Find Out More About Korean Celebrities Who Have Snapchat

2PM’s Taecyeon (taeccool1227)

2PM Taecyeon

2PM’s Taecyeon joined Snapchat on December 2nd, 2015. He promoted his account through his Twitter account, he wrote, “Snapchat? I have to give this a try keke, taeccool1227.” Taecyeon loves giving his fans a bit of behind-the-scenes activities in his celebrity life, sometimes including his 2PM members when they go overseas for their concerts. His Snaps show a bit more of his playful, goofy side.

Check out 2PM’s Taecyeon’s Snapchat videos below!

Updates before eating his pizza and pasta

Updates on JYP’s concert

With Reindeer Christmas filter

Updates behind the stage of KCON 2016 in Japan with 2PM’s Chansung

Tiffany Young (stephaniyoungh)

Tiffany Young Hwang

Tiffany announced her new Snapchat account through her Instagram account. Her first snaps being of her Paris trip, where she was visiting to attend the Paris Fashion Week. She updated her Snapchat daily and there were a variety of cute lip-syncing videos and some videos of behind-the-scene hangouts with the cast of the variety show Sister’s Slam Dunk.

Check out Tiffany’s Snapchat videos below!

Activity updates with SNSD members

Activity updates with TaTiSeo members

Trying some filters

Jessica Jung (jessica.jsy)

Jessica Jung

Jessica joined Snapchat on the same day as Tiffany. She informed her fans by leaving a comment on her Instagram photos. At the time, she was also in ‘The City of Light’ for the Paris Fashion Week. Some of her videos were showing her classy wine nights out with her friends as well as the numerous overseas flights she takes. Seeing her stories makes it a bit easier to gauge exactly where she is and where she might be going next.

Check out Jessica’s Snapchat videos below!

First snap with a dog filter

Updates of her work

Video Snapchat compilation with Krystal while trying some of the filters

Jessi Ho (jessiho88)

Jessi Ho

Jessi is well known for her quirky and honest personality. She updates her Snapchat about her activities. She often records her interactions with her friends and her family. Her stories, whether of her alone or with other people, show that Jessi is truly who she is, both when she is on the screen or stage and when she is off relaxing. You get to see her softer side and how she lives a really cool, down-to-earth lifestyle.

Check out Jessi’s Snapchat videos below!

Daily updates of her activities

Using Sia Snapchat filter with Tiffany