K-Drama Review: Chasing Criminals with Criminals in ‘Bad Guys’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Bad Guys

1. An Unusual Crime Drama

Bad Guys Casts

Just as it has been mentioned before, Bad Guys is quite unusual and different from the other Korean crime dramas. Usually, you would have a police officer or a detective with a strong sense of justice, clever, and maybe just a little bit rough to chase the villains in the drama. But this drama is different in that it is not the police or a detective who hunt down the criminals, but it’s a team of criminals who chases down the criminals. Of course, it’s not just the criminals that try to finish the case because there’s still Detective Oh Gu-tak and police inspector Yoo Mi-young, but the idea of forming a team consisting of villains to fight other villains itself is quite unusual. So, if you want to watch a crime drama with different vibes, Bad Guys is definitely the perfect one for you!

2. A Team Consisting of Characters with Unique Personalities

Bad Guys Characters

Indeed, the team formed by Detective Oh Gu-tak, Team Crazy Dogs consists of various people with different backgrounds and different personalities. What do you think would happen if detectives, a serial killer, a gangster, and a hitman were to form a team and work together? Anyone could see how it would work, but in Bad Guys, it would seem impossible to be done! The fierce detective Oh Gu-tak, the strong and loyal Park Woong-cheol, the quiet and calculating Lee Jung-moon, the skilled Jung Tae-soo, and the upright detective Yoo Mi-young; all of them have a very different personality, but they fill in for each other and make the best of their abilities to solve cases that ordinary police can’t!

3. Good Soundtrack

Bad Guys OST

A good drama will not be completed with a good soundtrack, and Bad Guys has got it in the bag! Not only a tense soundtrack, but there is also a cheerful kind of soundtrack to fill the drama. You can definitely enjoy the drama more with these soundtracks as the background!

4. Rich Storyline and Great Actors

Bad Guys Team Crazy Dogs

If you think that this drama is all about catching criminals, you are wrong. Not only showing scenes of catching criminals, but you can also find each of the character’s background story that might make you sympathize with them. Not only serious scenes, but you can also find humorous scenes slipped in where you wouldn’t expect them to be at all. So don’t worry, because this drama is not all dark and violent!

Additionally, there are many great actors in this drama which bring out the best of their character’s personality. Even though each of the characters has quite a complex personality, the actors clearly show their great acting skills to pull us into their character. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Badass Action Scenes

Bad Guys Action Scene

It feels like it’s not complete if you don’t have fighting scenes in a crime drama, and you can also find them in Bad Guys! Not only the skillful martial arts used in the fighting scenes, but you will get pulled into it with the beautifully filmed scenes that often show dark scenes. But of course, a badass action scene means that there will be a little bit of blood in it.

So, what do you think about Bad Guys? Are you interested in watching this drama where you chase criminals with criminals? Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about the Korean version of Suicide SquadBad Guys, in the comment section below!