K-Drama Review: Chasing Criminals with Criminals in ‘Bad Guys’

Bad Guys

Korean Version of Suicide Squad with an Even More Badass Storyline

If you like to read comics or watch the movie adaptation from DC, you must be familiar with one of its works called Suicide Squad, a supervillain team assembled for a top-secret mission. But do you know that Korea has its own version of Suicide Squad? It is none other than a crime drama titled Bad Guys. For all of you who love Suicide Squad, this drama might just suit your taste as it has a similar concept where they use a team of criminals to chase other criminals. Are you curious about this drama? Today, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about the Korean version of Suicide Squad, a drama titled Bad Guys. So stay tuned!

Bad Guys: Review


If you watch Korean dramas of the crime genre, usually you will find a clever, full of justice police officer or detective who chases out the villains in it. But this drama, Bad Guys is quite different from your usual Korean drama, because they made it so that it’s a team of criminals who chases out other criminals!

It all starts when Detective Oh Gu-tak, a detective who’s willing to use any means necessary to catch criminals, comes up with an idea of forming a team consisting of criminals to work down on cases and chase other criminals. Because of the increasing number of crimes in the district, police inspector Yoo Mi-young decides to sign off on the arrangement. Later, Detective Oh releases three convicts from jail to include in his team: Lee Jung-moon, Park Woong-cheol, and Jung Tae-soo. Together, they form a team called Team Crazy Dogs to solve a case which ordinary police can’t solve.

Overall, Bad Guys is a dark, full of action drama with tense moments just like other crime dramas, but it has a different concept in which it was criminals who chase down other criminals. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that other than fierce scenes, the drama also includes heartfelt scenes that make the balance in between. With great actors that bring out the best of the characters’ personality, there is no doubt that you who fancy crime dramas will enjoy this drama!

Bad Guys: The Cast

1. Kim Sang-joong


Kim Sang-joong plays as Oh Gu-tak, a fierce man who’s willing to use any means necessary to catch criminals. He also has an ambiguous moral line, which often makes him get suspended for using excessive force and he has become known for it. He’s also the one who comes up with the idea to form a team of criminals to catch other criminals. However, behind the fierce man, there is a dark past luring behind him, which can make you understand why he’s acting like that!

2. Ma Dong-seok


Ma Dong-seok plays as Park Woong-cheol in Bad Guys, a mob boss who made it to become a top gangster in only 25 days and also a top dog in prison. However, he’s also a reckless guy who will rush into any situation, but also a very loyal man. Even though he’s a tough character, it is also not rare for him to suddenly bring out a humorous act that will make us laugh.

3. Park Hae-jin


Park Hae-jin plays as Lee Jung-moon, the youngest member of Mensa with a tremendous IQ of 165, who also has a Ph.D. in math and philosophy. If you look from the outside, you might find him as a mere young man with exceptional ability, but he is actually an intelligent, psychopath serial killer. With a quiet and calculating personality, you can feel the chills when you look into his blank stare. Not only scary, but there are also moments where you will find him sympathetic.

4. Jo Dong-hyuk


Jo Dong-hyuk plays the role of Jung Tae-soo, a hired hitman who has never made a single mistake, but suddenly confesses and turns himself in one day. As a hitman who has never made a single mistake, he is one of the best at what he does, but he unexpectedly has a soft heart and struggles with guilt because he has hurt other people.

5. Kang Ye-won


Kang Ye-won plays as Yoo Mi-young, the upright police inspector who signs off the arrangement of Detective Oh Gu-tak’s idea of forming a team consisting of criminals. Not only she is weary from working with a group of criminals, but she also has to struggle with the fact that Detective Oh Gu-tak is unpredictable, which is why she has to keep him in check.

Bad Guys: The Soundtrack

In Bad Guys, there are two soundtracks. The first one is a song titled “Break Up” by Yoon Hyung-ryul, and it has a tense kind of vibe that makes your heart run faster when you hear it. The second soundtrack is titled “Reason” and sung by ROO. Quite different from “Break Up,” it has a more cheerful tone. These two soundtracks have completely different charms and are good to listen to, so you should try to listen to the soundtracks for once!

If you want to listen to the soundtracks, you can listen to them by watching the music videos below: