K-Drama Review: Rom-Com Between a Post Office Clerk and an Actress in ‘Accidental Couple’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Accidental Couple


The drama, which aired about 10 years ago, is still fun to watch today, along with the reasons why it is necessary to watch the ‘Accidental Couple’

The male lead who may only exist in Drama

In this drama, the character Goo Dong-baek portrays a pure personality, he does everything sincerely, and that is what makes Han Ji-soo fall in love with him. Never once did Goo Dong-baek act selfishly or have evil intentions on anyone, he always prioritized the interests of his loved one, Han Ji-soo, even though that meant he had to be hurt. That’s why it can be said that there are no men like Goo Dong-baek in this world.

The excellent chemistry between the brother-sister

This drama features two different sets of siblings, those of the Goo family and those of the Han family. The Goo family shows the relationship of siblings who are already very close from the start, they easily express their worry, annoyance and sadness to each other. While the Han family showed a relationship of siblings who cared for one another, but found it difficult to express their feelings for one another, and at the beginning of the series they often quarreled. But after the four of them met and gathered, their interactions were very pleasant and made us think that having relatives was very pleasant and warm.

Not Typical Heavy Drama

This drama has a storyline that is neither heavy nor complicated, but also not boring at the same time. This romantic-comedy shows a lot of love that is so natural, but also adorable. This drama is also able to make the atmosphere carry along with the emotional dynamics of the characters.

Brilliant acting Skill, perfectly matched with the characters

This drama certainly would not be able to convey the message of the storyline if it were not for the actors and actresses who have worked hard to portray the character of this drama well. It can be said that the actors and actresses were very successful in playing each of their characters. The sincerity and warmth in this drama are very prominent and able to touch the viewers.

That Fool who is loved by many people

Maybe there are some who wonder why the main character is so stupid? In accordance with the other name of this drama, ‘That Fool’, Goo Dong-baek is too pure and too sincere in everything, which makes him easy to underestimate. He is not angry if he is hurt, but he is angry when the person he loves is hurt. That was the side of him that made people love him so much and wished him happy.