Find Out More About Korean Celebrities Who Have Snapchat

Simon Dominic (longlivesmdc)

Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic is also a Snapchat user. He often uploads videos of his activities or his fellow AOMG colleague. It seems that Simon also has a playful, humorous side as he often exposes his fellow labelmates and it’s just too funny not to watch.

Check out Simon Dominic’s Snapchat videos below!

Putting a filter on Jay Park and Gray’s face

Daily activities updates

With a filter on Gray and himself

GRAY (callmegray)


GRAY is all charisma on stage. However, his Snapchat account shows more of his adorable, off-stage side with selfies, filters and all. GRAY often posts updates of his activities and hanging out with his AOMG family so following him plus Jay Park and Simon Dominic might mean multiple updates of the same day from different vantage points.

Check out GRAY’s Snapchat videos below!

Activity updates from backstage

Playing with filters with Simon Dominic, Loco and others

Trying out different types of filters

Jay Park (aomgjaypark)

Jay Park

If you’re a huge fan of the AOMG crew or the K hip-hop scene in general, you’re in for a treat with Jay Park’s Snapchat. He’s almost always hanging around with his AOMG members which include those like Simon Dominic, GRAY, and many more. Plus he posts some of the greatest selfies and cutest videos ever.

Check out Jay Park’s Snapchat videos below!

Introducing DJ Wegun and cheerfully singing while taking a video of his AOMG colleagues

On a flight with cute socks

Video compilations of Jay Park

EPIK HIGH’s Tablo (bornhaters)


Tablo’s snap is filled with daily life and family. Whether he’s dropping in as a surprise during Lee Hi’s song recording, showing us around the YG building, or even providing updates on Haru, his daughter, Tablo is always in it for the laughs. Seeing Haru growing up is a real treat for any fan of Return of Superman. Following this Snapchat will put a smile on your face and convince you that Tablo is a lot funnier than you may have thought.

Check out EPIK HIGH’s Snapchat videos below!

Compilation of his activity videos

Updates of his activities

Snapchat videos featuring Haru

Lee Hi (leehi_hi)

Lee Hi

Watching Lee Hi’s adorable snap is like having a virtual best friend. She shares so much of herself there’s no way you won’t fall more in love with the talented singer.

Check out Lee Hi’s Snapchat videos and photos below!

Self-camera with bunny ear headbands and filter

Selfie with a dog filter

Daily updates

That was all the information about some of the Korean celebrities who have a Snapchat account. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!