K-Drama Review: ‘Hyena’ is a Political Drama Starring Ju Ji-hoon and Kim Hye-soo You Shouldn’t Miss


Hyena Proves That You Can Win Both Lawsuit And Love In Courtroom

Hyena is a Korean drama that revolves a story about two lawyers with a different background. Kim Hye-Su proves that her charisma in legal dramas and movies is unmatched. Strong character, skill and colossal experience in a grey area of law are her strong points. She must overcome a rival that came from the dynasty of a respected law enforcer.

Hyena has both the serious side and the romantic side of Korean drama. Viewers can enjoy watching Hyena with its simple plot and lots of intrigues.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Korean drama Hyena. So stay tuned!

Hyena: Review

Hyena is a Korean TV series that’s based on two lawyers. The first is a man who has both financial and brain to win any lawsuits while the other is a woman who lacks financial supports but has the knack of solving any case with all possible means, legal or illegally.

Hyena was aired from February 21 to April 11, 2020. Senior actress, Kim Hye-soo and charismatic actor, Ju Ji-hoon competed in a winning case by their way. Kim Hye-soo played the role of an opportunistic lawyer that is eager to steal clients from another lawyer. Ju Ji-hoon performed the role of a bright and talented lawyer that grow up from a dynasty of a professional lawyer.

Hyena aired on SBS TV and cable channel Netflix. Legal-based Korean drama is one of the most popular TV series after romantic and comedy themed dramas. Director Jang Tae-Yoo gained popularity for his work in directing blockbuster Korean dramas such as My Love From The Star (2012-2014) and War of Money (2007).

Hyena viewership rating started at 7.7% and ended up at 14.5%. The ratings continue to improve from the first episode until the last episodes.


Kim Hye-Su and Ju Ji-hoon are both determined lawyers that give their best to win any case. Jung Geum-Ja has the female vibe of Kim Sung-Ryong, a hugely popular character in 2017 KBS2 drama, Chief Kim. Both have them loves wearing a tracksuit, has a strong determination to succeed, and come up from a poor neighborhood. Jung Geum-Ja showed a lot of confidence and a strong character.

Even though they came from the opposite background and use different methods, they are in many ways have lots of ordinary things. It is no wonder that they become attracted to each other despite their completion in the courtroom.

Hyena: The Casts


Kim Hye-soo as Jung Geum-Ja

Jung Geum-Ja is a lawyer that works on her own to succeed. She was born from a poor family, and she must strive to pay tuition in law school. After graduating from law school, she set up her law firm. She determines to win a case by any means possible. She is like wild grass in a beautiful garden. No matter how often you pluck the grass, it will continue to come out and outgrow other grass. If you step on the grass, it will not disappear but will expand and grow even taller. The grass is so tough that it can outgrow other plants and dominate the entire garden.

Jung Geum-Ja is a true hyena. She pursues money by ignoring the law, morals, or justice.  Her only drawback is that she doesn’t have any finances and relations to survive in the harsh lawyer world. The only way that she can survive is by her hyena instinct of scrambling and finding anything possible.

Jung Geum-Ja is the owner of a small legal firm. Her client is low life crooks and poor citizen. She determines to steal the rich clients from her rival’s hand.


Joo Ji-hoon as Yoon Hee-jae

Yoon Hee-Jae is a lawyer that came from an elite lawyer dynasty. He graduated from a famous law school, and he is blessed with intelligence and character. He has financial support from his wealthy family and a long history of relationships with influential people.
Due to his connection, he always works with clients that have all the money to make anything possible. Yoon Hee-Jae has the expertise and brain to win any case. He knows how to bend the law to favor his side.

His grandfather and his father is the former chief judge while his father is the current judge in the country. He is the youngest employee of a famous law firm. He is the ace of Song and Kim law firm with the highest winning percentage in the country. He has a cold head and can mastermind any game plan in winning any law case.

He has both the appearance and the brain to be a successful lawyer. Yoon Hee-Jae is a workaholic lawyer and determined to win the respect of the world. Money is not his ambition, but success and status are his only goal.

Hyena: The Soundtracks


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Hyena

    1. Hyena lineup cast was filled with renowned actors, actresses, and promising new faces. Kim Hye-soo returned to Korean drama after around four years of performing in Korean movies.
    2. The director was able to direct the drama based on the leading roles’ character. Kim Hye-soo’s trademark provocative character is one of the selling points of Hyena.
    3. Joo Ji-hoon continuously performs and becomes the gold standard of leading male actors in dramas. His previous role as leading male actors gained a lot of acclaims.
    4. The plot started simple but gradually expanded with intrigues and complexities. Director Jang Tae-you can build the tension and made viewers on the edge of their seats to the last episode.
    5. Excellent cinematography and scene-stealing segments made every Hyena episodes exciting and tense. The atmosphere and angle of shooting in the courtroom made viewers feel as if they are sitting in the courtroom.

That was all the information about Hyena. If you are bored with the lovey-dovey themed Korean drama, then Hyena is a worth watching Korean drama. Kim Hye-Su’s performance in Hyena deserved a lot of praise.