K-Drama Review: ‘Iris’ – Story of Friendship, Action, and Revenge

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Iris: A Mixture of Action-Thriller and Romance!

What kind of K-drama do you prefer to watch? There are a lot of genres in K-drama including romance, melodrama, thriller, action, crime, and more. This time, Channel Korea will provide you an old but gold K-drama review of Iris which was released in 2009. If you want to know more about the drama, keep on reading!

Iris: Synopsis & Review


Iris is a KBS2 drama that provides action, romance, and thriller as its genre. The drama also starred various rising actors such as Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee, Kim So-yeon, Jung Joon-ho, and even BIGBANG’s T.O.P! So, what is the main story of Iris?
Kim Hyun-joon and Jin Sa-woo are two guys who have a strong bond and friendship.

They are also famously known for having amazing skills in their fields, and they are recruited by the secret South Korean agency named National Security Services (NSS).
While completing a mission for NSS, Hyun-joon and Sa-woo meet a beautiful agent named Choi Seung-hee who becomes their trainer in NSS. However, Hyun-joon finds out that Seung-hee is a spy in disguise.


However, it makes their relationship closer in a romantic way. On the other side, Hyun-joon has to face the reality when his best friend betrays him. Their friendship is tested by an international conspiracy. That is the beginning of Hyun-joon’s revenge, and you will get to know more while watching the drama!

Find Out More about the Ending of Iris Here!


Disclaimer! This part contains a spoiler of the ending, so you better anticipate it! After Hyun-joon is betrayed by Sa-woo, he starts his vengeance and makes a plan. He also finds out about IRIS, a secret group that is involved in the relation between South Korea and North Korea.

With Seung-hee, Hyun-joon tries to prevent IRIS from starting its plan to prevent the reunification of South Korea and North Korea. Hyun-joon becomes the negotiator to save the situation after South Korea’s president is blackmailed. Meanwhile, Seung-hee disguises herself as one of the IRIS agents to destroy them. Luckily, Hyun-joon and Seung-hee successfully save the day!


In the end, Hyun-joon and Seung-hee decide to leave NSS and start a normal life. Hyun-joon also intends to propose to Seung-hee, but along the way, he gets shot by an anonymous shooter without Seung-hee even knowing about it. Well, it is such an unexpected ending! No wonder a lot of viewers were unsatisfied with the ending and were surprised.

Introducing the Main Characters of Iris


Lee Byung-hun as Kim Hyun-jun


He is known as the top agent in NSS due to his shrewdness and intelligence. After he receives a mission to kill North Korea’s leader, Hyun-joon is betrayed by his best friend which makes him want to gain revenge.

Kim Tae-hee as Choi Seung-hee


She is one of the NSS staff who trained Hyun-joon and Sa-woo. She thought that Hyun-joon died during his mission, but they are reunited when Hyun-joon attempts his vengeance. They are secretly in a relationship.

Jung Joon-ho as Jin Sa-woo


He was Hyun-joon’s best friend, but they have to take different paths. Jin Sa-woo receives a mission to kill Hyun-joon and joins the secret agent team named IRIS.

Kim So-yeon as Kim Sun-hwa


She is a North Korean agent who fails a mission. She can be forgiven if she kills Hyun-joon, but she falls in love with him.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P as Vick


He is one of the IRIS agents who is always getting in Hyun-joon’s way, but he ends up losing to Hyun-joon.

Best Choices from Iris‘s OST That You Have to Listen To!


“Don’t Forget” by Baek Ji-young

“Don’t Forget” might be the most phenomenal song among the whole Iris soundtrack! With a mixture of a slow melody and the soft voice of Baek Ji-young, “Don’t Forget” depicts a strong love wherever the lovers are, just like Hyun-joon and Seung-hee in the drama!

“Hallelujah” by BIGBANG

Did you know that the K-pop male group BIGBANG also sang for the soundtracks of Iris? The group contributed the song “Hallelujah” with upbeat music! The lyrics remind us of Hyun-joon as a secret agent who has been through a lot in his life!

“Dreaming Dream” by Kim Tae-woo

This song has the kind of music that is easy to listen to, and you will love it from the first listen! “Dreaming Dream” describes the love of a guy towards his loved one and how he cherishes every memory of her that passes by!

Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Watch Iris!


You might be a little hesitant to watch Iris, but don’t worry since Channel Korea will convince you even more! Here are some reasons why Iris is worth watching!

Full of First-Rate Actors


We have mentioned that Iris starred a lot of popular and talented actors! It has Lee Byung-hun who is also famous in Hollywood, top actress Kim Tae-hee, rising K-pop idol T.O.P from BIGBANG, and more!

The Most Expensive K-Drama


Did you know that Iris spent a budget of approximately $34 million? That made Iris and the spin-off Athena the most expensive K-dramas which will give you another sensation while feeling the richness within it!

Undeniably Thrilling Scenes


Since Iris is an action-thriller drama, it successfully portrays many thrilling scenes, especially when it comes to fighting scenes!

That is all for our review and additional information about Iris! Overall, Iris has a great plot despite the “unsatisfying” ending. But, still, Iris is highly recommended, especially for those who are looking for an action drama! Well, are you interested in watching Iris after reading our review? Write your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!