K-Drama Review: ‘Chicago Typewriter’ Follows Two Different Story with the Same Casts in 1930s and Modern Days


Heartwarming Story About Love, Friendship, and Family

Chicago Typewriter is set in the 1930s in Kyungsung, Korea. Shin Yul as the owner of the cafe Carpe Diem is a core member of the Joseon Youth Alliance in Kyungsung. At that time, there were still many Japanese officials who wanted to find out who the characters behind terror were in Japanese officials. So the leader of the Joseon Youth Alliance is hunted and anyone who fights will be tortured and killed in front of his own friends.

Who would have thought it turned out that the boss a.k.a the intended boss was Seo Hui-young, the person who looked relaxed, a playboy, just thinking about parties and how to have fun at the cafe. Seo Hui-young and Shin Yul both fall in love with Ryu Soo-hyeon, the girl who was rescued by Seo Hui-young when her parents were slaughtered by Japan. However, Ryu Soo-hyeon did not know that Seo Hui-young was the one who saved her at that time because the man was wearing a black mask. Seo Hui-young is also indifferent to Ryu Soo-hyeon and asks Shin Yul to confess to being the mysterious masked man. Unexpectedly, before he died, Shin Yul hoped that the three of them could be friends again in the next life. And that wish came true with the gathering of the three of them to complete the delayed mission. Complete the novel that Hui Young had started to write.

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Chicago Typewriter: Review



Chicago Typewriter tells the story of Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in) a famous writer who has many fans and anti-fans. While outside the country, Han Se-joo accidentally finds an antique typewriter which when he approaches, Han Se-joo suddenly can imagine his past in the time when the typewriter was bought, the owner of the typewriter would not allow it. Meanwhile, Jeon Seol (Im Soo-jung) is a hard-working woman who idolizes Han Se-joo, she is a fan of Han Se-joo who will buy all the books written by Han Se-joo. Jeon Seol works as a part-time worker who once dreamed of becoming an Olympic athlete and graduated from her veterinary school but Jeon Seol gave up on her dreams.

One day Jeon Seol gets a telephone call to send a package of goods from someone to Han Se-joo. The package contained a typewriter from Chicago that Han Se-joo had once bought but was not allowed to use it, but the owner of the typewriter suddenly changed his mind and sent the typewriter to Han Se-joo. It was not easy for Jeon Seol to meet Han Se-joo but thanks to a dog she was able to meet Han Se-joo who was very idolized, from this meeting Jeon Seol seemed to realize that she had met Han Se-joo in her previous life.

Scene’s Pictures (Screencap)

Episode 7 opened with the third scene of the main character in the 1930s. They fight about the career of Seo Hui-yeong’s (Yoo Ah-in) writing and the deteriorated wounds that Ryu Soo-hyeon (Im Soo-jung) has, while Yoo Jin-oh (Go Kyung-pyo) has to leave. Finally, Seo Hui-yeong treated her. Then, the scene moves to the present when Yoo Jin-oh explains the relationship between the three of them in the past to Han Se-joo, then disappears.

Han Se-joo becomes stressed and instead of writing, he actually plants flowers in the yard to read manga. Han Se-joo accidentally meets Jeon Seol in a cafe. When he tries to apologize about the unpleasant incident at his house and Yoo Jin-oh’s ghost, Jeon Seol gets emotional and drives away Han Se-joo. Upon seeing the dog brought by Jeon Seol, Han Se-joo tries hard to adopt it because he thinks Yoo Jin-oh is still in the dog’s body.


Unfortunately, the dog shows no sign of being possessed by Yoo Jin-oh but Han Se-joo keeps looking after him and even makes a house for him. In the evening, Han Se-joo shouts promises to keep writing and begs Yoo Jin-oh to come back in front of the old typewriter, then the ghostwriter reappears and they continue the story together to unravel the mystery of the past.

Instead, Yoo Jin-oh asks Han Se-joo to keep all the men who approach Jeon Seol away. Meanwhile, Jeon Seol herself begins working as an assistant writer to Baek Tae-min (Si-yang Louie). When Jeon Seol is escorted home by the writer Baek, Han Se-joo appears and immediately takes Jeon Seol away. Han Se-joo who can’t reveal that the action was done on Yoo Jin-oh’s orders, is forced to lie as if he liked Jeon Seol.


For the sake of common good, Han Se-joo and Yoo Jin-oh’s ghost even sign an agreement to write and stay together, avoid words and rude behavior, and keep Jeon Seol away from other men. Yoo Jin-oh also does various things to be able to meet Jeon Seol despite being in the form of a dog or using Han Se-joo, which seems impressive as Han Se-joo is approaching.

Jeon Seol finally asks about the woman who resembled her in the past, she also talks about the reason she stopped being a shooting athlete because she often saw the past like killing someone. Yoo Jin-oh also suspects that the person who was shot by Jeon Seol is between himself or Han Se-joo, so he intends to immediately finish the novel.


The scene of moving to 1930 opens the story of the first meeting of the three main characters, when little Ryu Soo-hyeon (Jeon Seol) becomes a fugitive after her father dies, then is rescued by Seo Hui-yeong (Han Se-joo) and Yoo Jin-oh, and the three of them growing up as friends. In the present, Han Se-joo returns to meet Jeon Seol just to give her medicine, and even dares to hug Jeon Seol.

Meanwhile, the reason for the deteriorating relationship between Han Se-joo and the family of the writer Baek is also revealed. Author Baek’s father did not believe that his son imitated a novel written by Han Se-joo. Then, the former foster mother Han Se-joo or the mother of writer Baek plans to continue to make Han Se-joo fall.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Many dramas have been aired with the theme of time travel, however, for some reason, this drama is really fun to watch and its flow of going back and forth doesn’t seem like a cliche at all. This drama story dates back to the 1930s when Korea was still colonized by Japan, and in 2017 in the current era.

In the current era, Han Se-Joo who works as a writer seems to be similar to Han Se-Joo in 1930 named Hwi Young, a young man with a hobby of writing who was the chairman of a youth organization during the Japanese occupation. Whereas Jeon Seol in the 1930s named Soo Hyeon was a young woman disguised as a man to be able to work with other young men to fight for Korean independence and befriend Hwi Young and Yoo Jin-O. Whereas Yoo Jin-O was a friend of Hwi Young in the 1930s who was the owner of the bar Carpe Diem (one of the tycoons of that era) and a member of the youth organization.

Apparently, Yoo Jin-Oh is not a ghostwriter in the sense of connotation, but he is really a ghostwriter in the sense of denotation. Yoo Jin-O is a ghost who lives on an ancient Korean typewriter in Se-Joo’s house. Initially, Se-Joo and Jeon Seol kept on having strange dreams that told themselves in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation. Because they often dreamed, they felt that they were themselves in the past in their previous lives. Until finally they both could see Yoo Jin-Oh who was a ghost from the Japanese colonial era by the Japanese who explained their lives in the past. But unfortunately, Yoo Jin-Oh’s memories were not all neatly arranged, he forgot some parts of his life and especially the end of the story of their friendship in the past so he invited Se-Joo and Jeon Seol to get back together in the 1930s to find out what happened. From the story of the three of them in the past, this is what eventually made Se-Joo as a story in his serial novel.

Chicago Typewriter: The Cast


Main Cast

  • Yoo Ah-in as Han Se-joo/Seo Hwi-young

A renowned writer in a slump who has celebrity-looks and tons of fans but is extremely depressed on the inside.

  • Choi Min-young as young Han Se-joo
  • Im Soo-jung as Jeon Seol/Ryu Soo-hyun/Anastacia
Salam Korea

A veterinarian and literary fanatic who is a fan of Han Se-joo.

  • Choi Myung-bin as young Jeon Seol
  • Jo Min-ah as young Ryu Soo-hyun
  • Go Kyung-pyo as Yoo Jin-oh/Shin Yool

A ghostwriter with a genius writing style, who has dry humor and loves jazz music and antiques.

  • Kwak Si-yang as Baek Tae-min/Heo Young-min
  • Son Sang-yeon as young Baek Tae-min

People around Han Se-joo

  • Jo Woo-jin as Gal Ji-suk
Korean Area
  • Oh Na-ra as Secretary Kang

People around Jeon Seol

  • Yang Jin-sung as Ma Bang-jin
  • Kwak Ji-hye as young Ma Bang-jin
  • Jeon Soo-kyung as Wang Bang-wool
  • Kang Hong-suk as Won Dae-han
  • Song Joon-hee as young Won Dae-han
  • Ji Dae-han as Won Man-hae

People around Baek Tae-min

  • Cheon Ho-jin as Baek Do-ha
  • Jo Kyung-sook as Hong So-hee


  • Lee Kyu-bok as Song Jong-wook
  • Kim Hyun-sook as Veterinarian
  • Shim Min as Mi-young
  • Kim Sung-hoon as Lee Jung-bong
  • Park Ji-hoon as Jeon Doo-yeob
  • Kim Ki-soo (Ha Kyung) as Jo Sang-chul
  • Park Sun-im as Hannah Kim
  • Choi Kyo-shik as Gardener
  • Hong Dae-sung as Bodyguard of Carpediem
  • Cha Geon-woo as Butler of Yool’s family
  • Jung Byung-ho as Yang ho-pil
  • Jeon Yi-rang as Jang Ki-bong
  • Gam Seung-min as Yang Hyung-sik
  • Kang Dong-yoong as Mr. Jo
  • Lee Doo-seok as Comrade Kang


  • Yoo Byung-jae as Deer keeper (episode 2)
  • Choi Deok-moon as Jeon Seol’s father (episode 3 and 16)
  • Choi Song-hyun as MC (episode 3)
  • Cosmic Girls as Themselves (episode 3)
  • Jeon Mi-seon as Lim So-yoon/Madam Sophia (episode 9-11 and 13-16)

Woo Do-im as Jo Sang-mi (episode 10-15)

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