K-Drama Review: Rom-Com Between a Post Office Clerk and an Actress in ‘Accidental Couple’


Adorkable Couple You’re Going to Love

according to the title of this drama, ‘Accidental Couple,’ the lead characters became a real couple after an accident that made the two pretend to be a couple. Started as a fan, the love story between them really interesting to watch. the drama also known as ‘That Fool’ is the first television drama starring Hwang Jung-min, in his 14-year acting career.

This is a romantic comedy that focuses on the love story of a post office clerk and an actress after they agree to six-month contract marriage. This drama aired in 2009, every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 with 16 episodes.

Let’s find out more about this adorkable pair in ‘Accidental Couple’!

Accidental Couple: Review


In the story, top actress Han Ji-soo (Kim Ah-joong) is in a car accident. The problem is that her secret boyfriend, who is the son of a famous politician, was driving the car. To cover up their relationship, Ji-soo lets her boyfriend escape the scene quickly and drags an innocent onlooker, Gu Dong-baek (Hwang Jeong-min), into the car instead, asking him to pretend to have driven the car. The paparazzi arrive and take their photos.

After this incident, Dong-baek, a post office employee, quickly draws public attention as the actress’s new boyfriend. But one of the paparazzi photographers suspects that somebody else was driving the car when the accident occurred, and the man, veiled in secrecy, is her real boyfriend. To drive the persistent paparazzi away, Ji-soo asks Dong-baek to continue acting as her boyfriend. Dong-baek, an avid fan of Ji-soo, readily accepts her proposal and they agree to six-month contract marriage. Before the contract period ends, however, the actress finds herself deeply attached to this humble man’s pure love.


In the beginning, this drama portrayed the character of the actress, Hwang Ji-soo, who is really popular in South Korea at the time, and almost everyone knows her. On the other hand, there is Goo Dong-baek, he is just an ordinary person and is one of Han Ji-soo’s fans.

One day, because of Goo Dong-baek’s birthday, Lee Chung-ah, his younger sister (Lee Chung-ah) gave him glasses and a ticket to watch an awards show that would be attended by Han Ji-soo. His younger brother gave it up hoping he could come to the event with the person his brother liked, but, instead, Goo Dong-baek came alone.

On his way home, Goo Dong-baek was walking and looking at the photos he took at the awards ceremony, suddenly a speeding car almost hit him and hit a garbage dump. Because he was worried, Goo Dong-baek approached the car and wanted to make sure whether the person in the car was okay or not, and it turns out that who was in the car was Han Ji-soo, who asked Goo Dong-baek for help, to sit in driver’s seat.

Han Ji-soo was actually being driven by her secret boyfriend, Kim Kang-mo (Joo Sang-wook), but they were followed by paparazzi, and to run away from them, they finally drove very fast which caused them to almost hit Goo Dong-baek. To cover up the fact that Han Ji-soo was with Joo Sang-wook at the time, Han Ji-soo told Joo Sang-wook to leave immediately, and when Goo Dong-baek came, Han Ji-soo asked for Goo Dong-baek to help her by sitting in the driver’s seat, because Han Ji-soo doesn’t have a license, and let the police believe that Goo Dong-baek was the one who was with Han Ji-soo from the start. That was their first meeting.

the-accidental-couple-episode 4

After they decided to do a six-month contract marriage, they announced it to the public. This exciting and shocking news made many people really curious about who, exactly, Goo Dong-baek really was, but it’s really going really well until now. Goo Dong-baek’s younger sister, who also heard the news, was really happy about it because she also admires Han Ji-soo, but on the other hand, Han Ji-soo’s younger brother, Han Sang-chul, seems to not really like it because it’s too sudden and his sister hasn’t known Goo Dong-baek very long, so he doesn’t trust Goo Dong-baek.

Knowing that Kim Kang-mo still often contacted his sister, and Han Sang-chul was unable to stand it, so he approached Kim Kang-mo in his office to warned him not to contact his sister again, because they already had no relationship whatsoever. He even threatened that if Kim Kang-mo kept contacting his sister, he will not approach Kim Kang-mo again, but would instead approach Kim Kang-mo’s future in-law, President Choi. This, of course, would make Kim Kang-mo’s position dangerous, because he was supposed to marry President Choi’s daughter, Choi Soo-yeon.

the day before the anniversary of Goo Dong-baek’s father’s death, his younger sister asked Han Ji-soo to come briefly to meet with Goo Dong-baek’s father before they were married. Han Ji-soo initially didn’t want to come and said that she had a schedule that day, and finally she told Goo Min-ji that she would check the schedule first, and would call her back.

After discussing it with her manager, Han Ji-soo decided to go, but she would bring her younger brother, Han Sang-chul, so that he would believe her marriage to Goo Dong-baek and not interfere with Kim Kang-mo anymore.

After arriving, Han Ji-soo paid her respects to her future father-in-law as she should. But when Han Ji-soo tried to talk privately with Han Sang-chul, they fought instead. Seeing this condition, Goo Dong-baek and Goo Min-ji took the initiative to break the ice by inviting them to play ball together, and the losers had to buy beer.

Initially, Han Ji-soo and Han Sang-chul did not move in the slightest and were not enthusiastic about playing, but because Goo Dong-baek and his younger sister kept putting the ball into their goal with enthusiasm, Han Ji-soo and Han Sang-chul slowly got carried away by the atmosphere and really enjoyed the game. Seeing the siblings finally getting back together and smiling again made Goo Dong-baek and Goo Min-ji very happy and relieved.


In this scene, Goo Dong-baek accidentally sees Kim Kang-mo and Han Ji-soo hugging, this incident made Goo Dong-baek really surprised and speechless for some time. He just realized that Han Ji-soo had lied about Kim Kang-mo just being her senior. This made Goo Dong-baek cool toward Han Ji-soo and he kept trying to avoid Han Ji-soo’s eyes. Han Ji-soo saw this and felt confused by Goo Dong-baek’s cold attitude, so she kept asking Goo Dong-baek if there was something wrong with him, or if he was mad at her but Goo Dong-baek kept saying that he was fine and he wasn’t angry at Han Ji-soo.

Knowing that Goo Dong-baek’s attitude showed he was mad with her, before returning to Seoul, she again asked about it and said if he didn’t tell her why he was mad at her, she wouldn’t go back to Seoul. Because the situation forced Goo Dong-baek to answer, he finally said that he was angry because there was a place that he wanted to visit but had not yet reached, even though it was his first time overseas. Han Ji-soo asked what place he wanted to visit, and Goo Dong-baek just pointed to the place in the guidebook. Han Ji-soo immediately invited him to the place so that Goo Dong-baek would feel better and canceled her return to Seoul to go there with him.

The place was the Village of Inaran, and the place chosen by Goo Dong-baek was the diving board. When he got there, Han Ji-soo was waiting for him to jump off the diving board, and cheer him up but it was too high and Goo Dong-baek was too scared to jump. Confused, Han Ji-soo also climbed onto the diving board to help him jump, but he was even more scared and asked her not to come any closer.

Seeing this, Han Ji-soo again asked if he was really angry because he wanted to go there, and Goo Dong-baek finally apologized to her for lying to her saying he wanted the place. Han Ji-soo felt guilty after hearing his apology and finally admitted that she had also lied about Kim Kang-mo. She said that because they had already lied to each other, she offered to jump from the diving board as an apology, and Han Ji-soo jumped first. After seeing Han Ji-soo jump, Goo Dong-baek finally ventured to jump too. Their clothes were soaked, so they bought new clothes with the same pattern. After this incident, the two of them got along better and became closer to each other.


After Kim Kang-mo’s treatment of Goo Dong-baek, Goo Dong-baek realized that he was a partner of fake Han Ji-soo. This caused Goo Dong-mo to try to keep a distance from Han Ji-soo.

Han Ji-soo was initially confused about what to do, after she asked her mother for advice, she finally woke up and wanted to talk to Goo Dong-baek. but when she got home, Goo Dong-baek left a message in front of the door of his room saying that he went to his old home because his younger sister, Goo Min-ji was sick.

Goo Dong-baek, was at home cooking meat for Goo Min-ji, and when she saw her brother, she was worried about what Jo Seung-eun said about his brother’s fake marriage. Goo Min-ji immediately kicked her brother out right away and told him to return to his wife, but it turns out when she had chased Goo Dong-baek to the door, Han Ji-soo had come to visit Goo Min-ji, who was said to be sick.

Seeing this, Goo Min-ji was very happy to see that her brother’s household was fine and immediately invited Han Sung-chul to feast on meat together at her home. While they were eating, Han Sung-chul said that Goo Dong-baek and Goo Min-ji’s family was very old-fashioned because they still played old games. This made Goo Min-ji challenge Han Sung-chul play past games that they had and see between their families who will win, and the game began. The four of them returned to having fun in the game and kept hitting each other.


The ending of this drama is probably the ending that most of us might expect to happen, namely the actual marriage between Goo Dong-baek and Han Ji-soo, not based on a contract anymore.

It wasn’t easy for them to achieve this happiness, they even got divorced before, and Goo Dong-baek was once the target of hatred from Han Ji-soo’s fans because of rumors he had an affair. There were many things and events that they experienced, but all of those things actually made them closer and more loving of each other. This drama is very fun and not boring to watch, there are many other scenes that should not be missed.