Learn More about Korea Traditional Culture

Some of the episode show traditional event from Korea culture like Lantern festival, King hunting event and many more. Korea traditional cloth and food also could be seen in several scene.

Addictive Plot

The plot is different from any historical drama. With comedy-romance essence, the unusual story will make you addict to the plot. The story not only focused on the palace situation but also the character situation to find the real truth on they life.