K-Drama Review: A Second Chance and Reborn As Different Person With ‘Come Back Mister’


Learn More About the Star-Studded Romantic Comedy Drama, Come Back Mister

Soul switching is a favorite themes in Korean dramas or movies. Soul switching and reborn-themed dramas offer important life lessons and encourage the viewers to enjoy their precious time with family and loved ones. Come Back Mister is a funny and entertaining drama about soul switching. The appearance of leading actors and actress in this drama is evidence of an excellent plot and entertaining scenes. Come Back Mister is one of the most star-studded dramas, with the cast including Kim Soo-ro, Rain, Lee Min-jung, Oh Yeon-seo, and new actor Lee Tae-hwan. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about the romantic-comedy drama, Come Back Mister. So stay tuned!

Comeback Mister: Review



Kim Young-soo is an ordinary-looking, workaholic section chief in the woman’s clothing section at Sunjin Department Store. He has a beautiful wife, Shin Da-hye, and a lovely daughter, but he spends most of his time working long hours and ignoring his family. One day, during his overtime work, he accidentally falls from the department store’s roof and kills himself. His company covers up the accident and announces it as a suicide to avoid further investigation.

Han Gi-tak is a former criminal and gangs member, who left his dark past behind and starts a new life as a cook. He only loves Song Yi-yeon, a famous actress who was once married to Cha Jae-gook, the president of Sunjin Department Store. Song Yi-yeon has a child from her marriage, but was forced to give custody to Cha Jae-gook. Han Gi-tak discovers the fact, but, unfortunately, gets into a car accident. Both Han Gi-tak and Kim Young-so die at the same time.


They must return from the afterlife to solve their unfinished problems. Kim Young-soo must prove that his accident wasn’t a suicide, while Han Gi-tak must protect Song Yi-yeon. They are given two months to deal with each problem. However, both of them must deal with the problems in their new bodies, Kim Young-soo is given a handsome young man’s body, while Han Gi-tak is given a beautiful young woman’s body. They are given several conditions when receiving their second chances. If the conditions are broken, their actual being will be erased.

In the end, both Kim Young-soo and Han Gi-tak complete their missions. However, Han Gi-tak failed to comply with the conditions and revealed his true identity. His existence was erased from his sister’s memories. Shin Da-hye realizes that Kim Young-soo is, indeed, her late husband in a new body. This time, both of them had a proper goodbye.


Come Back Mister is an adaptation from a Japanese novel published in 2002, Mr Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days, by Jiro Asada. the series was aired on SBS from February to April 2016, and spanned 16 episodes. Unfortunately, the drama had the same airing time as the hit drama Descendants of the Sun.

The average rating of Come Back Mister is low, starting at 8%, but dropping to 3.1% for the final episode. However, the lead actress, Oh Yeon-seo, received the Special Acting Award for her acting performance in the drama.

Come Back Mister: The Cast


Main Characters :

Rain as Lee Hae-joon/Kim Young-soo


Kim Young-soo reincarnated as an elite, good looking man. Being reincarnated as a handsome man, he takes full advantage of his appearance. However, his dialogue, accent, and behavior remain the same as the past Kim Young-soo’s, which doesn’t fit his current appearance.

As the head of a department store, he improves employees’ welfare and sets up new rules by himself. Realizing his improved status and appearance, he took care of his family and treated them well, even though he ignored them in the past.

He approaches Shin Da-hye, his past wife, but he feels shy even though she is his actual wife. He doesn’t know whether to smile or to cry when seeing his family

Oh Yeon-seo as Han Hong-nan/Han Gi-tak


Han Hong-nan is a pretty young woman with a manly attitude. In the previous life, she had to be bossy, manly, and carried the burden of being a man. Suddenly, he became a woman who may be weak and helpless. She finds joy in being weak, and starts to pay more attention to appearance. Gradually, she become feminine and casts off her gangster character.

As a woman, she could easily approach her dearest, Song Yi-yeon, and be friends with her. As a woman, she can’t treat and love her more as  than a friend

Kim In-kwon as Kim Young-soo


Kim Young-soo works as the assistant manager for the women’s apparel section in a department store. He is Shin Da-hye’s husband, who reincarnated himself as Lee Hae-joon.

Kim Young-soo is a workaholic, but a smooth and calm person. He doesn’t believe his colleagues or juniors in work, therefore his way to success in work is very limited. He hates to change and is lacking the strong will for success

He has a beautiful, much younger wife and pretty daughter. Both of them were left behind because Kim Young-soo preferred working than being with them.

After his reincarnation into a much better appearance, he became a more confident man. He took care of his family and looked after them. He regretted his negligence towards his family in the past

Kim Soo-ro as Han Gi-tak


Han Gi-tak is a former criminal who let go of his dark life and chose to open a restaurant. He was in love with actress Song Yi-yeon. He reincarnated himself as Han Hong-nan, a beautiful woman with a criminal character. He is Shin Da-hye’s long-lost brother.

During his younger days, he was known as gangster who solved problems with violence, who worked with drug dealers, and who was a gambler. He gave up his dark past and opened a restaurant after meeting his first and only love, Song Yi-yeon.

Lee Min-jung as Shin Da-hye


Shin Da-hye is Jung Ji-hoon’s ex-girlfriend and Kim Young-soo’s wife. She works in the women’s apparel section in the department store. She is Han Gi-tak’s long-lost sister.

She works hard as a loving housewife, who manages her family’s small income and provides meals to her daughter and father-in-law. She doesn’t complain about her husband’s negligence. After her husband’s passing, she must earn money and work to support the family. Even though she is working in the department store, she prefers buying clothes in the local market.

When working in the department store, a rich and handsome man approaches her. His character and behavior are similar to her past husband’s, but his appearance is completely different. She started to open herself to the man, and introduced him to her family.

Lee Ha-nui as Song Yi-yeon


Song Yi-yeon was a famous actress. She has the appearance of top-grade actress, but was struggling to earn roles in movies and dramas. She was married to Cha Jae-gook, the owner of the department store, but they divorced after 10 years of marriage. Cha Jae-gook treated her like a mistress, and treated her badly. After her divorce, she had difficulties in earning money and supporting her lifestyle. One day, she met with Han Hong-nan, sister of Han Gi-tak, her previous lover. Han Hong-nan’s eyes resembles Han Gi-tak’s eyes. They quickly become friends, and she starts to believe in Han Hong-nan.

Yoon Park as Jung Ji-hoon


Jung Ji-hoon is Kim Young-soo’s direct junior at department store, and Shin Da-hye’s ex-lover. He is known for his good looks, and becomes number one employer. He uses his appearance to win the heart of customers and earn him promotions. He uses his influence to hire Shin Da-hye as contract employer in department store. He is an ambitious young man who hides it behind the tender smile.

Choi Won-young as Cha Jae-gook


Cha Jae-gook is the president of department store, and Song Yi-yeon’s ex husband. He uses his money and influences to solve his problems and run his business. He got married to Song Yi-yeon, but treated her coldly. He doesn’t know how to love other people because he never received love from anyone. He lacks interest in relationships and lacks affection for his son and ex-wife.