K.A.R.D Tour Dates and Tickets (Europe, US, Singapore, Etc)

The next session might be the best session for some fans. According to One Hallyu, the group had pre-selected four lucky fans at random to play a dice game, with the chance to win awesome fan service opportunities. Each number on the dice had a designated wish. The awesome prizes included a Polaroid photoshoot with KARD or a recorded wake up call from your favorite member. Each of the winners had their wishes coming true. First winner had J.Seph sung a solo song in front of her, like a boy singing for a girl he likes. Next winner was a fanboy who got a wakeup call from Jiwoo saying the line Oh Na Na Na. And the rest of winners got a signed poster and album, but also hug from a KARD member.

Last but not least, KARD sung their debut song Hola Hola and Rumor and for encore they performed Dont Recall again in Korean version and one single from their debut album, a pretty chill and ballad song Living Good.” KARD had showed an A-game for their first tour in Washington and fans are already looking forward for another tour scheduled in Washington!


KARD’s Concert in Miami

KARD visited Miami on September 22nd, 2017 which was held in James L. Knight Center. Prior to KARD’s concert, the company brought Got7 to Miami first and announced later that they would bring the co-ed group. Check out their concert in Miami below here!

KARD’s Concert in Manila


Recently, KARD went to Asia and to finish their WILD KARD Tour with Manila, Philippine as the last place. The concert was taking place in KIA theater on February 9th, 2018.

Tickets for the 2018 Wild KARD Tour in Manila include the Ultimate KARD (Php 6,500), which will include a hi-touch and group photo. Wild KARD (Php 4,600) consists of a hi-touch while a General KARD costs Php 2,300. And all the ticket categories are standing.


As a rookie group, KARD has became a hit from DSP media as they are the best in their category of co-ed group. Recently, KARD is preparing their comeback for this year, and they will have another tour in this spring to Indonesia and Australia. On April 14th, they will meet Jakarta fans while on April 26th and 29th, they will go to Melbourne and Sydney. The tickets are already open and you can buy them on ticketmaster.com.

Hands up if you are feeling excited with me to watch KARD’s tour and their comeback!