K-Drama Review: A Poor Girl Gets to Live in a Fancy House with Four Handsome Guys in ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’

Cinderella and Four Knights: The Soundtracks


BTOB – For You


YOUNHA – I Believe


Jessi – My Romeo


ZIA -Only One


Yoon Bo Mi (Apink) – Without You


SinB (GFRIEND) – Confession ( Ft. Si Jin)


DICKPUNKS – Star Fall On You (별이 쏟아지는 너)


Shin Woo (B1A4 CNU) – The Way To Find Love (사랑을 찾는 방법)


Lee Jung Shin (CNBLUE) – Confession (고백)


Green Cacao (그린 카카오) – If I Ever See You Again (언젠가 그대 다시 만나면)” (ft. Monet (모네))


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Cinderella and Four Knights


The Appearances of Four Handsome Guys

Of course, this is the one thing that really makes Korean drama lovers so eager to watch this drama, which is the appearance of handsome actors who will bless the eyes of the women.

Unusual Cinderella Storyline

Even though it has the element “Cinderella” in the title,  the story of this drama is completely different from the story of the fairy tale. This is one of the reasons this drama should be a must in your watch list.

The Strong “Cinderella” Character

Ha-won has the same background as the character “Cinderella”, who lives with her stepmother and stepsister and is treated badly, but in this drama Cinderella’s character is different. The Cinderella character Park So-dam plays has a strong personality, but is not unyielding.

The Chemistry between Cinderella and The Four Knights

Bringing handsome actors in this drama makes us curious about their interactions with their Cinderella. The men all have different backgrounds, different traits and personalities, making Cinderella be treated differently, which is precisely what makes it more interesting. Viewers have a hard time knowing which of the cousins to root for in their pursuit of ha-won.

Bromance Between The Four Knights

Hating each other and not caring about each other, makes the chemistry between the cousins so adorable. Both want to protect and support the Cinderella, and there is a time when they have to work together, which draws them closer and ultimately ends the hate and the distance between them.