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The Tale Of Nokdu

One of KBS2’s dramas, The Tale of Nokdu, is always in the top five of the most popular dramas series in South Korea every week. Based on Good Data Corporation, The Tale of Nokdu came in fourth, with a rating of 7.99 percent. The comedy-mystery drama is under Extraordinary You, When The Camellia Blooms, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, and surpasses Vagabond. The Tale of Nokdu’s main actor, Jang Dong-yoon, joins in the Top 10 most popular actors of Good Data Corporation every week.

The Tale of Nokdu tells the story of Nokdu (Jang Dong-yoon), who left his home to solve a mystery. That made him have to disguise himself as a woman and live in a village specifically for widows. The disguise made him experience unexpected things that divert Nokdu’s focus from his original purpose.

The Tale of Nokdu is one of a number of sageuk dramas in South Korea this year. Sageuk is a name for a drama that takes place against the background of the Korean royal era (history). Usually, sageuk dramas are thick with politics and intrigue that makes the audience often annoyed watching it, but The Tale of Nokdu instead displays the opposite. Although still inserting elements of royal politics, such as the struggle for the throne, The Tale of Nokdu wrapped it up as a light spectacle that’s full of humor that could make the audience laugh at each episode.

Jang Dong-yoon’s appearance is one of the things that makes The Tale of Nokdu worth every week. The 1992-born actor is skilled at presenting two sides of a single personality. Before going on the run, Jang Dong-yoon showed Nokdu’s masculine side. While in disguise, Jang Dong-yoon makes Nokdu a very beautiful and adorable widow.

He was also able to be funny, which made his colleagues like Kim So-hyun and Kang Tae-oh embarassed to see him. The Tale of Nokdu stars a number of young artists; however, they have the chemistry that makes this drama worth following. Nokdu’s disguises to the widows’ village, which is next to the nightclub, creates unexpected romances.

If the drama usually only has a triangular relationship between the main cast, The Tale of Nokdu presents a number of supporting romances that are as interesting as the story of the main cast. Some of them also look adorable on the screen.

The original theme songs for The Tale of Nokdu are enlivened by a number of idols, some of whom are Mark and Doyoung from NCT U through Baby Only You, and Woozi of Seventeen with the song Miracle.

Not only that, but the queen of OSTs (original soundtrack), Gummy, also filled in the theme songs for The Tale of Nokdu. Singer Younha, who previously often filled the theme songs of a number of popular dramas such as Personal Taste, Pinnochio and The Best Hit helped enliven the soundtrack list for the drama.

Although the story is light, The Tale of Nokdu indirectly shows the great abilities possessed by women. This has been seen in many episodes where women are ‘more powerful’ than men ranging from special bodyguards, to work, and assassinations entrusted to women. The village of widows is also an example of the ability of women to survive and help one another.

Wanna know what people said about this drama?

MinHara: for once i didn’t feel bored watching a historical drama lol i’d give it an 8.7/10.

Cherry Blossom: It’s one of the amazing dramas this year. Because it’s a romcom historical drama, the story isn’t too deep and kind of refreshing. The actors really did a good job

Sou: I can’t get over this drama everrr!!! Everything, just everything from the cast, story, romance was perfect. The actors did an amazing job portraying their role.

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Doctor John

Korean drama never runs out of different genres to be used for stories. One of the favorites is the medical genre, in which the main character is often a doctor. For those of you who like this genre, it seems obligatory to put Doctor John in your viewing list.

K-Drama fans must be familiar with the Ahjussi. Ji Sung, who always charms people through his acting. This series was the first time the actor played a doctor. Even so, his acting was still praised and considered capable of selling a talented doctor figure. If you like to watch medical dramas, usually the most attention-grabbing scenes are very intense and bloody surgical operas. For those of you who are afraid of blood, don’t worry, Doctor John has the theme of Anesthesia, which is rarely noticed in the medical genre.

Here, Ji Sung (Cha Yo-han) becomes an Anesthesiology professor who focuses on dealing with patient pain. In addition, he is also great at diagnosing illnesses. He is known as the 10 seconds doctor!

Working as doctors, apparently, the two main actors had a bad and painful past. Cha Yo-han was once accused of murdering a patient, while Kang Si-young also had a dark experience with her own father. Do you think they managed to survive or not, huh?

In addition to the two doctors who seized the bulk of the attention, there was also a prosecutor played by Lee Kyu-hyung. He became the prosecutor who put Cha Yo-han (Ji Sung) into prison. When Cha Yo-Han returned to the hospital, he was very opposed and wanted to sue again. But it’s still a mystery, why he hates Cha Yo-han so much.

Back to the story of Cha Yo-han and Kang Si-young; who would have thought that their relationship was more than a professor and a resident doctor. Initially, they had a bad relationship, but increasingly the flavor of romance began to be felt.

As usual, Ji Sung’s drama never disappoints and has its own fans, evidenced from the beginning of the broadcast which had a rating of 6.3 percent and has now reached 11.3 percent.

Curious what people said about this drama?

Esther: The best drama series ever!!!! Every character was superb. Lots of lessons to learn here.

Rasi: Ji Sung is such a talented actor. This whole series was amazing because of his awesome performance. 

wendy: Really enjoyed this series! Medical dramas aren’t my type but I HAD to watch for Ji Sung and I don’t regret doing so! Excellent performance from the cast and I really like how the show progressed. A good mix of giggles and tears from the plot and I’m so glad to have started on this. Recommend!

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Hotel del Luna

The Korean drama Hotel del Luna is in the top position of the best drama and actor in a week version of Good Data Corporation. The results were taken from all South Korean dramas, or about 28 dramas, that aired from August 26 to September 1. Hotel del Luna was in the top position for eight consecutive weeks. The last episode reached 36.86 percent viewership. Meanwhile, actors such as IU and Yeo Jin-goo also maintained positions at number one and three on a list of actors worthy of trust.

Other characters in the drama also made it into the top 10, starting from Lee Do-hyun, who finished sixth, to Kim Soo-hyun who appeared in the last episode as a cameo, immediately securing 10th place.

Hotel del Luna officially ended on September 1, 2019. The drama, written by the Hong Sisters, has 16 episodes in the genre of romance, mystery, and fantasy.

In the drama, IU plays the CEO of Hotel del Luna, which is a haven for spirits who have not yet finished their business in this world. In managing the hotel, IU was assisted by Yeo Jin-goo, a kind-hearted Harvard graduate who was afraid of ghosts. But Hotel del Luna does not only tell about hotel management. IU turned out to be the CEO of the hotel for thousands of years as a punishment for mistakes she made in the past. For thousands of years, also unnoticed, she was surrounded by people who came from her past but have been reincarnated.

The storyline is strong, deep, and keeps the mystery in each episode, making Hotel del Luna often in the top position in Korean drama ratings. Not only that, every original theme song, like the ones sung by Gummy, Punch, Taeyeon Girls’ Generation, Paul Kim, and Taeyeong of NCT is also always at the top of the national charts every week.

A number of well-known actors such as Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Jun-ki, Sulli, Lee Si-eon, Lee Yi-kyung, and Nam Da-reum appeared as cameos in several episodes of the series.

Wanna know what people said about the drama?

K drama forever: This drama is incredibly good! I love that it consists of comedy, romance, thriller, and mystery. If you are afraid to watch it don’t be scared cause the ghosts are not that scary. This drama is soo funny and the plot is perfect. The romance is incredible and i just love IU’s acting. The story is also kinda sad but go watch it. This drama is 1000000/10!

kim: I super loved this drama!! I just finished watching it now and I cried a lot omg

Toyang: This drama has set the bar too high, other dramas will have a hard time to keep up. I’ve watched three dramas since Hotel Del Luna but they all failed to give me the “feels” that I got after watching this drama. 

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