K-Drama Review: ‘Mr. Queen’ – When a Grown Man Became a Queen and Changed History

3 Reasons to Watch the Korean Drama Mr. Queen

mr queen

You don’t have only one reason but three good reasons to start binge-watching Mr. Queen. Let’s see why you have to watch Mr. Queen below!

Mama is Ridiculously Adorable

mr queen

Mama or Kim So-young’s character is actually active and playful. But, Jang Bong-hwan in Kim So-young’s body makes her behavior be even more mischievous. If you like the idea of switching-body dramas, Mr. Queen is a good recommendation for you even though Kim So-young’s soul is still inside her body.

You can see how Jang Bong-hwan in Kim So-young’s body struggles in some conditions and wants to go back, but in the end, he tries to live life as Kim So-young and solve her problems. Since Jang Bong-hwan is a grown man, his personality is really different from a queen. You will definitely find it hilarious when you see Kim So-young’s boyish side show up.

Outstanding Acts by the Cast

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Shin Hye-sun, the actress who portrayed Mama or Kim So-young, needs to get an award for this drama. She really nailed the act of a man inside a woman’s body. Starting from the way she acts and talks, everything seems like a whole different person. We can see a bit of “Jang Bong-hwan” who is originally portrayed by Choi Jin-hyuk in Shin Hye-sun’s acts.

mr queen mama

Kim Jung-hyun who portrayed King Cheoljong also did a great job. The development of Cheoljong’s character from the first episode to the final episode is really interesting, too. His facial expressions when the king is angry or looks calm are some of the reasons why viewers love Mr. Queen.

Na In-woo, the actor who portrayed Kim So-young’s cousin, also stole some attention. This may not be his first drama, but ever since he starred as Kim Byeong-in, he gained more popularity.

Learn Korean History

cheoljong mr queen

Even though Mr. Queen is a fiction drama, most of the characters are based on a true story. Starting from the king Cheoljong of Joseon, the queen, and Jo Hwa-jin, they were parts of Korean history. Even though the whole story in the drama is different from the reality, we can pretty much know the real history of Cheoljong of the Joseon Era.

Cheoljong was actually a farmer who became a king. He was uneducated, and that’s why he cannot read or write, just like Cheoljong in the drama portrayed by Kim Jung-hyun.

mr queen

Cheoljong was also in love with Jo Gwi-in from the Pyeongyang Jo clan, his consort. Kim So-young is known as Queen Cheorin in real history.

However, just like what we see in the controversies section, Korean netizens are angry with Mr. Queen‘s storyline. Most of them thought that the plot is different from real life. Hmm, what do you think about this? Well, at least we can still learn a little about Korean history from Mr. Queen.


That’s all the information that you should know about the Korean drama Mr. Queen. Not only the storyline, but everything about Mr. Queen is so engaging. You won’t be disappointed watching Mr. Queen. Let us know your thoughts about this drama if you have watched it. You can also check out other articles about your favorite K-dramas, K-pop idols, and Korean actors or actress at Channel-Korea!