K-Drama Review: ‘Mr. Queen’ – When a Grown Man Became a Queen and Changed History

Mr. Queen‘s Ending Explained: Plot Twist and Is It Different From the Chinese Version?

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If you watch the Chinese version of Mr. Queen, you may predict that the ending is the same. Well, if the Chinese version or Go Princess Go has some alternate endings, Mr. Queen is different. Mr. Queen‘s ending is in episode 20 without an alternate ending.

In the final episode of Mr. Queen, Kim Cheol-jong and Kim So-young almost die because of a shooter. But thankfully, Kim Byeong-in helps them even though it costs him to lose his life. However, after Kim So-young gets shot, Jang Bong-hwan goes back to modern times. He is in the hospital and searches for the history of Cheol-jong in the Joseon era.

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Jang Bong-hwan really worries about Kim Cheol-jong’s life. He thinks that the king is dead. However, he freaks out to find out that history has changed. Kim Cheol-jong’s era was quite successful. Instead of dying at an early age, Jang Bong-hwan sees that Kim Cheol-jong and Kim So-young really have a blissful life.

What do you think about the ending of Mr. Queen? Do you prefer the Chinese version ending or the Korean ending? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

Mr. Queen‘s Positive Reactions: Ratings and Special Episode

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Mr. Queen had some bad and good comments during the airing. But mostly, the comments from people in Korea or outside Korea are positive. They really like the chemistry between Kim Jung-hyun and Shin Hye-sun, not to mention the perfect storyline and the comedic scenes. Mr. Queen really satisfies the viewers!

Mr. Queen got one of the highest ratings among K-dramas that aired on tvN. For cable TV, getting an 18.554% rating for the final episode is really fantastic. Mr. Queen‘s rating is close to other popular tvN dramas such as Crash Landing on You, Goblin, etc.

Because of this huge euphoria from the viewers, Mr. Queen showed two spin-off episodes that aired on the same day as the final episode. The spin-off or the special episodes tell a story about the king, Kim Cheol-jong, and Queen Cheorin, or Kim So-young, before they got married.

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Sadly, we can’t find Jang Bong-hwan in Kim So-young’s body in this special episode. But still, now we know how Kim Cheol-jong started to fall in love with Kim So-young in their first encounter.

There’s also a commentary episode where the cast watches and talks about the scenes or the characters that they are portraying. You can find it here!

Mr. Queen is really a big success, right? Well then, there must be no bad comments about it, right? Shh, it’s too early to say that. Let’s check out the next section.

Mr. Queen‘s Controversies: K-Net Reactions

mr queen controversy

Korean netizens are sensitive to their country’s history. No wonder that Mr. Queen, which tells a story of a real-life king named Kim Cheol-jong, got criticized by Korean netizens. They thought that Mr. Queen is not only changing the history to romanticize their own fiction but is also disrespectful to Korean history.

Mr. Queen also got canceled by some netizens who think that the Chinese novelist of its original story, Xian Chen, mocked Korean history.

mr queen controversy

When Mr. Queen first aired, there are some hate comments for the drama. But it slowly disappears because of the positive comments that praised Mr. Queen is really a lot. However, after the drama ended, K-netizens started to throw hate not only to the drama but also to the actress, Shin Hye-sun.

That happened after the conflict of another historical drama, Joseon Exorcist. That drama is also under fire because of historical distortion.