K-Drama Review: ‘High Kick 1’ is a Daily Sitcom That Will Crack You Up!

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch High Kick 1


Even though the drama has a lot of episodes, a total of 167 (plus 4 special episodes), it doesn’t seem to be boring for the viewers at all. This is evident from the fact that the creators went and did two more seasons of the drama, which were watched by many of the viewers of the original first season. And here are five reasons why you should watch this incredible sit-com.

You definitely won’t get bored

Despite having many episodes, the duration per episode is 30 minutes. The sit-com is worth watching because time passes very quickly when watching it. I can promise you that this sit-com will keep you entertained and you won’t feel boredom in the least.

Tackling family stories but funny at the same time

This sit-com is about a family that is very funny. One of the things that make this family drama funny is their interaction with each other which is not something you see in families. At the beginning of the story, this drama illustrates that the characters who should be closest to each other are instead the ones that hate each other.

Describes a very realistic family relationship

Although this is a sit-com, the drama does not escape the deep meaning of the family. This can be seen from the details of the story that is being unraveled, which represents family relationships in general. At a certain age and period, certain characters will experience specific things.

Perfect Cast

Each character in this role has their own story and has their own problems, but the storyline is amazingly not making this drama undirected. On the contrary, it makes it very elegant to watch.

Of course, this is due to the selection of the actresses and actors who are very good and very appropriate. When you take everything into account, and consider the drama as a whole, you can see their individual acting abilities balancing in the sit-com and creating a perfect harmony for every scene.

Drama debut for rising actors and actresses

This drama was the first appearance in a drama for actor Jung Il-woo and actress Park Min-young. Who doesn’t know them now? Beginning their career by appearing in this sit-com, their path could be easily traced and now they have increasing popularity.

For actor Kim Bum, this drama is his second appearance in a drama after his role in the popular drama Outrageous Women, which was aired during the same year as High Kick! He is well-known now for his appearance in one of the most popular Korean dramas, Boys Over Flowers.

Of course, it is also interesting to see the artists grow and age before eyes, however, it would seem that they don’t age. Even after more than 10 years after the drama finished airing their faces appear exactly the same as before. Some of them are even more beautiful and handsome than before.