K-Drama Review: ‘Let’s Fight, Ghost’ Is Not Creepy But Lovely

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Dating a Ghost, Is It Possible?

Want to enjoy a drama with ghosts but avoid being scared? You can watch this drama, Let’s Fight, Ghost. This drama stars 2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim So-hyun and can change the perspective of watching ghost shows. This drama was first released in 2016 after the webtoon succeeded. Let’s Fight, Ghost also gained attention and was remade into a Thailand version! Cool!

The drama Let’s Fight, Ghost offers a story with a sweet romance packaged with an ultimate ghost mystery. The characters have a mission to battle a bad ghost and find a way to help a good ghost. Are you curious about what kind of mystery they deal with? Read more on this Channel-Korea article and don’t miss the brilliant acting of rising star Kim So-hyun! Stay tuned!

Let’s Fight, Ghost: Review

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The drama begins with Park Bong-pal, played by Taecyeon, who is an introverted male with a small support system. He befriends Mong Myung-chul since his mother died. Moreover, he doesn’t have a good relationship with his biological father since his father abandoned him.

Mong Myung-chul is a monk that has the ability to do exorcisms but rarely gets a chance in funeral prayers. Eventually, Park Bong-pal has the special talent to see, interact, and contact ghosts. He becomes more enthusiastic by opening his vacancy in exorcism and gets money even though Myung-chul disagrees with it.

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The story becomes more interesting when Bong-pal meets Kim Hyun-ji, who is a high school ghost. Aside from her cute and fun relationship with Bong-pal, Kim Hyun-ji has a mystery that needs to be solved since she doesn’t remember how she died.

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Warning, this is a spoiler! Kim Hyun-ji experiences weird things in her memories. When she is close and accidentally gets kissed by him, she remembers a glimpse of her memory.

Long story short, they finally partner to do exorcisms. Their purpose is to solve problems for the good ghosts that are related to their afterlife and also fight the bad ghost. As you can imagine, they finally fall in love with each other. Along with the episodes, the memories of Kim Hyun-ji’s life before death come up and make the drama more interesting. There is even a scene where they deal with a serious situation in a ghost battle, yet it is so fun to watch!

Let’s Fight, Ghost: The Cast

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Here is the main cast and supporting cast that plays in this drama. Check it out!

Park Bong-pal Acted by Kim Taecyeon

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Park Bong-pal is an introverted person who is serious and rarely interacts with people surrounding him. Therefore, at first, he has a hard time having real friends since he has a traumatic relationship with his father. His father neglected him since his childhood. This character matches Taecyeon‘s real character in life, and his acting nails it.

Nonetheless, regarding his relationship with women, he considered himself as someone who cannot approach women. His talent is seeing and being able to touch ghosts, making him realize his uniqueness, and he starts to develop his ability to earn money. Yet, he eventually clicks with the ghost girl and becomes close.

Kim Hyun-ji Acted by Kim So-hyun

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Kim Hyun-ji is a lonely ghost. She gets accustomed to flirting with her fellow ghost friend, Kyung Ja. Her character is dazzling, cute, and easy-going, a typical protagonist woman.

Her love for food made her relatable and noisy while disturbing Bong-pal to cook her some meat. Kim Hyun-ji is someone that you can believe in and is reliable. Besides, she has bizarre power as a ghost.

Kim Hyun-ji was played by Kim So-hyun, a young rising star in acting. Her ability to portray the character is fitting and adorable. She is indeed one of the treasures in this industry.

Joo Hye-sung Acted by Kwon Yool

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This character plays an important role since a villain is always needed to make a conflict for the story. Joo Hye-sung is categorized as the devil who camouflages with a nice appearance but is actually creepy. He is someone that becomes a problem or obstacle to both Park Bong-pal and Kim Hyun-ji.

Chun Sang Acted by Kang Ki Young and In Rang Acted by Lee David

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This couple really makes a difference in this drama. Chun Sang and In Rang become the crisp and funny scene that really gives seasoning to the whole story.

This duo has comical characteristics and makes it enjoyable to watch. Chung Sang and In Rang are the founders of a ghost hunting club. They also found the significant talent of Bong Pal. They become his loyal friends.

Monk Myung Chul Acted by Kim Sang-ho

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Monk Myung Chul is a person who is really close to Bong Pal. He helps a lot by filling the space formed by Bong Pal’s father abandoning him and his mother dying. Monk Myung Chul made Bong Pal’s childhood better.

He is a kind-hearted person and a loyal friend of Bong Pal. He is his friend, family, and comfort.

Let’s Fight, Ghost: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack of the drama Let’s Fight, Ghost can be seen below:

1. “Dream” by Kim So-hyun

The lead female sang on the soundtrack of this drama which made this drama more compelling. The song “Dream” has a melodic feeling that makes the romance scene warmer to enjoy.

Kim So-hyun’s voice is also beautiful and makes it easy to like this song. Check it out!

2. “I Can Only See You” – Ryu Ji-hyun ft. Kim Min-ji

This soundtrack comes up when the scene is about a ghost story. This song is sung by Ryu Ji-hyun featuring Kim Min-ji and makes the horror circumstances get real.

3. “U and I” – SuMin

Here is another song within the ballad genre that should be in your playlist. This song highlighted the sweet voice of SuMin. “U and I” is easy to listen to and fits your silent and enjoyable days.

4. “To Comfort Me” – Rocoberry


Rocoberry offered an original voice which makes this song more comfortable to listen to. The song titled “To Comfort Me” really states the purpose to make you convenient. Try to listen to this song!

5. “Coincidence” – Kim So-hee ft. Song Yoo-bin

Need a fun and upbeat song? This song “Coincidence” can be one of your favorites. The song is sung by Kim So-hee and Song Yoo-bin and can bring forth a new spirit inside. It is an enjoyable song!

5 Reason Why You Should Watch Let’s Fight, Ghost

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1. It has a life lesson of not keeping grudges because it will ruin you inside.

The devil character, Joo Hye-sung, has trauma from his childhood because his father was violent towards his mother. He shows that hatred can change your core to something awful and impact your surroundings. So, this drama gives a lesson about how people’s mistakes need to be released or forgiven to make the heart calmer.

2. This drama shows that real friends always stick to and support you no matter what.

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Park Bong-pal has Chun-sang and In-rang during this drama. They have been together for a long time before entering a university. A lot of differences and misunderstandings happen, but they are all learning from them and stick together until the end.

3. It is a mystery story but is packaged with a cute and sweet romance.

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The story can easily be enjoyed as a simple yet interesting ghost story. The romance between university student Park Bong-pal and Kim Hyun-ji is really sweet and nice to watch without being dominating.

4. Through this drama, it can be learned to always work hard for your dream.

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The ghost club of Chun-sang, In-rang, and Park Bong-pal open their new business about exorcisms. They got many contrary opinions against their idea regarding their new business, but they keep going and finally succeed.

5. You can learn about occult things that may disturb your mindset and future self.

kdrama ghost
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You can learn through the experience of Park Bong-pal who attaches to the spiritual, talismans, and mantras. This affects him so thoroughly and disturbs the way he lives and makes him harm himself.

That’s all about the K-drama review for Let’s Fight, Ghost. What do you find interesting about this drama? Put your comments below, and don’t forget to share them on Twitter as well!