K-Drama Review: ‘Imitation’ – The Life, Journey, and Struggle of K-Pop Idols

korean drama imitation

The Drama That Will Makes You Want to Be a K-Pop Idol—Imitation

Have you ever imagined what real life looks like for K-Pop idols in the entertainment industry? Well, it seems private, but you can get the illustration of it through a drama titled Imitation. The drama consists of 12 episodes and tells you about idols’ struggles and life.

Find out more about Imitation through this detailed review by Channel-Korea!

Imitation: Synopsis & Review

korean drama imitation

Imitation tells about Lee Ma-ha who dreamed of being an idol. Short story, she became a trainee until she almost debuted as an OMEGA-3 member with Ri-a and Hyunji. Ma-ha replaces the original member Annie who suddenly passed away. However, the group didn’t debut because of the controversy surrounding Annie’s death.

Ma-ha is also known as the ‘imitation’ of singer La Ri-ma since she is a fan of her and loves to perform La Ri-ma’s songs. After a lot of struggles, Ma-ha, Hyunji, and Ri-a re-debut again as a girl group named Tea Party.

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On the other side, there is a famous boy group named SHAX under NOG Entertainment. The group consists of 5 members and Kwon Ryoc is the most popular one. He doesn’t like copycat people, and that’s why he is irritated when he meets Ma-ha who is imitating La Ri-ma.

Even though the atmosphere between Ryoc and Ma-ha is quite cold at first, it slowly melts as they get to know each other better after they have a drama project together. In this drama, you will learn a lot about the truths and struggles of becoming a K-Pop idol, and you will be entertained by the romance and beautiful scenes.

General Information:

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Title: Imitation

Directed By: Han Hyun-hee

Starring: Jung Ji-so, Lee Jun-young, Jeong Yun-ho, Park Ji-yeon

Number of Episodes: 12

Official Network: KBS2

Imitation Spoiler: K-Pop Idols’ Career Journey in The Industry

korean drama imitation

While the relationship between Ma-ha and Ryoc is getting closer, they also encounter many difficulties. Their secret relationship has been revealed to the public, there is also a moment when Tea Party are sued by other agencies; Ryoc has a ‘private’ contract with his agency’s CEO, and on top of it, the controversy of Annie’s death.

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Ryoc and Ma-ha try to solve the problems while preserving their relationship. Turns out, they find out that Annie was Lee Eun-jo’s girlfriend. The reason why he left the SHAX concert a few years ago was that he couldn’t handle the truth about Annie’s death.

imitation drama

In the end, Ryoc and Ma-ha try to protect everyone. Even SHAX members, SPARKLING members, Tea Party members, and La Ri-ma put on a precious performance together, with Eun-jo’s sudden appearance as the guest star. Ryoc finally kept his promise to brought him back!

Meet The Cast of Imitation

korean drama imitation
lee maha imitation

Jung Ji-so plays the role of Lee Ma-ha, a Tea Party member. She started to fall in love with Ryoc, and they used to meet in the past in a dance team. She didn’t know if his best friend, Yujin, has feelings for her.

kwon ryoc imitation

Lee Jun-young plays the role of Kwon Ryoc, the most popular member of SHAX. He seems cold at first toward Ma-ha, but he eventually falls for her charm. Even though he has a strong personality, Ryoc is haunted by the sudden disappearance of Eun-jo, one of the SHAX members.

la ri ma imitation

Park Ji-yeon took the role of La Ri-ma, a charismatic female K-Pop singer. She has feelings for Ryoc, but lets them go after finding out that Ryoc has feelings for Ma-ha.

yujin sparkling imitation

Jung Yun-ho took the role of Lee Yu-jin, a member of SPARKLING. He and Ma-ha are best friends, but Ma-ha doesn’t know that Yujin has a crush on her. Secretly, Ma-ha’s groupmate, Hyujin, has feelings for Yu-jin.

Check Out The Imitation OST Recommendations, Here!

korean drama imitation

Channel-Korea will reveal the 3 best recommendations from the soundtrack of the drama Imitation, and here you go:

“Your Sign” or also known as “Constellation” is one of the best songs ever! SHAX members, Tea Party members, SPARKLING members, even La Ri-ma have gathered together to sing the song. With a soft melody, “Your Sign” describes someone as their constellation.

“If We Were” by Tea Party’s Ma-ha is also the best! The song reminds the viewers of Ma-ha and Ryoc’s love story as K-Pop idols. Even though there are many difficult circumstances surrounding them, they always find a way to get back together.

“MALO” is a song performed by SHAX. Even though SHAX is a fictional boy group, their vocal and dance performances are amazing. While you listen to the song, you will imagine a huge noise at a K-Pop concert.


Is Imitation Worth Watching? Find The Reasons, Here

korean drama imitation

Imitation is a light and fresh K-Drama that you can watch in your spare time. For further consideration, here are some compelling reasons why Imitation is worth watching:

1. Based on a Webtoon

imitation webtoon

Imitation is based on the Webtoon by Park Kyung-ran with the same title. Believe us, the drama is as good as the Webtoon!

2. Tells The Life of K-Pop Idols

shax imitation

Being a K-Pop idol isn’t always about fame, but they have to face a lot of problems and hard times to debut. In Imitation, you will get the illustration of an idol’s life. How they are restricted in terms of dating, a long period of training, and many ‘darker’ truths.

3. The Visual and The Scenes

tea party imitation

Imitation successfully brought many gorgeous visuals by chosen K-Pop artists to take the role, and they bring to life many beautiful scenes in the drama. The way the cast performs on stage, the way they act, and everything about them is just precious. FYI, some of the cast members are actually idols or singers. They are ATEEZ’s Yunho, San, Seonghwa, and Jongho, T-ARA’s Jiyeon, Minseo, SF9’s Chani and Hwiyoung, and U-Kiss’ Jun.

That’s the review of the Korean drama Imitation! From the plot to the soundtrack, everything about Imitation is very captivating. We can also understand the value of this drama that every dream will find its way! Do you also want to watch or re-watch this drama? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share this review on your social media.